June 29, 2012

Brownsville's own Church of Scientology supporting Tom's Cruise Divorce amidst Homosexual Rumors.

Brownsville own Church of Scientology has issued a statement in their Facebook page that they support actor Tom Cruise divorce from actress Katie Holmes amidst rumors of Cruise Homosexuality and drug abuse.  Is well known that Tom Cruise has been part of the Scientology movement since the early 1990's when he stated that the doctrines and discipline of the church helped him beat his childhood dyslexia and helped him conquer and  be successful in  Hollywood. The news of the divorce came as a shocker to Cruise  attorney and personal assistant, Louis Stevenson: " Tom Cruise is deeply affected that Katie has decided to call it quits during his busy promotional tour of "Rock of Ages", he does not understand why Katie after six years of marriage wants to call it quits when he has been her provider and has not violated their prenuptial agreement".  When asked to be specific as to t the prenuptial agreement and their marriage, Mr. Cruise legal representative abruptly ended the phone call to the Brownsville Monitor assistant reporter thus making more believable the gossip that the marriage was a scam in order to avoid Tom Cruise sordid gay affairs to be leaked to the public.

Juan Torres, representative of The Church of Scientology in Brownsville Texas, has commented in the Church  personal webpage and Facebook  that they support Mr. Cruise divorce and that the Church of Scientology has always been aware of his sexual tendencies, Mr. Torres met Tom Cruise at the Hollywood Hills in the early 1980's,  were they became real  close friends while  living together in Sunset Boulevard while they were struggling to get acting gigs downtown: " Tom was always real nice to me, bathing me when i felt too tired to do so every time i got home from XXX photo shoots and i even met his sister and mother in Louisiana, when we both attended  an initiation  party at a well known Scientology Center where he wed Nicole Kidman and were both of us dedicated our lives to the teachings of  L. Ron Hubbard.  I moved back to the valley in the late 1990s and Tom helped me build the church in Jose Marti Blvd and he is primarily responsible for my marriage with my beautiful wife from China, Lao Tin". Mr. Torres stated in the  Church webpage that as soon as the divorce is final, he is going to travel to Russia to met Mr. Cruise and help him deal with the divorce gossip while he is on promotional tour for the film "Rock of Ages". " Tom is a close friend, we have kept in touch during the past twenty years, sometimes we met in Missouri and we spend quality time together, i have been with him thru his divorce with Nicole and i will be a strong shoulder to lean on during this one", Mr Torres wrote on the Church Webpage early Friday. " We ask for the Church Of Scientology and the community in Cameron County to send donations thru our PayPal account  and set up a personal fund to help cover the expenses of the "Rock of Ages" tour throughout Europe so we could show to Tom that he is not alone in this public ordeal, we will give the public an opportunity to enter a raffle where one lucky male winner will be able to join Tom Cruise and your truly throughout Europe during the promotional tour and will be able to visit the old continent while helping Tom deal publicly and personally  with this very embarrassing and public divorce".  No word  yet if Katie Holmes will visit Brownsville to met Mr. Torres and ask for his help in the divorce hearing set for August 22nd.

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