May 1, 2012

kidnapped chihuahua returns home safely after highspeed chase

police were called at 4:30 am in the corner street of ed carey for a domestic disturbance following a man rampage through her ex girlfriends belongings and kidnapping of her dog "whiskers". the victim 34 year old cristina romero explains how after a night out on the town with her new partner she runned into mr castro at jaguars night club and invited him over for some drinks at her residence near ed carey. " he was in good spirits, so to show him no hard feelings we invited him over, then around 4:30 am he started crying all intoxicated that he wanted me back, and he started destroying my furniture and took my chihuaha whiskers and fled" frantic phonecalls to 911 and twenty minutes later five squad cars started chasing the 1997 ford white truck through town because they tought whiskers was actually a child, the 911 operator explains: "miss romero kept screaming he had taken her child" he take all matters of kidnapping seriously, lieutenant Gomez explained in a televised conference yesterday, even tough we wrecked two squad cars, we needed to help a citizen in need. mr castro was arrested when his ford truck ran out of gas outside rack daddys he was sipping on some beer and holding whiskers close to his chest "i loved that girl, and she took everything, yet i still want her!" mr castro was arrested for public intoxication, lewdness with an animal and kidnaping, he was arraigned and set free on $3,000 bail that was paid by mrs. romero, " i guess i still love him, we will get throught this". no word about the new partner of mrs romero and what is his opinion about the fact that his new girlfriend bailed out the assailant.

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