May 5, 2012

Downtown brownsville offers new club scenes for the fashionably challenged!! Oh wait si eres pobreton ya te chingaste

Last year, Brownsville offered a glimpse of an exciting nightlife only to shatter dreams for the rest of the "plebe" in town.  Bars and nightclubs like the "la cueva", "galleria 82", "crooked moon for the over the hill.." promised the young and old crowd of misfits,  runaways, punks, hobos, and alike a place to unwind, experience rock, get rowdy in downtown near the fire department, near the church you name it.  Well, it was all a lie. Fresas crowd those places and if you are not friends with the comissioners your bar most likely will display the "stop work order because you didn't lick the balls orde the city comissioner so now you have to wait...blah bla."  I have passed by those establishments jut to be harassed by fresas bouncers or preppies, my torn shoes and ropa usada just didn't make the cut and as I stand outside Listening to all those wanna be bands clad like 1980's superstars with their piercings crying about equal rights but living In nice neighborhoods and driving Taurus awd, I wonder who is the poser and who is the real deal?

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