May 1, 2012

One hundred pounds of cocaine found on a Brownsville squad car

One hundred pounds of cocaine were found on a brownsville squad car yesterday while candidates running for office gave speeches in the downtown area. Local hobo "queen hive" was the person that noticed police officer Julio Hun and constable James Juno acting suspiciously and inhaling some powder from their laps, he quickly walked up to a standing security officer who was astonished when he approached the squad car " I couldn't believe my eyes, these two jerks getting high while our candidates running for the commission were giving speeches a mere  feet away" .
The officers pleaded with the security guard offering him a cut of the drugs,  queen hive wanted to take some too but was restrained, " hey man, I just wanted a block I have bills to pay I am no junkie".
The police officers tried to blame each other for the coke and then tried to tell the media that it was a setup, that someone had planted the narcotics In the car. Further exploration of the squad car showed they were in possession of forty tablets of exstasy,  pornographic DVDs, and some lingerie from pokey planet. Pokey planet employee Belinda M explains, "oh yes, they are regular customers, always leaving behind generous tips and always holding hands and buying the best in lingerie and vibrators."
The police officers didn't get arrested, they are suspended with pay and are awaiting judgment pending internal investigation of the matter as of Monday of this week.

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