May 7, 2012

Commissioner Juan Montemayor family indicted in four counts of sex trade and exorcisms for hire.

Commissioner Juan Monte mayor father and sister in law were indicted today on four counts of sex trade  and exorcisms for hire. In a televised press conference commissioner Monte mayor stated he doesn't run the family business and he is not involved on the alleged charges.  This comes to surprise because Monte mayor was recently arrested last weekend on charges of solicitation and drugs possession while he was driving his well known black BMW near Brownsville's best watering hole "bar".  When arrested he stated he owned a Barbacoa shop and that he usually helps people on skid row, mostly prostitutes from the downtown area, he offers them Barbacoa plates and a place to shower and relax for the night, oh really? The four alleged victims of sex trade told undercover officers that they did not receive their Barbacoa plates or payments for the services provided. Queen hive one of the victims in this case was recently involved in two major scandals this past month, is set to appear next weekend on channel nueve in "35 minutes" a segment of the Brownsville monitor.  Queen hive has promised to speak up about the sex ring, famous clientele and practices offered at the famous barbacoa and tortilla business.  Monte mayor already is working on getting this show cancelled as well are prominent judges of the area because of the graphic nature of the interview and fears of recent elections being sideswiped by the incident.

  Monte mayor father Juan Villarreal and his sister in law Delia Villarreal were released today with $12,000 dollars personal bonds, they stated to authorities that they run a legitimate business and that they don't offer exorcisms they offer spiritual healing.  In the charge of exorcisms for hire, Villarreal and Monte mayor spoke in an interview and said the exorcisms were done accordingly to Brownsville Archdioceses and that it does not infringe in the well being of the person receiving it. They also stated it was done only twice last year and to the same individual.  Charges were brought when  respected family members of known blues singer and judge Ned Nietzsche, stated they payed over $25,000 dollars for the exorcisms to be performed on their family member in the famous barbacoa restaurant but did not witness an improvement on their loved one. They contacted investigators last year and gave sordid details of the exorcism and sex ring being operated under the cover of a family business. The seances were held at the barbacoa shop after midnight every Friday, the family explained that "Zeena" better known as Miss Villarreal, told them that  Mr. Nietzsche was in fact possessed by an old demon and that he needed urgent care. Investigators have in their possession audio and videotape of the exorcism that involves a chicken and two men dancing wildly and naked on top of the famous judge while he sang "born on the bayou".

When asked by the media why they came forward with the information, they claimed  Nietzsche had  become unbearable to live with, always talking about blues, denying new talent to play in his crooked bar and being a douche to the family. Telephone calls, texts messages and twitter comments to Mr Nietzsche have not been answered following yesterdays arrest. On a lighter note, if you want to enjoy a night of blues and debauchery, go ahead and wear your best at downtown famous crooked wheel where you most likely will not get to play but enjoy Nietzsche twenty minute solos and five dollars coronas.

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