July 30, 2013

Iglesia Bautista To Host Back To School FREE giveaways of School Supplies, Kids Clothing and more! This Saturday

Iglesia Bautista del Valley is sponsoring a back to school giveaway this Saturday from 8:30 a.m. till 3:30 p.m. where they are going to be giving away clothes, baby toys and articles, piece of furniture, appliances and 150 backpacks with school supplies to the first 150 Cameron county citizens that get there before opening time and submit their drivers license or an utility bill.  Iglesia Bautista teamed up with several sponsors and are asking the publics help with donations either can goods or cash, and in return they will be giving away several items for families of the valley and children.

The event is also going to provide barbeque plates for 2.50 and an array of sodas, aguas frescas and snacks in the parking lot of the church as well as live music by the Timmy Gunn band following then their usual mass at 7:30 p.m.

For more information please contact preacher Filemon Garza at Iglesia Bautista del Valley.

Some of the items that are going to be given away, first come first serve, be there early!!

July 29, 2013

New Consolidated Dog Law in Effect in Cameron County starting August 2013

A new set of dog laws and ordinances are going to be put in effect in all Cameron County starting August 22nd and are going to be enforcing a newer and stricter regulations and deadlines that all dog owners of the county will have to follow or else get arrested and charged with hefty fines that up to $4,000 dollars.

Senator Filemon Vela is in talks with Brownsville City Commissioners and Animal Control and are going to be giving out pamphlets and information to put up to speed all dog owners of the area, especially of the West Side of Brownsville, the Colonias at Cameron Park and Southmost residents to comply to the new rules and be ready for the changes before the deadline.

The New Laws regarding pets will include:

  • All dogs must be seen wearing appropriate leashes and if they are kept outside they need to have a proper shelter, clean water and shade at all times of day and all year round.  Any dogs observed in the backs of the homes near the alleys or in front of the residences with a short leash and no clean running water or shade or shelter will be removed by animal control and the owners will be arrested on the spot and fine up to $450 dollars and up to 30 days incarceration for the owners of the residence.

  • All dogs must be provided with bi monthly veterinarian check ups and vaccination and the owners must have proof that they are taking their pets to the vets whenever animal control agents or the police department respond to any calls of animals in distress. Failure to do so will result with the pets being relocated to the local shelters and fines up to $1,000 dollars.

  • Small dogs weighing less than 35 pounds are not allowed to ride in automobiles or in their owners laps or to stare outside the windows.  They need to be restrained with a leash in an appropriate cage.  Also dogs weighing over 35 pounds are not allowed to ride in the back of pick up trucks or wander freely in parks, Boca Chica Beach and South Padre Island.  Dogs are allowed on the beach but only every second Saturday of the month and during the hours of 7:30 p.m. thru 6:50 a.m.  Any pet owner that decides to take their dogs and pooches in the times and days not scheduled, will be arrested on the spot and their pets surrender to local kill shelters.

  • Residents of the colonias at Cameron Park, Riverside and Southmost are compelled to give away animals and not hoard them.  Only two dogs allowed for every 2,000 sq ft and also the owners have to show proof of veterinary care, shelter, leashes up to 45 feet in length and proper vegetation and clean water and food available.
  • Southmost Rd residents and Cameron Park residents are going to be checked upon every two Saturdays by members of Animal Control that are going to be knocking from door to door checking up pon residents and to make sure they are getting rid of extra pets and taking care efficeintly with the pets they are left with.
Any pets displaying tumors, fleas, ticks, numbness in their extremities, over aggressiveness, and hyper active behavior will be put out in the spot and the owners will be presented with a coupon for all you can eat taquitos, at taquitos express.

New Dog Ordinance to be made effective August 2013.

July 25, 2013

BREAKING NEWS firetruck from Fire Station 2 at St Charles crashes into neighbors Residence

Concerned neighbors of St Charles street reported to our newsroom that around 9:15 p.m. a fire truck exiting from the fire station 2 lost control and crashed into a residence completely destroying the fence and taking down a beloved shrine to the Virgen of Guadalupe that is a major tourist stop for residents and tourists that pass by this residence.

Neighbors were upset that the police was not called and that members of the fire station used their flash lights to inspect the damage and place orange cones to divert traffic but never called the police or tried to calm down the owners of the property that are known to be well into their 80's and appeared disoriented as to why the fire truck was in their driveway.  People that witnessed the accident were saddened and pissed off that a famous shrine to Virgen de Guadalupe that lies in the couple garden was destroyed by the accident and that some firefighters were seen laughing about it.

The fire department did not wanted to be identified by concerned neighbors and tried to hush down the accident taking into consideration that owners of the home are elderly and could be easily persuaded to not call the Brownsville PD to fill up a report of the accident.

July 24, 2013

Catalina Resas Garcia under arrest for sexual misconduct

Catalina Recias Garcia was taken into custody a midst allegations that she sexually harassed an attorney that was hired by the board to oversee any legal problems with the county.  The name of the attorney is being kept confidential while investigators and members of the BISD party gather evidence and testimony to present in court in due time.

Miss Garcia stated in her FB page that she was in fact the victim of this lawyer that was constantly houndind her to go out for drinks and a movie but that sadly she chose not to go ahead and file a complaint and there are no eyewitness that can come foward and validate her claim that the lawyer was always being flirty and sexual around her.

The board voted against her stating that they have reason to believe she is in fact using her position in the school board to harass and sexually manipulate the male members of the board and they are in talks with BPD investigators because they claim that they have audio recordings and videotape of such encounters.

July 21, 2013

Brownsville Bloggers go at it!! LITERALLY...

When i was a little boy i use to ride in the country with my old granpa
but on day they came along and tried to snatch so i rode to new orleans and got lost
in a ditch....

diego lee rot.

i was going to keep quiet
i was not going to let go any sounds
of gas, discontent, or jealousy.

i am like the rest an impoverished soul
selfless and light i touch the screen of the great apple
and surround myself of plight

the brownsville bloggers are at it again!
posting the same ol' shit over and over
they quarrel and sin and lie and deceit.

they post the same old photographs and sit in their shit
they scratch at their balls and play unhealthy games with sinful mediocre
women and ladies online.

i know the truth. i read it. years ago. i travelled to get away
and they followed me
subjecting the womans pussy that i whipped to undeniable terror.

i laugh and cry when i read these wannabe preachers of the world!
poor Brownsville
what a foe!
i was strumming my guitar and made 3 kids appear

i sit under the bamboo i pulled from the ground with my cousin
i sing the blues but got tired of it and you know it
the heart is wide and blue and pink too

oh poor Brownsville i so much love
these bloggers are running with core
are singing and fighting and sucking their cocks
white sperm slides from their back

i keep quiet
i keep still and no one can make me mad

i know that you fuck up and cheat and steal
and no one will defy that.

July 20, 2013

Southmost Family homeless after crew demolishes wrong House.

A southmost family of eight are asking for the public help with donations of clothes, baby items, groceries and furniture following a terrible mistake when Cameron Works employees mistakenly demolished the wrong home early yesterday morning.

Some of the residents of the home were still in the house sleeping when they felt the ground shake and amidst screams and worried neighbors trying to get the attention of the crew so they could stop the demolition they were able to run out of the house and into the street before the 3 room home collapsed on part of the driveway.

Maria Enriquez of Brownsville, Texas with her four children aged 12, 14, 17 and a 21 year old were able to flee the residence and called 911 to inform them of the mistake.  Cameron Works employee did not stopped the demolition even though neighbors informed them of their mistake by showing them the decrepit building to the left of the home that had actual notices on its fence labeling it condemned.

The family has set up a Facebook account and is hoping people from the Valley can help them with donations or by donating furniture, televisions sets or a telephone so that they can get back on their feet, no word yet if Cameron Works is going to help the family that decided to spend the night with their neighbors.

July 17, 2013

Jackie Chan Confirmed DEAD following deadly stunt

Yahoo News and TMZ are confirming reports that actor Jackie Chan passed away last night after a terrible miscalculation in a stunt he was performing went awfully wrong, the actor fell ten stories to his death and witnesses and media were there to record the grisly accident.

click here for the gruesome video, RIP.


July 16, 2013

Kmart "GOING OUT OF THE BUSINESS SALE" this weekend 50%, 60% and 70% OFF!

Kmart store located at 2454 Pablo Kisel Blvd is going out of the business and is hosting a four day weekend starting this thursday at 5:30 a.m. opening the store and slashing prices and reducing merchandise in this extreme sale.  The store is going to be offering discounts up to 70% on all items even items that are already in sale, store management are forced to enforced this margin call due to the decline in sales of the once famous Kmart franchise that boomed in the early 70's in the cameron county area.  Kmart management and owners are hoping that during these four day sale weekend, residents from the Rio Grande Valley and neighboring towns of Reynosa and Monterrey will be delighted in acquiring at cheap prices furniture, shoes, garden items and clothes so that the store would not experience another loss of almost 245,000 dollars for this month of July.

All items are sold as is and there is no limit for the customer, if they noticed that the items already have a discount or are in sale they can get more discount toward it when they check out.

For the first 200 customers arriving at the store Kmart employees are going to be offering a continental breakfast and cold ice coffee in the parking lot.

July 14, 2013

Glee Actor died of Auto-Erotic Estrangulation male eyewitness tells authorities.

The sudden death of "Glee" actor Cory Monteith this Sunday morning has shocked the entire Hollywood Hills community and his long time girlfriend Leah Michele as new reports of the actor death surfaced in the media stating that the cause of death was due to self erotic strangulation a hobby that the actor liked to do in private.  A male witness came forward and contacted Montreal authorities claiming he was partying all weekend with the actor in his hotel room in Vancouver and submitted a video and several images of the actor finals hours.   "Cory liked to get high and while snorting coke he would ask me to fondle him and put a rope around his neck so the high would be more pleasurable, i left the room at 5 :00 a.m. because he was getting too frisky and then i heard in the news that he had passed on..".Foul play has not been ruled out in this strange and sudden death of the actor, but it was widely known that he suffered from drug abuse in the past and it was hinted by his long time girlfriend Glee co-star Leah Michele that he was a becoming a different person and engaging in sadomasochistic sex and lifestyle.

Glee producers and co- stars and besides themselves with grief and have been posting tweets all morning still not wanting to believe that such loved team member and friend died in such tragic circumstances.  Friends of actress Leah Michele stated that the actor had gotten into the argument with her during the weekend deciding to travel to Vancouver and party with old friends while things cooled down.

Authorities are reviewing and studying the footage to rule out foul play and to identify more witnesses to the actor's final hours in the hotel room and are also asking for the public help while trying to re enact the last hours of the actor before his death.

July 7, 2013

William Levy Asesinado por Grupo de Sicarios afuera de Televisa San Angel

El actor y modelo Cubano William Levy protagonista polemico de la Telenovela "La Tempestad" fue acribillado a balazos en su camioneta afuera de Televisa San Angel Estudios mientras acudia a un llamado para filmar capitulos de la polemica y sensacional novela "La Tempestad".  Testigos del mortal incidente explicaron a Agentes de La Policia Ministerial de que cuatro carros de reciente modelo interceptaron la camioneta del actor William Levy mientras este intentaba entrar a los estacionamientos con seguridad de Televisa San Angel, cinco hombres enmascarados procedieron a sacar al actor del vehiculo entre gritos y empujones y procedieron a dispararle en plena luz del dia ante la mirada atonita de actores, extras, jefes de maquillistas y seguridad de Televisa San Angel.

La actriz Itati Cantoral sufrio un ataque de nervios y procedio a llorar por que fue testigo de los hechos asi como el productor Salvador Mejia.

Descanse en Paz William Levy.

July 1, 2013

Brownsville PD Cops that are Overweight " We really need the extra weight because of Cameron's County Landscape" place on a diet.

Sheriff Lucio statements to the Brownsville Monitor that the Police Department officers and detectives do not need to go on a diet or weight training because the landscape and geographical location of the county does not require for the officials to be fit alarmed concerned citizens that are appalled at the ignorance in the PD and worried with the recent spike of burglary of mobile homes and increased theft of vehicles in the West Side of Brownsville.

The PD released a silly statement letting citizens know that is better for the officers to "float" due to the ever shrinking resacas and the proximity to the Rio Grande River than to actually be fit and lite to run after the robbers, so they are seriously considering revoking an out of the blue membership deal with freddomm fitness and with the FBI stating that they do not need to lose weight and that their officers are better equipped being a little extra fat because they are no hills in the area, only flat, deserted lots.

good grief.