November 18, 2017

Ben Neece Brownsville TX

July 15, 2017

Youtube Jarred and His Wife Tia


Duardo Pez Martinez

BROWNSVILLE REPUBLICNEWS, OPINION AND CRITICISM: ... The border of Texas and Mexico is an unusual world that really wants most of its people. It is often seen as a clever episode of a world that best suits snakes, ulcers and slaves. It's fine, and it's pressing. The failure to shine is a lot. Here, your day gets better with mezcal shooting with a warm mother ... | Duardo Martinez, editor of this blog, is the author of the Associated Press, Boston Globe and The New York Post ...

June 23, 2017

If I was a fire ant

If I was a fire ant

I would help build a mound so tall

I would dig right through a wall

Just to get food to my peoples

I would sting and bite 

Anyone doing anything

I feel is not right 

For the colony