October 11, 2014

American Airlines To Ground All Flights To West Africa Effective November 1st

American AAirlines has taken the drastic decision of stopping all flights in and out of Africa, more particularly the area of Sierra Leone and Liberia after noticing a major drop in ticket sales and also taking in consideration the first ever case of Ebola in United States History in the City of Dallas, Texas after a native of Monrovia boarded one of their many planes and got away with landing in USA soil and possibly spreading the deadly disease to US citizens.

This decision comes after a major health scare all over the Country and because concerned citizens are still asking why does our President still allows commercial flights in and out of that dangerous zone that does not have the man power and the resources to attend to their sick and where hundreds of thousands have perished from this deadly disease that is now also a threat to Countries like Spain, Germany and Mexico.

Official Representatives to American Airlines have stated full refunds for all those tickets purchased one month in advance but had decided to ground all flights until a further notice of improvement or containment of this deadly disease stating:

"Although the CDC is now ordering major American AAirlines to submit the passengers to a physical, and to check if they show any signs of fever or symptoms related to Ebola, we feel that is our duty to keep our passengers and staff on Air and Ground disease free.  We are grounding all flights and refunds will be made available, but until further notice that this disease has stopped spreading we are not going to keep on selling tickets for commercial flights to that Country"