June 28, 2013

New details emerge on child left in a hot car seat in the city of weslaco

Weslaco PD is releasing new details in order to get the publics help into apprehending a band of thieves that have been hitting the local Walmart and HEB stores thought cameron county.   It all started with an anonymous tipster telling the local PD that it was no accident the recent event when a child was left in a car seat early afternoon outside a Walmart store, the anonymous caller stated that its all part of plan where a group of seven individuals that reside in the town of brownsville use as a scapegoat to go inside the stores and steal thousands dollars worth of electronics, clothes and makeup.

 The parents of the child that was mysteriously released from police custody have failed to appear in the police department and its now known that the female that picked up the child provided false I'd and stated she was his "aunt" and that she just had gone in the Walmart lobby to retrieve a cart for the child when she notice all the commotion surrounding her SUV and proceeded to inform detectives and police officers that where called to the scene that it was all a "misunderstanding".

Surveillance footage show the lady spending approximately ten minutes just sitting besides a cart and running to the car as soon as she saw the police aprocahing the vehicle, all the time she had her cellphone with her and she was using it.  At the same time she is seen sitting besides cart two females I. Their early twenties dressed in black with piercings in their face parked next to the vehicle, waved and talked to the boy through the vehicle and quickly entered  the store.  They are seen leaving the store amidst the commotion with two carts filled with two flat screen TVs , several jeans, a monitor, bags of makeup and beer, quickly getting all the merchandise into a white Nissan Altima and speeding away.

If you have any information on the child, the woman seen on the video or the two young teens, the Weslaco PD is offering a reward of  10000 dollars to anyone that comes foward and helps the cameron county police district help locate and bring them in for questioning.

June 26, 2013

Lady Gaga adopts Nigerian Twins diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

During her recent visit to Nigeria, Lady Gaga stunned the her fans when she posted in her twitter account a picture of her and two Nigerian babies, one girls and boy.  Her major fan base who called themselves "Little Monsters" are torn between giving her support and being happy at her recent news of adopting six month old fraternal twins one of the twins has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

The singer has exclaimed in the past that she would love to be a young mother and have tons of babies and she is well known for all her charities and work with underprivileged children and for mentoring children with special disabilities.  Lady Gaga partner was seen flying with her into LA earlier this week, holding the baby girl and boasting all over his instagram account pictures with the smiling twins.

Lady Gaga has received some criticism from more conservative viewers stating that her use of drugs and lifestyle is not the best environment for raising up children and they are planning to inform the Nigerian Adoption Council about the singers lifestyle claiming she is not fit to be a good mother to those children.

June 22, 2013

3 year old toddler breaks leg while walking in West Side Bike Trail, Family Plans to Sue the City.

A 3  year old toddler suffered an accident when workers of Cameron Works left a hole uncovered and unprotected.  The family of the young toddler told Channel Four News that they have been using the bike trail after hours so that their kids can get some exercise but that they did not notice the big hole uncovered where their little son fell into thus hurting his face and breaking one leg.

Medical Dispatchers were called and had a difficult time maneuvering throughout out all the holes, construction pipes, lose sand and tons of steel rods that lay around and in plain view in the bike trail.  One EMS worker had to be carried out in a stretcher after impaling himself with a steel rod while trying to secure a way to get the toddler out of the hole that held his nearly severed leg that was dangling just by the tendons.

The 3 year old is still listed in critical condition in Valley Baptist Clinic and his parents are asking the public for donations for the increasing medical expenses that are piling up because the child is not an US citizen and the parents are not capable of providing Medicaid for the child.

Also, the parents who are long residents of the neighboring town of Reynosa are planning to sue the county and the constrution company for failing to put up signs and leaving holes and tons of equipment and material laying around the bike trail.  The family is planning to bring to justice the people responsible for this accident.    

An account has been opened with IBC bank and people interested in helping the parents of this young boy can do so and can deposit any donation on account number 134567789 under the name Rosalio Pena.

June 19, 2013

Kim Kardashian Baby Girl abducted from LA Hospital.

Kim Kardashian and Partner Kayne West are offering a reward of 45 million dollars to anyone with information about their baby girl that was abducted yesterday from Mount Sinai Hospital in LA.  The Kardashian and Kendell Jenner Clan have not confirmed this story to the media, but Mr. West publicist has confirmed that the pair are distraught of the thought of someone hurting their baby girl and are finally collaborating with LA Police to investigate the kidnapping and bring little Dionda West back safe and sound to their arms.

LA Police and the Kardashian Family are urging eye witnesses to please come forward with any information about the kindapping a reward of 45 million dollars is being set up by Kayne West to any person that comes foward with any information.

June 15, 2013

Brownsville Mayor beaten by male prostitute listed in critical condition

A Brownsville Mayor has been listed in critical condition at Valley Baptist Manor following a brawl that originated outside the New Frontier Bar in Downtown Brownsville.  Witnesses claimed that the former Mayor Lucio was drinking beers with a male prostitute and singing karaoke when at closing time the prostitute demanded payment from the public official and when he denied he was severely beaten with a bat resulting in two broken ribs, lacerations to his face and genitals.

The family contacted channel four news and is hopeful that witnesses will come forward so that the aggressor can be caught and punish accordingly by law, if the Mayor succumbs to his injuries then it will be a homicide case the Brownsville PD will be investigating.

For any information regarding the assault, the family has posted a $5,000 reward to bring to justice this male prostitute that is said to be in his late fifties, dark skin with a mustache please contact Brownsville PD.