May 17, 2012

Thrifty Installment #4: How To work the Flea Market Like a Boss!

So, you want to save some money this summer or better yet, use some of income to buy things no one wants in real life but ogles online? FLEA MARKET!.

Flea markets are on the rise again and more here on the Rio Grande, gone are the times where you would wake up at five in the morning, smoke a blunt and head out to the creepiest flea markets all over the county to set your eyes and fingers on relics and hand me downs no one cares for.  Internet helped a lot of people that were trying to get rid of old encyclopedias, board games and even skates, and gave the common folk of Brownsville the opportunity of making an easy living.  But times and the economy and the Zetas and The Equis from across put a halt to that mellow style of living or so we thought.

Flea markets are growing in popularity and increasing their numbers and here are some tips for when to go shopping, how to make the most of your money and be able to get out alive or better yet with a faint sunburn. Following this simple rules will make you a millionaire! (at heart).

Rule 1.- 
Never, ever, show how much money you have in your hands or wallet! Owners of second hand crap have the feeling they are "making you a favor" by letting you buy their junk, so beware of this, if they see you have over $40 dollars, forget about making a good deal.

Rule 2.-

Always fill your bags with items no one wants! Paper, crayolas, balloons, old bluegrass tapes, because when you set it down in the ground for the sellers to look at and give you pricing, the helpers are going to get so frustrated with checking out all the pencils and tapes they are going to overlook precious cargo you are hiding!

Rule 3.-

Always trust your gut instinct if you feel exhausted after a night of partying, but feel in your gut you can make an extra cash wake up early and head to Rio Grande flea markets, your hunch is always a true good friend.

and last but not least, you decide how much you want to pay for what, make the SELLER believe you are not desperate for the product. Never let anyone bully you into paying more money that they ask for,  instead try this:

"All for $25 take it or leave it"  what does this means?
 They are so desperate to get rid of the junk they think you ARE BUYING that most likely they wont realize that for the twenty bucks you gave them for the pile of junk, you sneaked a pair of skates and tapes that online will fetch you 60 bucks.

And always do research, leave Facebook for a little bit man, Google what people buy online! grab your woman or your man, get some coffee, smoke some and get ready to be man handled by old ladies that will literally JUMP you as soon as you ogle and rummage thru a box or pile of crap, a word of advice:

ASK your hunny or gal to stand close to the pile of crap or boxes you are inspecting so they can keep away LEECHES or also known as " ill stake out people that are doing all the work of removing piles of crap and ill just step in and take all his junk away"  Leeches are known for always wearing fanny bags near their bulging stomachs, several layers of clothing, old school caps and smoking some cheap ass cigarettes, if you see them coming stand your ground by kneeling over the box completely covering it with your hips and arms and rummage as fast as you can or better yet lift up the box and walk with it to a corner that will piss them off.

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