December 30, 2012

KEEPVID.COM can be used to download NETFLIX starting January 2013!

we all know this link and thousands of thousands of users all over the world have been taking advantage and downloading non stop youtube videos and music that they gladly burn, storage and play in their iPod  iPad  androids and cd's players.  Now, KEEPVID.COM has cracked the code and done the unimaginable: allow anyone that can afford Netflix to download FREE all the movies, shows, documentaries and concerts the amazing site provides to its users for the somewhat cheap fee of $7.99 but lets face it, nowadays when most of the American consumers live from paycheck to paycheck or "hand to mouth", gives the average middle class consumer the ability to download free of charge Netflix in the privacy of their own home.

Netflix has issued a statement that although they will not be able to prosecute against their own customers that might decide to rip off the shows and movies and then cancel their membership when finished, they do encourage their millions of subscribers all over the world to boycott and are willing to lower their monthly fee from 7.99 to  4.99 starting  January 2013. They also have sated in their website the dangers of illegal downloading and that their members run the risk of acquiring viruses and malware that could jeopardize their devices,  but lets face it,  iPod and iPad are virtually immune to any virus of the computer world, a fact that KEEPVID.COM knows to well and its using to its advantage because now any internet user is going to be able to download for free all that NETFLIX offers for a price.


December 29, 2012

Watchtower Society and Apple team up to mass produce new Tablet.

The watchtower society and Apple have teamed up to create and produce an inexpensive tablet that will feature every single piece of literature and publication dating back from the year 1985.  The tablet that will cost $99 to any certified elder and members of the church will be available January 2013 and will also feature special apps that will showcase famous short films used by the cult to entice young and nubile and old minds into their ranks and churches.  Apple has made it easy for the Watchtower society to control and manipulate it members with an extraordinary tablet that is secretly coded and engineered to showcase only "Jehovah" friendly publications and music and media that the Church deems appropriate for its thousands of followers through the state.

The Watchtower society is encouraging its members to keep the tablets with them at all times just as their bibles and journals of study and to take advantage of the app "Talkatone" and "Messages" that will keep them in contact wherever wi-fi or internet is available.  Members of the Watchtower society express their eternal gratitude to the Apple Company that has facilitated them with a tablet that will offer all the conveniences of the Ipod and Ipad but that will be exclusively used for the benefit of the Jehovah Church and elders and that will help the Jehovah Church to cut down on the mass production of literature and magazines that are widely known to always clogged the gutters of any loyal neighborhood or used as fly swappers in every house in the Rio Grande region.  Jehovah Witnesses around the world are expected to purchase the new tablet when it comes out for sale and are encouraged to learn how to use it effectively because is expected to replace every book, journal and pamphlet ever used when recruiting new meat, church gatherings and bible studies that are well known in the Church and used  around the Country.

December 20, 2012

Twin brothers steal Harley Davidson from harlingen shop after watching "Sons of Anarchy" marathon on Netflix

Twin brothers Paul Cortinas and Rafael Sifuentes were caught red handed when they broke in the Harley Davidson shop in nearby Harlingen early Tuesday morning to steal a pair of two XR1200 known as powerful new Harley-Davidson hot rod motorcycles that were initially designed and launched only in European markets in April 2008.
The brothers used their Abuelos F-150 to move the two powerful motorcycles from the dealership in San Benito because like the actors of the famed Sons of Anarchy Show they have never ridden or owned a motorbike. Footage from the surveillance camera of the shop showed the two brothers appearing quite inebriated smashing the back doors of the shop and choosing the powerful motorbikes and wheeling them outside to a makeshift ramp of old wood and rope. The store owner and manager Rolando Begum noticed the bikes missing when he proceeded to keen inventory at 10:00 in the morning and quickly contacted the authorities and turned over the surveillance tapes to sheriff Lucio.

The brothers were apprehended when they tried to contact the same store manager earlier today because they were interested in riding lessons. Sheriff Lucio and San Benito Pd arrested the wanna be riders and book them to the county jail where they tried to blame the famous show sons of anarchy for the rendevous with the law by stating that under the influence of tar and beer they had been watching non stop the show on Netflix and decided to join the group of rough riders from the small town of charming, only later to be reminded that the show, the town and the events are fiction and made up. Their bond was set at 156,000 dollars.

December 9, 2012

Jenni Rivera death ruled accidental.

Famous singer and judge at Televisas, The Voice, Jenni Rivera, died this sunday when her small jet plane was gunned down by enemy fire between two notorious mexican gangs in the state of nuevo, leon.
 Mexican authorities said Sunday they found the wreckage of a small plane that they believe was carrying singer Jenni Rivera.Born in Long Beach, California, to Mexican immigrant parents, Rivera, 43, released her debut album in 1999, according to her website. She sings traditional Mexican ballads, and was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in 2002 in the category of "Best Banda Album."

In October, People en Espanol named Rivera to its list of the 25 most powerful women.Famous for her music, she is also known for her tumultuous personal life. Rivera was a single mom at the age of 15 and is the mother of five, her website said.Rivera's "I Love Jenni" reality show began airing on Telemundo's mun2 network last year.

December 7, 2012

nikki minaj dies in hwy crash!

Highway Safety Investigators have told reporters that Nicki Minaj lost control while driving a friend's vehicle on Interstate 80 and rolled the vehicle several times killing him instantly.

The vehicle was believed to have been traveling at approximately 95 miles per hour in a 55mph zone at the time of the accident.

Witnesses have stated that Nicki Minaj's car crossed the double lines several times prior to the accident and hit the center lane divider causing the vehicle to flip and roll.

November 17, 2012

K-9 Units to Receive State of the Art Video Detection Cameras to stop Drug Deals At Texas Borders

Four state of the art video recording motion detector cameras were donated by the now extinct UTB Gorges Hall project to the four new recruits to the K-9 unit that operates near the rio grande river in the near counties of Cameron and Kerr.
The four canine agents that recently relocated to the rio grande valley are famous worldwide for their heroics and service in the Afghanistan war and for being able to secure 234 pounds of crystal meth in the nearby city of palm view. Concerned citizens criticized the DEA and the Border Patrol Agency when they reinstated the four canines to the Cameron County Bridges Division stating that they were either too old, feeble and that their breed, two pugs and two chihuahuas were too much of a joke for the Border patrol and Brownsville PD. The two pugs and the two chihuahuas are in fact handicapped, also old and squinted eyed. The canine agents are also rookies in the drug dealing bust operation that they are being trained for, but the DEA is hopeful they can learn new tricks.
UTB Gorges Hall Society has now offered the canine with the portable cameras that they can attach to their noses or ears while a live feed of the video is sent to a monitor where border patrol agents and undercover agents can monitor closely possible drug deals and be able to bust and secure drugs off the street and into their pockets. The cameras were donated to the agency last Friday and the training is expected to start next year.

The canine agents will be allotted one day of intense training that will let their trainers be able to show them the ropes of securing the devices in their heads and control the urge to scratch or lick the devices. BPD and DEA are confident that the unusual canine agents will be able to blend with the rest of the canine population of the area and that when the drug deals are taking place, unspectacular drug dealers and agents will not notice the canine units doing their jobs.

This special foursome are in the process of activating their own twitters and facebook accounts were they will be able to post photographs and keep their ever growing fans updated about their illegal drug busts and work with the Border Patrol and DEA.

November 8, 2012

serve me right to suffer

Increased UFO sightings in Lafayette:They're Back!

Lafayette, Colorado is back in the news this week and not only because there is a great chance that pot will be in their path, it looks like increased UFO sightings like the ones reported last year have been witnessed by skeptics and frightened citizens that bombarded their local police department and Federal Aviation Department trying to figure out if the spooky lights witnessed all week have a logical and scientific explanation or if they are being visited by strange beings from above.

Local vendors and owners of Lafayette groceries stores were baffled when the spooky lights in the form of clouds started popping out early Monday afternoon around town sending neighbors and animals into a state of alarm.  Resident Thomas West stated that around 5:00 in the evening when he usually enjoys a stroll around his family barnyard he heard his dog bounce start to yelp and bark in fear when he look up at the sky: " i swear i saw this two clouds formations that were coming right at me!, i just started to run followed by bounce fearing for my life and my dogs, its one of those scenarios out of a scary horror movie, the clouds looked so unreal and there is no way a cloud can just move that fast and produce lighting or flickers like that!". Mr West was not the only one that witnessed the strange clouds that had light of their own,  Lafayette Commercial Bank manager was outside the building with some patrons when they too noticed some funny looking clouds that seemed to have life of their own, "all of a sudden something caught our attention, the sky turned pitch dark and several clouds started to flicker and move so fast he just stood there, scared but wondering if the UFOS were back in town.

Lafayatte is known for its UFO activity, just last year dozens of residents panicked and demanded an answer from the Federal Aviation Department and the FBI because for two months they were able to capture on videotape and camera odd "lights in the sky" while noticing that beloved pets and farm animals were disappearing or that animals body parts badly burned started popping out near farm roads and Highways.

The Federal Aviation Department has failed to give the residents of Lafayette  Colorado any answers and until today has not answered any phone calls or email from local t.v.crews or concerned residents that are taking matters into their own hands, securing pets and farms animals and carrying weapons in case they are under attack by the UFOS.

November 7, 2012

Texas next in ballot to legalize Marijuana sale and consumption.

Colorado and Washington are in the news today, they have cleared a ballot that will let adults twenty-one years and over to grow, sell and smoke marijuana without the need of a medical license or underlying illness.  This morning the State of Texas Representatives announced that they too, want to legalize the commercial value and medical value that marijuana will bring to their citizens, citing that it will end the never ending battle with Mexico drug lords and produce a much welcome number of jobs and income for its poor and failing population.

Texans Governors are willing to go out on a limb and support the consumption, distribution and legalization of this highly discussed drug while stating the benefits to the State. They intend to woo the Federal Government into letting them plant, produce and distribute legally so programs like Medicaid, Medicare and SNAP can still provide services to the millions of Texans that year after year apply for such benefits and are in welfare. The Texas Senate is aware of this multi-million dollars a year enterprise and the benefits that over 234,000 unemployed citizens could be getting if marijuana use and distribution is allowed by law.

Texans will be able to know if they join the States of Colorado and Washington next weekend when the results are in.  You can contact your local voting authority for more information of how you can bring this cause to light and legalize it!.

November 6, 2012

Morrissey a no show, just like we predicted it would be..

Just as we predicted some months ago, famed singer Morrissey has decided last minute to "postpone" the already doomed and faked dates that would have been the delight of thousands of  South Texans that   in the past would have not had the money or  means of transportation to see him live out of the Rio Grande Valley. It was reported that the singer is cancelling his North America tour due to illness to his fragile octogenarian mother, but sources close to the artist have stated that in fact morrissey is back in England due to the fact that he recently purchased a goat farm and as we all know, being a famous and passionate animal activist, he is in fact tending to this project instead of completing the last leg of his tour.

Morrissey expressed in the past that he never intended to perform in Pharr, Texas, or the City of Austin, following a televised interview where the Governor of Texas refers to him as a "legend" and a " nasty bloke that cares more about animals than his fans". Morrissey and his entourage were denied entry to the  State Capital last year and the singer vowed never to returned.  Sources close to the singer family stated via Facebook that morrissey planned the whole event in advance because he is still bitter at the politician but that he does plan to return to Texas to sing his hits to his ever growing and adoring fans.

We told you so, remember??

he's coming to kill you blues

November 3, 2012

apple to give away 2,000 MacBook Pro to Hurricane Sandy Survivors.

Apple is going to be giving away to 2,000 lucky tumbler subscribers the new state of the art, Mac Book Pro laptop that has hit the market by surprise with its 15 inch Retina display that is going to offer the lucky participants a better, clearer resolution.  Apple is committed to helping out 2,000 New York residents that recently were afflicted by super storm Sandy into rebuilding little by little their morale and faith and start reconstructing after the chaos of losing everything they owned.

Apple corporation is going to be opening a tumbler account next month and the first 2,000 likes and followers are going to be the lucky recipients of the new edition of the Mac family.

October 30, 2012

K-9 Units to Arrive to Brownsville PD this weekend.

Four K-9 guard and sniff dogs are scheduled to arrive at Brownsville International Airport from Fort Hood Texas as a new addition to the ever growing Brownsville Narcotic Police Unit.  Fort Hood officials are lending the valuable canine to the city of Brownsville in an effort to help reduce the illegal entry and transportation of Heroine and Crack that has been afflicting the Valley in the past year. The canine units are expected to arrive next week and are going to be stationed in Los Tomates and Anzalduas Bridge.  Fort Hood officials stated that the animals in question have been in training with the USA Army First Infantry Unit 456 since the beginning of 2007 and all of the canine agents have been stationed in Iran and Ira k.  They are also trained in the detection of weapons of mass destruction and explosive artifacts.

The canines in question are 2 pugs that are twelve years old and are considered veterans in the world of sniffing and detecting illegal substances, their names are sammo and nene cross. They enjoy long walks on the, park and the occasional ice cream slurping.  The other two canine agents that are going to be joining them are a chihuahua Winchester mix, ten year old "benito" that although has one glass eye and has to use a set of wheels because his hinds legs were blown up during a secret combat mission in Honolulu last year, he has sired a little of twelve narcotics canine agents that give out their services in El Paso, Texas and Nuevo Laredo. The last member of this elite team is "Baxter" a docile 5 year chihuahua and rookie of the group that is known for his sweet temper but uncanny sniffing abilities being able to sniff a cargo of 200 pounds of meth near University drive in his home town of Eileen.

This elite canine unit may be the laughing stock of the neighborhood because of their size and breed but Fort Hood soldiers and DEA and Border Patrol Agents swear that the size and breed of these dogs is what gives the leverage and ability to fool the drug and weapons dealers that each day cross the border without the  of being stopped or sniffed by these unlikely K-9 agents that are going to be the new sensation in our local borders now that they will adopt the rio grande valley as their new home.

Crystal Meth Lab Discovered in UTBR Student Union .

An anonymous tip received yesterday at UTBR security campus alerted school officials and local Brownsville Police Department to the location of a state of the art crystal meth lab that supposedly has yielded over 23 pounds of the blue narcotic to local and international dealers in the lower rio grande.
TSTC union college has stated to the Brownsville-monitor that although they have recently acquired the building in a well known  publicized public battle with the University of Texas they are not be held liable or responsible for any legal or illegal proceedings that go on in the building because technically UT still is under contract with them and is leasing the building for the rest of the year.

The Meth lab was discovered in plain view next to the coffee shop and book store and the FBI and DEA are going to be questioning thousands of students and faculty that did not reported it earlier this year.  The anonymous tip received earlier this week also offered names and details of the two ut professors and students that are in charge of the lab.

BPD informed to the Brownsville Monitor that the suspects are under surveillance and that as soon as they can gather evidence they will let the public know about the utbr meth operation.  UT representatives were scheduled to arrive to this town in the next few days to reach an agreement with the DEA and clarify that the actual chemistry lab was part of a school project and not a "meth" lab that was supplying with the residents of this area with narcotics. They will testify and try and offer evidence that the lab indeed is conducting research and trying to duplicate a successful meth derived antidote that will help crack and meth addicts in the area to successfully kick the habit and be able to rehab successfully.

The student union and adjacent coffee shop and book store were immediately closed to the public and students and DEA and FBI officials and cleanup crews went to work trying to decontaminate the whole area and adjacent neighborhoods for fear of contamination from the polymath acetone that might have been leaking into the atmosphere in the past few months.  Students and Faculty are welcomed to pass by the UTBR student union  express medical labs tents to test for any exposure to meth and inquire more information about the risks and health benefits of exposure to meth.  The Student government club is hosting a fundraiser on the risks of this meth lab exposure Halloween night from 5:30 till 6:30 in the old Gorgas Hall.

October 27, 2012

Magic climbing choo train will distort your brain

The magic climbing train motors past the pain. Nothing can stop it not fire nor rain. Jump on board and you will be glad you came. Steaming past dreams in the drain. Passing the norm and chugging towards the insane. Your room is full of smoke so crack open a window. Distorted views like trees bent towards the north. Distorted views like hungry body's litter the ghetto. Whatever you do don't leave the train. Never plant your feet into the ground again. Never leave this train because to do so so would mean again to feel pain. It's a short line that never ends. Round the hill and back again.

October 25, 2012

Pharr Events Center Confirms "Morrisey is a no show"

Pharr Events Center has confirmed that famed singer and indie rock legend Morrisey has not been confirmed to play in the sold out event scheduled for next month.  All of this comes to a surprise due to the recent cancellation of hard rock band "Hellyeah" that stated in their Facebook page that they were never approached by the management of the Events Center or the Radio Promoters that for a month sold the idea to the Rio Grande Valley public that The Cult and Hellyeah were scheduled to play October 23rd.  Hellyeah management sadly informed their Texans fans that no such concert was ever scheduled in their Texan tour while their were playing in Waco last night. "We regret to inform our fans in the Lower Rio Grande Valley that the radio dj's and promoters and management of Pharr Event Center never signed or confirmed a contract with us, and its a shame that they are misleading loyal fans into buying tickets when the concert was never confirmed by us".

Pharr Events Center has been under scrutiny for the past few months since showcasing famous singer Morrisey in their November line of concerts.  Thousands of loyal Morrisey fans have already purchased their VIP packages and regular attendees tickets for the past few months. Morrisey management was contacted this week when news about the sham scheduling with hellyeah and the cult were known to the public and they yield sad news: MORRISEY is going to be performing in El Paso, not pharr and him and his management are baffled that the concert is scheduled when they have not signed any agreement to play that venue or given the go ahead for local radio hosts and promoters to inform lies to the faithful public that are still in the dark as to why the concert was scheduled in the first place.

Pharr's own Chamber of Commerce representative, Eddie Longoria, has stated to Channel Four News that he will investigate the management that has been dealing with these "so called" promotions and fake concerts and that he is willing to secure full reimbursement for all the ticket holders if they are interested in getting their money back.

For more information on how to get your refund and to submit a complaint about these fraudalent concerts you can contact your local FTC center and you can submit an online complaint at

October 22, 2012

Hostile UFO sightings over Latino Jazz Showcase in Brownsville, Texas.

Multiple eyewitness accounts of strange objects in the sky attracted the attention of the media over the weekend in the town of Brownsville, Texas.  Concerned residents of the West and East Side of town near Fronton Street, were amazed by the pyrotechnics and maneuvers some of these aircraft's displayed in the clear night sky.  911 operators could not keep up with the pouring incoming calls of concerned citizens fearing an attack from the organized crime that populates the neighbor cities of Matamoros and Reynosa, since recent attacks to the valley borders and bridges have yielded strange artifacts that the Mob used to denote explosives near the International and Veterans Highway Bridge.

The sightings began around 10:30 pm near the downtown area just when locals were preparing themselves to participate in the elusive Latino Jazz Festival, several bright orbs circulating among the 60 people that dared to show their faces in such crappy display of congas and mariachi, and proceeded to scan their organs, access their SNAP and TANF benefits status and if they considered ever attending to a regular college or if they were just sucking the teat of the Government   Of the only 60 attendees only five were actually taking courses in the local UT College or TSCTC new campus.  The orbs were in the shape of long elongated discs and they projected harmful rays of red light that partially disintegrated part of the stage thus ending the night of bore and Tito Puente.  On Sunday terrified Pastor of The West Side Baptist church called his fellow parishioners to pray and make contact with the UFO when he received a disturbing message via BlackBerry text that said: "they are watching you" he proceeded to hold a charity event all night and he states that he was able to photograph and blue like object hovering over the new parking lot, number 4 to be exact, taking pictures and harassing his flock.  Most of the parishioners ran to their cars in fear of being transported to a highge realm, and most of the 911 calls are now available to the public for review if it was a long weekend hoax or if indeed we are being targeted by unknown heavenly entities that want to learn more about our economy, way of life and if we are going to be able to elect a non-crooked BISD board that will benefit the small human children.

October 21, 2012

New exclusive sneak photos of the new iPad maxi!

It looks like Apple has done it again. Burying all the false gods underseas of disease and plague. The new camera boasts 1 million megapixels plus apples own patented ugly filter. Pictures never looked better! The weight on the new Ipad Maxi is a little bit more than most people are you soon so you may want to go ahead and pick up apples own "prophet" accessory.

October 20, 2012

serial killer jeffery cutlip from oregon playing guitar and singing

Downtown Eddie Was My Friend

downtown eddie he stole my gun went downtown to have some fun
he thought it funny to make folks run he shot he people one by one
poor little eddie had never cried he had no feelings as people died
downtown eddie he was my friend but he shot and killed me that's it "the end"

How to build a small wooden structure in a few easy days.

 First plan and prepare your area. Try to look for a flat area with few trees and shrubs that what will require removal perhaps next to trees or bushes would be a good idea if you wish to use their foliage for shade. Then start to prepare your first supply list. What type of foundation will you use? Concrete or wood? Either way let's get going! Get into your truck and head towards Home Depot. Make sure and get a cart from the parking lot as many times there are not carts inside the store. Fill up your cart with as many supplies as you can while keeping in mind your budget goals. Return to the job site with the supplies. Unload the supplies and after a small break start hammering supplies together. Continue until either the sunset or you become tired. In the morning wake up and drink some coffee. Hopefully you have completed the foundation phase by now. Return to Home Depot with your list of supplies needed for the framework of your small wooden structure. Once again fill up your truck with supplies while keeping in mind any budget restraints. Return to the job site and once again begin assembling supplies. Hopefully you have at least one helper today. There are many designs for small wooden structures. Use your imagination! Continue work on the frame of the small wooden structure throughout the day while using your helper as a gopher to retrieve things that you may have forgotten to buy from Home Depot. Wow what a day! With your frame completed your small wooden structure is finally starting to come together. How does it look? Well it's too late to worry about that now. It's the last phase outdoor sheathing and of course the roof. Small wooden structures come in many shapes and sizes. So whether you're just looking to get out of the house or you need a place to store your expensive lawn equipment enjoy your small wooden structure!

Brownsville Sheriff: Old Cementerio Antiguo Voted Worst Place in the County to Purchase Drugs.

Sheriff Lucio has been working hard in showing Mexican and Argentinian Nationals that are interested in investing in the Valley that Cameron County is a drug free zone and it will cater to their business and jobs needs in any way possible.  The Mayor of Brownsville has been catering with Colombian and Mexican Nationals to invest their money to create new jobs venues for the Valley while offering the best route possible for out of the area investors to locate and buy the cheapest industrial land in the county to start new businesses, arts centers and new jobs for the expected 230 Colombian, Argentinian and Mexican entrepreneurs that are expected to arrive to the Valley next year.  Cameron County officials have stated that Old Cementerio Antiguo is going to be closed to the public and voted it "The Worst Location to Purchase Narcotics" in the lower Rio Grande Valley.  Second on the list as worst location possible to administer or buy drugs was the Darcy Building and The New Student Union Area that has just gone through extensive remodeling via TSCTS.  

The Mayor of Brownsville and our own Sheriff Lucio want to shut down any illegal activity that may surface in the area of Old Cementerio Antiguo and the Brownsville's own Historical Association is going to be cancelling cleanups and spirits offerings and tastings in order to clean up the downtown area from junkies and established a new and cleaner way to deal and administer the narcotics to cater the new residents of the Valley that promise to help the community with the opening of new jobs and a new way of Brownsville Living.

October 18, 2012

Southmost PD encouraging Cameron County residents to turn in Guns inexchange for Past Due Warrants.

South most PD is hosting an event encouraging Cameron and Willacy residents that have outstanding warrants to voluntarily surrender any firearms in their possession November 23rd before Judge Neexce to be exonerated of past due warrants and be able to post a recognized bail with a minimum required probation. In order to qualify for a 25 dollar gift certificate courtesy of Ryan Wolf's he'll kitchen and to win a unique charro days sombrero, Southmost PD is asking for the public to donate their fire weapons and be able to produce prof of address, or recent snap or wic eligibility
Cards and submit the appropriate applications on or before the 23 rd of next month at their current location in Southmost avenue or you can visit their website:

October 16, 2012

Cameron County to Promote "Vote Sober 2012" campaign against drunk voting.

Cameron County officials are going to be sponsoring a weekend long affair to promote "Vote Sober 2012!" for the next coming elections in the month of November.  Cameron County Mayor and Sheriff Lopez-Doriga are going to be offering a series of workshops for new and old voters that are interested in the coming elections and want to be able to fulfill their voting duties without the impairment of alcohol or illegal narcotics in their system.  Julieta Garza has offered the new student union at prestigious University of Texas in Brownsville as a meeting site for any voter interested in attending the festivities and eventual counseling that will offer food and drinks for the attendants, live music, special performances by Brownsville Cheezmehh mastermind Senorito Castro, that with his expertise in religion, counseling against addictions and theology teachings, is going to try and help out local voters into attending the voting stations this coming November stone cold sober so that they can under oath be able to give out and cast a sincere and honest vote.

The cost of the event will be of five dollars and with every ticket, Mr. Cheezmeh is going to be offering free lunch plates, pamphlets and for the fisrt 200 attendees a free t-shirt.  The event is going to offer a major concert in the new student union that will feature Bieber's Impersonators Jason Bebe and local bands Los Cadetes de Linares y Little Joe y la familia.  Wines and spirits are going to be offered via a generous donation from Feldman's liquors stores for the first 200 attendees to the event so voters are encouraged to arrive early and purchase your tickets from George villa-real aka Latin Jazz King at his office located in East Madison Street Suite C.

October 15, 2012

Parra furniture targets Anglos!

Parra furniture in trouble for selling damaged goods and offering mischievous contracts to their clients in Spanish knowing that some clients have a limited knowledge of the spelling and meaning of Spanish words in the contracts.

Parra furniture is under public scrutiny after numerous complaints from unsatisfied buyers surfaced through the social web last Saturday.  Multiple ex clients of the store have called the store and demanded for the delivery drivers to come to their houses and pick up the damaged or defective merchandise from their addresses. The main compliant is that parra charges interest rate over the good to good hard working people that do not have a stable credit history making them believe they are purchasing good valuables when in fact, the merchandise is second hand.

No word yet from the paras furniture store management as to why let anglos in this video signed paper work that is clearly not written in their native tongue.

October 1, 2012

Justin Bieber Rushed to SoberWay Home Rehab on Prescott Arizona after vomiting in Stage.

Sources close to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have confirmed that Bieber was rushed to famous rehab center "SoberWay" in Prescott, Arizona after yesterdays melt down during the Believe Tour.  Justin stated to fans via twitter and his Rep that he had in fact felt sick to his stomach and vomited twice on stage because he had drank milk earlier that day and that nerves and exhaustion were responsible for the meltdown.  Bieber apologized to his fans and entourage that acted as if nothing had happened.  Sources close to Bieber state that after the concert, singer Selena Gomez and Bieber's mother and friends and family urged him to get help to kick off his raging heroine habit after witnessing the singer drop weight in the last few months and being ill and unresponsive before and after the show.

SoberWay Manager Patty Smith neither confirmed or denied Biebers admittance to the facility but stated to the New York Post that Bieber does show dependency to black tar or heroine.  SoberWay has helped celebrities in the past, including Lindsay Lohan and Chris Brown.  Bieber is scheduled to perform at Staples this week, and is hoping that a quick and fast detox will help him fulfill his Believe tour so that he will be able to fulfill the whole six months of detox and theraphy offered at Sober Way.  No word yet if Usher is going to be his sponsor and shoulder to lean on during this difficult time for the singer, as we all remembered Bieber has been battling depression due to his mothers New York Best Seller book where she states she was a child abuse survivor and stripper when Bieber was a new born.

September 22, 2012

Senorito Castro "Mr. Chiisme" se postula para codiciada posicion numero 5 en proximas elecciones de BISD.

Magnate universal, reconocido blogger, odiado por muchos, adorado por todos los raros de Brownsville, Texas, Senor Castro, tambien conocido como "Mr. Chiisme" perro guardian de los necesitados de esta ciudad segun su pagina de Facebook, ha decidido despues de mucho divagar abandonar sus estudios de Teologia de la prestigiada Universidad de Texas en el moquetito, para postularse como futuro candidato para la posicion numero cinco de nuestro adorado BISD de Cameron County.  Senorito Castro Aldrete abandono sus estudios, sus gatos, sus videos y blogs, para dedicarse de lleno en ayudar a la juventud de Brownsville y Willacy County con sus estudios, prometiendo formar una alianza de salud y bienestar mental para los miembros de BISD o Distrito Escolar de nuestra comunidad.  Senorito Chisme ha logrado la aceptacion de candidatos como Cuppler, Erin Garcia y Catas Rosas en este codiciado puesto, y a prometido dar todo de sus 230 kilogramos para este proyecto.

"Me comprometo a ayudar a la juventud de Brownsville y a la Junta Directiva de Educacion de este Condado en lograr y establecer nuevos reglamentos y decisiones para no malgastar los miles de dolares que el Distrito Escolar posee para ayudar a nuestras escuelaas", Senorito Castro escribio en su afamado blog en FB este jueves, "Prometo no malgastar los fondos en mis hermanos y hermanas y en honorarios de abogados que estan involucrados en mis asuntos legales, que reitero, no afectaran mis sentimientos y decisiones en mi proxima postulacion para la junta administrativa de esta ciudad".

Senorito Castro Gacho Aldrete estara ofreciendo platos de barbacoa y cabrito en la esquina de West Elizabeth este Sabado y Domingo a partir de las cinco de la tarde, para poder recaudar fondos que le permitiran pagar renta de su afamado condominio en Rancho Viejo y que lo ayudaran en conseguir votos para prestigiado puesto.  Si deseas ayudar a el Senorito Castro-Yo noFui- Fue Te Te, en su proxima campana, su familia tambien a abierto una cuenta en paypal, para mas informacion localizar y mandar una solicitud de amigos a su afamada pagina blog en Facebook "Brownsville Chismes y Perros!".

Thrifty installment #38 Move to a Third World Country

Okay so your retirement check isn't quite what you thought it would be. Or maybe you're just looking for a way to save a few extra dollars. Consider moving to a Third World country where cost-of-living can be considerably lower. Choosing your Third World country can be difficult as many lands are filled with violence. Check the news often for beheadings and casualties in your country of choice. Other considerations must be made such as does your country of choice have rampant disease? Is there clean water? Will you need transportation in your landing spot?Are there roads? Will you be growing the majority of your food or will you locate close to the market? Finding affordable housing in Third World countries usually is not a problem. As long as you're willing to live as the locals do. You do not want to stand out in your new homeland so blending into your new environment is a vital necessity. Check the Internet for proper attire. Many Third World countries have limited Internet access. Sometimes in the village there is a Internet café. Consider using social networks to help integrate yourself into local clicks. If you are bachelor or an old maid perhaps you can even find a mate which will greatly simplify things allowing you to move directly into a established home. The relationship can be purely platonic but be sure and discuss this beforehand. Moving to a Third World country can be an exciting chapter in any frugal living lovers life. Good luck on all your endeavors!

September 20, 2012

Politiqueras Determined not to Stop: Business as usual and charting new Buses

South-most Bus Rentals is a small family business owned by the Hernandez's and Gutierrez's of Cameron County.  Erick L. Hernandez sat down with the Brownsville Monitor earlier this week and discussed the possibilities  that South-most Bus Rentals will offer to the citizens of Cameron and Willacy County.  Erick stated that the charter routes were not available last County elections because they were still dealing with some issues in the purchasing of the vehicles and proper registering of the business in Cameron County.  Mr. Hernandez stated to the Brownsville Monitor that, "We are excited of our grand opening next month, we will be able to offer charter bus rentals to the residents of Cameron County that want to be involved in the next BISD Board Elections and meetings for the cost of $8.00 dollars round trip for each individual that signs up for the trip.  We are also considering a  50% rebate for senior citizens that attend Adult Day Cares  throughout the Valley whenever elections are being held in Cameron, and Willacy Counties.

When asked about the possibility of charting the buses to senior citizens a midst last months corruption scandals involving kidnapping of senior citizens that were forced to go and cast votes towards specific candidates, Mr. Hernandez stated that either way most of the families in the area do not possess the means necessary to transport their elders, and that they are not worried about the past elections or future election scandals, "What matters is that our elders are transported safely from and to the meetings and poll stations, the rest is not our concern".

South-most rentals are located in 346 German Street near Porter High School and they will be offering free rides for Senior Citizens the whole month of October, the buses are equipped with a restroom, DVR system and HD 42 inches Plasma Screens, after casting their votes the passengers will be required to submit their ballots to the drivers of each bus and afterwards they will be able to enjoy the amenities offered in the ride.

The ballots are going to be collected at the end of the day and Mr. Hernandez promises to deliver them first hand to the proper voting authorities.

September 11, 2012

Space X to start surveying land at Boca Chica Beach for Rocket Launch December 2012

It is official, Space X is visiting the Rio Grande Valley and it is going to be surveying land near Boca Chica Beach in the coming month of December.  Space X is in talks with the Texas Wildlife Refuge association and has just got clearance to survey and inspect the area that will be available next year for them to start building state of the art rocket launches that are going to blast off thousand of acres of natural habitat, dunes and wildlife.

Hail Space X!! for coming to our County and luring in our crooked judicial system with their money, Alas Space X!! for demonstrating to the whole USA and other Countries that if you have money you can get away with destroying a fairly small tract of land unique in its nature!  God Bless Space X!!! because Brownsville, Texas Co missioners, Mayors and Judges think that by them bringing their 500 plus engineers and physicists  Brownsville will be put on the map, and yes, we will all have jobs, mostly WORKING AT HEB, WALK-MART, AS THEIR WAITERS, AS THE BABYSITTERS FOR THE ENGINEERS AND SPACE X EMPLOYEES CHILDREN, OH I FORGOT GREG LONESOME IS GOING TO SELL AND LEASE THEM BAD ASS HOUSES AND FURNITURE!!!

but hey, its for our benefit right?????


September 9, 2012

Two More Victims Step Forward To Confront Brownsville Elderly Woman Trailer Scam

As it was reported on the Brownsville Monitor and Channel Four News, an elderly grandmother of four is being investigated by authorities when she failed to surrender her trailer to a buyer named  Miss Kay that had already purchased it earlier this month for the amount of $5,000 dollars.   The elderly grandmother threaten Miss Kay with a gun and stated to local police that she would not be surrendering the trailer or the money provided.  In a twisted turn of events, Rich Cherry, the elderly woman grandson contacted Channel Four news through Facebook stating that earlier this year his elderly grandmother that suffers from Parkinson, had promised him the trailer and the golf cart that Miss Kay says its legally hers. Richard Cherry has stated off camera that he does not have any problems sharing the premises and the trailer with Miss Kay, but that he already had made an agreement with his grandmother and has proof and documentation of the transaction that was finalized and notarized on July 22nd of this year.

Mr. Cherry has stated in his Facebook page that his grandmother willingly offered him to purchase the trailer for the amount of $800 dollars to be paid until his 35th birthday, he was also offered a golf cart that is being disputed in this settlement.  Angry viewers of channel four news were quick to insult Mr. Cherry and his grandmother, stating that the law and the police need to step in and evict them from the property, as well as get the elderly woman arrested because she threaten Miss Kay with a 45 magnum, such weapon has not been taken in as evidence and the elderly woman has not shown proof that she has a valid license to carry such weapon in the State of Texas.  Mr. Cherry states that Facebookers Jess Sanchez Trujillo and Eliseo Cardenas have come forward on the Internet with allegations  stating  that both him and his grandmother have  committed scams and that they deal drugs in the RV Park. Channel four news tried to contact them and they stated their Facebook accounts were hacked and that they really did not commented on the Channel Four News Site and denied ever meeting Mr. Cherry or the Grandmother.

Mr. Cherry is already in talks with Brownsville Police Investigators regarding these two individuals accusations stating that he and his grandmother plan to sue them for mental distress and punitive damages because Mr. Cherry had to quit his part time job because he was being subjected to hateful texts and bullying by fellow co- workers.

" Basically they are saying i am a low life, a parasite that does not work, or have a family", Mr. Cherry told Action Four News, and that  basically destroyed me because in fact my grandmother is the one being harassed and taken advantage  by Miss Kay and these two cyber-bullies that we have never met.  I never dealt drugs in the RV park and that is just cyber bulling at its worst". Mr. Cherry is an aspiring local musician that is in works in preparing his debut metal album, and he says that he has not been able to finish the project since this story aired because he is constantly harassed online. He is also going to take this matter to court to prove to the people of Brownsville that is not okay to bully online and that he and his grandmother did not committed any crime.


September 8, 2012

Brownsville Museum to Host Pint and Rucas Night at Famous Rancho Viejo Resort

Brownsville Museum is anxiously setting up last details for tonight's  "Pint and Rucas Night" an event that is going to showcase famous Ranch Viejo Chef Emilio Lazcarraga cuisines accompanied by fine spirits provided by sponsor Natural Light and hostess from famed downtown club "La Movida" are going to be assisting in entertainment and service for the more of 230 attendees of tonight's event.  Cost of admission is $45 dollars and will include an all you can drink and eat buffet specializing in chili dogs, chiles rellenos, and rajas con queso, provided by La Michocoana Meat Factory, and all you can drink wines and spirits ranging from a selection of Modelo Beers, Lone Star and famed Mexican Beer "Indios".  All proceeds are going to benefit the association of historical studies of Brownsville in setting up a scholarship for famous Brownsville historian and curator Javier Bernal in his new en devour of achieving his Librarian Degree at the University of Texas in Austin.

August 28, 2012

UTB/TSC to Cancel "First Annual Freddy Fender Festival" due to conflicts of ownership of Arts Center.

The University of Texas has sadly announced the cancellation of the First Annual Freddy Fender Festival due to the recent split between the University of Texas and The Texas South-most College.  Texas South-most College alleges that the new state of the art Art Center is on their property and that they do not give permission to the University to use the establishment for the weekend long festival that was going to showcase authentic Fender Memorabilia, and was going to have the participation of recording music sensation "Little Joe y la Familia", past members of Freddy Fender band, and local musicians "Manarrada Ensamble Mission" y "Los Cadetes del Rio Bravo".  The Festival was expected to commemorate Fender's contribution to local and global music and it was going to be an event for all ages.

The University of Texas At Brownsville is going to pursue the matter with representatives of TSTC in the next coming month, no word yet if they are going to provide a full refund for over the 600 individuals that had already purchased their tickets for the event in the next coming weeks. 

August 21, 2012

Cameron and WIllacy County to pardon Traffic and Parking Violation tickets over Labor Day Weekend.

Seven hundred Cameron and Willacy County residents and employees will be given an opportunity this coming Labor Day Weekend to settle old and recent Traffic and Parking Violation Tickets if they submit to a drug test and online survey at Cameron County Courthouse. Participants will be asked to fill up an online survey of 50 questions and submit to a drug test and voluntarily register their information and mugshot in the local BPD.

Participants that wish to clear tickets of over $500 dollars will be ask to also give a minimum of $50.00 dollars donations to any of the following locations:

  •  Walifa Car Wash. 
  •  Veterans Memorial Bridge Union. 
  •  Majestic Incorporated.
  •  UT Student Union.
  •  ITTEC West Fronton Campus. 

 For more information regarding this event and for rules and guidelines to apply, residents and Cameron and Willacy County employees can log in to Cameron Work website.

August 14, 2012

Brownsville Social Museum to Host "Noches Calientes of Downtown"

The Brownsville Association of Arts and Culture with the help of the  Brownsville Museum are hosting a weekend long event entitled "Noches Calientes of Downtown" where citizens 21 years of age  and older can recreate the long lost debauchery nights that Brownsville used to offer when the Downtown District was blooming with casinos and fancy saloons.  Museum manager and  curator Xavier Bernal is going to be giving an amusing lecture to all attendants about the glory days of the Civil War where Brownsville was used by the Confederate to smuggle goods like cotton and booze into Mexico and the local Baghad Port.

This event promises to recreate the great era of Saloons and legal prostitution and it will give the attendants a glimpse into the past of Brownsville.  For $35 dollars, Curator Xavier Bernal will talk about the good old days in the good old South where prominent families were getting shot and murdered all over Elizabeth Street, he then will walk you through the alleys and old Buildings in the Downtwon District and pose for photographs with downtown famous skid row characters that will sit down with the attendants in famous "La Movida" nightclub.  Mr. Bernal will display photographs and video of famous prostitutes that once roamed the streets of West Brownsville as  well as displays of  family heirlooms and photographs of convicted felons that left a mark in this old city.  To end the night, they will be allowed to take photographs of old watering holes like "La Movida" and "Dominos Club" and they will enjoy the company of old ladies of the night, that will dance with them for the charge of five dollars while musical guests "Los Cadetes de Nuevo Leon" play in the background.

This Event will take place on August 25th starting at  5:00 p.m.  For more information on this event, please contact the Brownsville Casa Museum and the Maxwell Saloon at (956) 345.6789. 

August 10, 2012

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agents Set To Train Brownsville PD Into Effectively Pursue and Arrest Criminals.

U. S Customs and Border Patrol Agents were notified yesterday that they were going to be training forty Brownsville PD officers and twelve Senior Detectives sprawling from the South most Area to the San Benito County to be more efficient in the arrest, capture and surrender of criminals and that they were going to be working closely with the South Most PD into effectively locating missing persons and kidnap victims along the Rio Grande.

This comes to a shock to fellow County Commissioners and newly appointed Mayor Salazar Ortiz that stated to the South most Monitor that they were going to appeal the decision in the next thirty-days because they don't believe they need any sort of training from an Agency that specializes in the detention of illegal aliens and that is mostly concerned with Border Security.

U.S. Customs Spokesperson Daniel Craig stated that they were elated to be notified by the Federal Government of the new training session that will consist of  showing and training Brownsville and South most PD into how to handle hostage situations, location of elderly missing persons, how to activate Amber Alerts and how to efficiently make use of the local SWAT team while dealing with dangerous suspects that habitate the Rio Grande Valley Region.

The FBI stated in a news release that they were disappointed in how the South most PD dealt with a handful of criminals that were able to escape after a standoff with SWAT teams and be able to leave the country.  The FBI bureau also stated the Senior Detectives in the Brownsville County have failed to arrest major murder suspects and have granted personal bonds letting international criminals flee their Borders and escape into Mexico.

In the past few months, U.S. Customs has been efficiently arresting and capturing major murder suspects along the brushy areas of the Rio Grande without no help whatsoever of high tech technology or SWAT teams. They have also provided major relief in the several high profile cases of missing persons that were located near the Rio Grande boundaries with Mexico that were successfully and happily reunited with the loved ones in the first 72 hours of their disappearance.

The training session will last six months beginning September 1st and all officers and Senior Detectives are expected to comply to all the physical requirements that will include a rigorous weight loss program and boot camp that will have a duration of six weeks and psychological evaluations as well as criminal backgrounds checks  from all the participating individuals.

The duration of the training will last four months concluding December 1st and all the participants are expected to complete the training, at the end of the training session the Brownsville and South most PD will be obliged to keep in their payroll only the qualified officers and detectives that were able to successfully complete the program.

August 7, 2012

First Annual Freddy Fender Week to kick off with Ensamble La Menssion and Little Joe y la Familia.

It has been confirmed that Little Joe y la Familia and Ensamble La Menssion will be opening the event on October 9th at UTB Arts Center.  Tickets will go on sale next week and you can contact Dr. Bernard at (956) 466-4941.  Tickets will also be on sale at local Stripes Stations.

Scheduled Events for the First Annual Freddy Fender Week:

  • Location:  UTB Arts Center Red Room.

  • October 9th 2012
  • 8:00pm

  • Little Joe y la Familia.
  • Ensamble La Menssion.

  • October 10th
  • UTB Arts Center
  • "Freddy Fender Memorabilia" 
  • Free admission for this event where the public will have the opportunity to purchase rare Fender memorabilia and enjoy viewing some of Fender's favorite guitars and his records that are going to be on display in the Red Room of the Art Center.  This Exhibition will be open to the public all week from 10:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

  • October 11th
  • Texas Tornados
  • with musical guests The Five Star Band.
  • Show starts at 8:00 pm
  • General Admission:
  • $5.00
  • Children under ten free admission.

  • October 12th
  •   UTB One O’clock Jazz Band, and  the Frontera Jazz Quartet.
  • Shows starts at 9:30 p.m.
  • General Admission
  • $10.00
  • Children under six free admission.

  • October 13th
  •  Show starts at 9:00p.m.

  • Robert Silva and the Dominos Club
  • Former Freddy Fender Drummer, Robert Silva with the Dominos Club
  • Musical Guests :
  • The Fanceana Duets.
  • Free Admission.
  • October 14th
  • 9:30 p.m.
  • Remembering Freddy Fender Day
  • Little Joe y Robert Silva and the Dominos Club performing Classic Hits from Fender's Best Selling Albums.
  • With Musical Guests
  • Los Invasores de Rio Bravo
  • General Admission:
  • $10.00
  • Children under the age of ten
  • Free Admission.

August 2, 2012

First Annual Freddy Fender Festival at UTB/TSC Arts Center to kick off October 2012.

The San Benito Freddy Fender Association is working closely with Dr. Daniel Bernand and Former Freddy Fender Drummer Robert Silva in recruiting several international bands and local jazz quartets that will be performing in the magnificent UTB/TSC Arts Center the coming month of October to commemorate the 6th anniversary of Freddy Fender's death with what will be the First Annual "Freddy Fender Week".

Opening acts kick off October 12th with  the performance of famous singer and close friend of Freddy Fender Little Joe, from "Little Joe and La Familia" with guests "The 5 Star Band".  Also participating are ex- members of "Texas Tornados" Augie Meyers and Flaco Jiménez, that initally formed the band with Fender and have achieved sucess with their latest released album "Esta Bueno".

George Trevino is also collaborating with this project and has invited the award winning UTB One O’clock Jazz Band, and  the Frontera Jazz Quartet to perform on the evening of October 10th with musical guests "Ensamble La Mision" featuring the Foncerrada Family. The Freddy Fender Museum established in San Benito, Texas is donating Fender memorabillia and Guitars that will be on display at the Arts Center "Red Room" Hall with no cost to the general public.

 Robert Silva famed Brownsville musician and close friend of Freddy Fender will be the closing act on October 14th with  musical guests "Los Cadetes de Rio Bravo" and they will be performing several sets of Famous Freddy Fender songs including "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights", "Since Ive Met You Baby" and songs from Fender number one album of all times "Before The Next Teardrop Falls".

For more information on special discount group costs and general admission fees and for schedules of the bands that are going to be participating in this event, contact Dr. Daniel Bernard at 956 466- 4991 from Monday thru Friday from  8:00 am to 4:30 p.m. 

August 1, 2012

Michale Graves Reached Plea Deal with Texas DA

Former "Misfits" Front man Michale Graves has reached a deal with the Texas DA and US Customs stationed in Vallejo County in order to have his drug possession charges dropped.  The former Republican and Spokesperson for the Bush Family came forward with information regarding his recent arrest in a Texan checkpoint where he has discovered to be carrying several pounds of marijuana.  Michale Graves first stated that he was forced to accept the illegals drugs from suspicious characters that approached him after a show in the town of South most.  The singer and his entourage forgot they were carrying the illegal drugs and when they were send to a secondary inspection in Vallejo County, the US Customs Agents seized the drug and proceeded to arrest him.  At the time of his arrest, Graves stated to his fans and the media that he was hopeful to come back to Texas and show evidence that he did not purchase the drugs because he is a major spokesperson for the Bush family and he is an active Republican that leads a drug free life. 

In a twisted turn of events, earlier this week,  Michale Graves reached a plea bargain with the Texas DA office and US Customs and admitted he purchased the drugs while he was set to play a show in So utmost.  Graves sat down with investigators early Monday and changed his testimony and reached a plea bargain in order to have all the charges dropped he was able to give information about several drug dealers in the Vallejo County that approached him at the end of his sold out tour and helped him purchased the illegal narcotics. 

South most PD is working closely with the Vallejo County DA in order to set up surveillance in the area and hopefully be able to contact and interview several rockabilly bands that attended the event  and played sideshow with the famed musician.  They are hoping that the organizers of the events as well as fans that attended the show can helped them gather evidence and submit their own  video footage of the concert so they can make accurate id's of the possible suspects.

July 31, 2012

FBI investigates Border Patrol Agents accused of Kidnapping Victims along the Rio Grande.

Five Border Patrol Agents are under FBI investigation after a family of four that where violently kidnapped last year came forward stating that they believe that the Agents that helped with their rescue are in fact responsible for the crime. The family was intercepted on Thanksgiving night while they were driving on HWY 100 when a black SUV ran them off the road.  Five masked men proceeded to violently assault the family forcing them out of their vehicle and  into the SUV.  The family explained to investigators that the kidnappers where all males and that they were wearing masks. They blindfolded them and drove them to a remote area where they were beaten and tied up to some brushes for what it seems was several days.  The family was saved when Border Patrol Agents of Vallejo County spotted them during a routine drive and alerted authorities of the discovery.

When asked by the PD and FBI agents why they believed that the Agents were responsible, one family member stated that after the ordeal was over and they were discharged from the Hospital the agents visited them at their home address to check up on them.  It was then when one of the victims recognized one  of the Agents voice as one of the kidnappers.  The family also noticed that the five agents were acting nervous around them and repeatedly asking them if they were able to identify the kidnappers  or give them any piece of information regarding that night.  The youngest of the victims, an 8 year old female suffered a nervous breakdown after the visit stating to investigators that one of the agents was "one of the bad guys that had  hurt her".

FBI agents had already become suspicious because in the past year the same five agents had intervened in stopping two major drugs deals that the FBI was investigating. Efrain  Huerta and accomplice Erick Lucio stated to the PD that the agents had helped them smuggled drugs and ammunition in the past and that they were aware of the drug deal.  Huerta and Lucio also stated that they paid the agents over 75,000 dollars each to help them cross the drugs and that they were surprised that they turned on them and arrested them after getting paid.  Also the FBI questioned the agents regarding as to how they stumbled upon the victims in a remote area that is regularly not patrolled by the Border Patrol.  The FBI and the PD also became weary of the agents after they rescued another couple that had been robbed and left for dead in a remote area of Zapata County again, outside US Customs Jurisdiction.

The Border Patrol Agents were generously rewarded by the Government and the media for the heroic efforts in helping the victims.  It is estimated that each of them received over 2.5 million dollars in anonymous rewards, donations and Government funded rewards.  When asked by the PD how they were able to locate the victims so quickly and how they knew where and how to locate and halt the drug deals they could not give an accurate response and stated that they were just lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

The victims were subjected to polygraph tests and medical evaluations to rule out the possibility that they were suffering from  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after they came forward with new details in the kidnappings. Investigators wanted to be sure that the victims were confident in their testimonies and not under a great deal of stress. Two  Agents were placed under Federal Custody after detectives gathered enough audio and video tape evidence showing they were  planning a third possible kidnapping to be perpetrated later on this month.

  US Customs stated to the media that the five agents were placed on paid suspension and that they are working closely with Vallejo County Officials and the FBI to prove that the charges are fraudulent and that the victims testimony is not accurate because of the time frame of the crimes and because they believed the victims are trying to give a bad name to the US Customs and Border Patrol Agency.  The families involved have since  hired legal representation and are planning to sue the Government and the US Border Patrol for their involvement in the kidnappings and because they firmly believe that the US Customs Agency has enough evidence linking the agents to the crimes but are willingly withholding it to protect their reputation in  this high profile case that has surprised the county.

July 28, 2012

Oregon investigators: Jesse Cutlip Murderer or Hoax?

The Oregon Police Department are having serious doubts regarding Jesse Cutlip confession of murdering four females in the late seventies in their home state.

This comes to a surprise to South-most PD that for the past two weeks has been giving out interviews in the local media and patting themselves in their backs on being able to capture a serial killer in their hometown.

Oregon Detectives are baffled that Mr. Cutlip was arrested early April because he failed to register as a sex offender and the Southmost PD failed to give them the heads up that a criminal with a lengthy criminal record was living out of their State and violating his parole.  The Southmost PD has not been able to answer to the public and the State of Oregon why they let Jesse Cutlip out on bail if he was never charged with any offense in the first place and why they did not checked up on him when he was clearly living close to an Elementary school and children. 

Oregon detectives now believe that Mr. Cutlip testimony might have been fabricated by investigators at Southmost PD and that Jesse Cutlip just got fed up living in poverty and without his medications and drugs. Jesse Cutlip has not been charged with any crime, but Oregon PD is taking this sudden confession seriously despite serious contradictions from South-most PD.  They were able to match one crime with two pieces of evidence that Mr. Cutlip explained in his candid confession and are hopeful to extradite Mr. Cutlip back to Oregon next month to formally interview him and prosecute him if he is in fact guilty of two  cold cases of murders in the home State.

moving over mountains of time

 monkeys in a pen using words for wine
 pigs running free dont they know theyre swine
 me i'm sitting here just taking my share
 thirty tons of metal on a cushion of air
 hobo in the restroom making love to a can
 mamas in the street looking for a man
 me i'm sitting here just jamming to tunes
 easing down the highways through our cities of ruins
 all highways lead to the same ol place
 broken hearts and headache take a look in her face
 round another curve ten two on the wheel
 driving round in circles looking for a hot meal
 i'm moving over mountains of time
 i'm hearing echos of voices in rhyme
 moving past fields and streams
 rivers of life flow to oceans of dreams

You got to let your crack pipe cool down

You got to let your crack pipe cool down before you can hit it again
Or you're going to get a burnt lip and you know thats a sin
You got to tell your lies over and over until you believe them yourself
that way you can live your life in good health
You've got to wake up every day so you can see the sun
that way when your time comes at least you can say you had some fun
You got to keep your head up even when things look down
I got to keep my boots on for when the fighting goes down

July 26, 2012

Michale Graves former "Misfits" singer blames Brownsville Organized Crime for his recent aprehension with Narcotics.

Michale Graves at his famed show in Chapas Bar the Pit!

Michale Graves was arrested Monday evening at a checkpoint in Kennedy County after Customs Agents noticed the singer was carrying six grams of Marijuana and Cocaine.  After much questioning, the singer told Customs officials and the Police Department in El Paso, Texas that after appearing in Chapas Bar in the neighboring town of Brownsville he was offered the illegal drugs by people that appeared to be part of the organized crime.  When asked by El Paso Police Department why he accepted them and why did he not called 911, Michale Graves stated that earlier that week he unsuccessfully tried cancelling the show due to drug activity and hate crimes in the area.  Mr. Graves stated  that after receiving threats through his Facebook and Twitter pages he decided to go ahead with the show  after Chapas Bar Management promised him extra security in the venue.

 Michale Graves also stated that he had a great time entertaining new and old fans but at the end of the show when has signing photographs for the young fans he was intercepted outside of his hotel room by four suspicious looking males that offered him the drugs and cases of beer and food.  When he tried to decline the drugs the suspects grew upset so he just placed them in his duffel bag and that morning his entourage decided to drive to El Paso for their next performance, totally forgetting to dispose of the drugs that were hidden with his belongings.

Mr. Graves was released on bail and is planning on another date for his disappointed El  Paso fans.  He is scheduled to return to Texas in two months to answer to the charges of possession of narcotics with the intent to distribute, a charge he plans to fight in court due to his testimony that he was intimidated into accepting the drugs and due to the fact that he is an active republican and spokesperson for the Bush family and he does not want this fraudulent charge to be on his record.