October 22, 2012

Hostile UFO sightings over Latino Jazz Showcase in Brownsville, Texas.

Multiple eyewitness accounts of strange objects in the sky attracted the attention of the media over the weekend in the town of Brownsville, Texas.  Concerned residents of the West and East Side of town near Fronton Street, were amazed by the pyrotechnics and maneuvers some of these aircraft's displayed in the clear night sky.  911 operators could not keep up with the pouring incoming calls of concerned citizens fearing an attack from the organized crime that populates the neighbor cities of Matamoros and Reynosa, since recent attacks to the valley borders and bridges have yielded strange artifacts that the Mob used to denote explosives near the International and Veterans Highway Bridge.

The sightings began around 10:30 pm near the downtown area just when locals were preparing themselves to participate in the elusive Latino Jazz Festival, several bright orbs circulating among the 60 people that dared to show their faces in such crappy display of congas and mariachi, and proceeded to scan their organs, access their SNAP and TANF benefits status and if they considered ever attending to a regular college or if they were just sucking the teat of the Government   Of the only 60 attendees only five were actually taking courses in the local UT College or TSCTC new campus.  The orbs were in the shape of long elongated discs and they projected harmful rays of red light that partially disintegrated part of the stage thus ending the night of bore and Tito Puente.  On Sunday terrified Pastor of The West Side Baptist church called his fellow parishioners to pray and make contact with the UFO when he received a disturbing message via BlackBerry text that said: "they are watching you" he proceeded to hold a charity event all night and he states that he was able to photograph and blue like object hovering over the new parking lot, number 4 to be exact, taking pictures and harassing his flock.  Most of the parishioners ran to their cars in fear of being transported to a highge realm, and most of the 911 calls are now available to the public for review if it was a long weekend hoax or if indeed we are being targeted by unknown heavenly entities that want to learn more about our economy, way of life and if we are going to be able to elect a non-crooked BISD board that will benefit the small human children.


  1. The first image is obviously fake, and the second image is a still frame of a YouTube video of a UFO in Haiti

  2. I've seen something like this in Bangalore, India.