January 14, 2013

K9 units used to capture stray dogs at Rancho Viejo killed

The two K9 units from Brownsville PD have been euthanize this past weekend due to multiple bites and wounds sustained when they were trying to lure in and capture a pack of six dogs that have been terrorizing rancho viejo residents for the past months.

Dog handler Robert Almanza confirmed the passing of the two German Sheppard that had served the Brownsville PD for the past five years.  "We underestimated  the ferocity and viciousness of these six dogs, Rudy and Pino had to be put down this weekend because of the extent of the injuries and that they were showing signs of rabies.  When asked why two valuable team members of the Brownsville PD were considered to lure in the pack of wild dogs in the first place when cages and food would have been efficient, Mr. Almanza stated that the pressure that Rancho Viejo residents placed in the commission and the influence they have on the City Mayor were decisive in using such exceptional animals for this mediocre and dangerous task.

Only two strays were captured and not by the squad team, a neighbor placed some food in her property and calmly rounded up the two dogs. The city of Brownsville Commission denies any involvement and states that the Rancho Viejo Police Department and the sheriff department are the ones responsible in dealing with the problem and deciding into using the K9 units for this special project.

Rudy and Pino were cremated and their ashes scattered outside the police department early this morning.  No word yet if Animal Control is going to try and capture the rest of the strays.

January 8, 2013

K9 units to help Rancho Viejo Residents gather and Euthanize Packs of Feral Dogs.

As reported earlier in the Brownsville Monitor, Rancho Viejo residents have been noticing an increasing number in stray dogs or "feral dogs packs" have been attacking five cats and killed one raccoon prompting urgent attention from cameron county animal control that halted all operations in the city and drove to rancho viejo to investigate and follow the pack to the city of san benito where they noticed that indeed they had actual owners and houses they belonged too.

Rancho Viejo residents pleaded with the city commission that they needed to feel safe and secure while walking their beloved pets at night, so Brownsville PD has decided to support and assist the animal control department lending their valuable K9 ICE units to subdue and capture the pack of eleven dogs that have been seen in Rancho Viejo harassing cats and mauling raccoon's.

The Special K9 units consist of two German Shepard that have assisted Cameron County with the location of 200 pounds of meth and crack at Anzalduas International Bridge last year.  The K9 units will assist animal control officers in reeling in the strays into a special pen that is going to be built around rancho viejo's main golf course where officers will be able to taze and capture the animals.

Operation "Kill Kill Fido" will take place Friday January 11th at 10:30 p.m. and the public is invited to assist and watch how the Brownsville PD, Cameron County Animal Control and ICE agents seize and euthanize the paks of dogs that have been terrorizing Rancho Viejo residents for the past four days!...

January 1, 2013

200 pounds of marijuana found at famous Judge Residence

Brownsville PD made a startling discovery early this new years eve, investigating an anonymous call that tipped them to a stash house in the ever so luxurious rancho viejo area, they could not believed their eyes when they pulled up to Judge Nietzsche  driveway.  Judge Nietzsche eldest Son Jonathan approached the deputies while onlookers and party guests wondered why the Brownsville and Rancho Viejo PD in conjunction with the local ICE swat team was surrounding the premises.

Judge Nietzsche  denied any stash in his house, although is well known in the county that he openly smokes cannabis and several witnesses saw him inhale cocaine or crack in already defunct Crooked Moon Bar.  As we all remember the judge and his friends use to play tunes of yesterday at the Moon every Thursday and Friday and several eyewitness came forward last year stating that they had in fact see the famous Judge inhaling and getting high in the restroom.  Officers had to restrain the Judge and his wife and forced their way in their home and surprised the most of 230 party guests when they discovered the stash hidden in the basement of the famous wannabe musician.

The 200 pounds of marijuana were taken by the Brownsville PD and the Judge was held over night at Cameron County detention Center.  It is known that early this morning the Judge in company of his sons and wife were seen leaving the detention center.  When asked by the Brownsville Monitor about stashing the dope in his property the Judge declined to comment but his son said that they were unaware of the presence of drugs at the house and that, at that time they were hosting a new years eve party so any person in attendance could have deposit the stash in their basement and made the "anonymous" call to the PD to hurt his father career and reputation in town.