May 5, 2012

Brownsville City Comissioner caught con las manos en la masa y la boca en las barbacoas!

City comissioner Juan Montemayor arrested with two male prostitutes outside the bar in Brownsville. A call was made from a concerned bouncer about three men moaning and fighting inside a black BMW recent model outside the bar parking lot. Officers Manuel Serena and Linda Dragonesa were astounded to fish commissioner Montemayor naked from the waist down fighting inside the vehicle with two well know male prostitutes in town.  Queen hive states" the bitch took my cocaine from last week, he promised me some pounds and now he doesnt wanna pay me" as fellow readers can recall, queen hive is a crucial witness to last weeks cocaine scandal that involved two police offices getting arrested with a load of cocaine in their squat car. When asked what he meant, who promised the cocaine the commissioner proceeded to slap him and told reporters he was in fact a victim and that the hobos jumped in his car. " I saw two drunk men staggering in the parking lot and I just was doing my duty and offering them a raid home, things are not what they seem, I am happily engaged to the same woman for over five years and I was getting ready to go and open my Barbacoa shop where I usually meet hobos and junkies and prepare them plates of food".  When asked by the deputies how come he was over ten miles away from his establishment and that was he aware that there were a lot of staggering drunks around and how come he didn't help the ladies? The commissioner just shrugged and stated again he was not soliciting sex just trying to be a good citizen.  N kilo the other male prostitute alleges this story as complete "bullshit". " hey man, look at his car, you can barely fit one dude there but he offers us twenty a piece, and some pounds of coke, he showed the bundles so were jus making a livin you know, it doesn't matter, he had his fun we need payment."  The commissioner was booked but didn't spend the night in the holding cell, he was released with a pr of $300 dollars, further exploration of the vehicle revealed twenty pounds of cocaine, condoms and some audio tapes of distric judge nietzsche singing the blues.  No word yet on the hobos and runaways that we're waiting at his establishment for his special Saturday morning " Barbacoa plate".

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