May 7, 2012

Hail Birdwatchers everywhere Brownsville birdwatching capital of the world!

Birdwatchers everywhere hail Brownsville birdwatching capital of the world! Here in a beautiful tropical ghetto. It's hard to wake up in a bad mood when everywhere around me I hear retarded birds singing. I'm not a bird expert by any means but right off hand I do see sparrows, woodpeckers, doves and my favorite the parrot. Oh and right before the sun comes up and I'm still getting ready for my crappy job I often hear roosters crowing and I'm pretty sure that's a roosters are a rare bird in most american cities. Many birds migrate to Brownsville. One of the most known migrating birds is known as the Snowbird. Snow birds are closely related to other talking birds such as the parakeet the parrot and the crow. Inner city birds crack fiends can be found most nights doing their mating dance to the sounds of cumbias and oldies.  I recommend the hotel economical for viewing these rare beauties from their nest.  In the morning head east passing the international marijuana gateway bridge and following the Rio Grande River as it winds and curves its way down to the "smallmouth" or Boca Chica where the river finally dumps into the ocean. The ocean is where you will find yet more birds like the sandpiper, pelican and the Sea gull. That about wraps up my knowledge of birdwatching. I guess all I have left to say is: if your into bird watching i hope you will head this way!

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