July 31, 2012

FBI investigates Border Patrol Agents accused of Kidnapping Victims along the Rio Grande.

Five Border Patrol Agents are under FBI investigation after a family of four that where violently kidnapped last year came forward stating that they believe that the Agents that helped with their rescue are in fact responsible for the crime. The family was intercepted on Thanksgiving night while they were driving on HWY 100 when a black SUV ran them off the road.  Five masked men proceeded to violently assault the family forcing them out of their vehicle and  into the SUV.  The family explained to investigators that the kidnappers where all males and that they were wearing masks. They blindfolded them and drove them to a remote area where they were beaten and tied up to some brushes for what it seems was several days.  The family was saved when Border Patrol Agents of Vallejo County spotted them during a routine drive and alerted authorities of the discovery.

When asked by the PD and FBI agents why they believed that the Agents were responsible, one family member stated that after the ordeal was over and they were discharged from the Hospital the agents visited them at their home address to check up on them.  It was then when one of the victims recognized one  of the Agents voice as one of the kidnappers.  The family also noticed that the five agents were acting nervous around them and repeatedly asking them if they were able to identify the kidnappers  or give them any piece of information regarding that night.  The youngest of the victims, an 8 year old female suffered a nervous breakdown after the visit stating to investigators that one of the agents was "one of the bad guys that had  hurt her".

FBI agents had already become suspicious because in the past year the same five agents had intervened in stopping two major drugs deals that the FBI was investigating. Efrain  Huerta and accomplice Erick Lucio stated to the PD that the agents had helped them smuggled drugs and ammunition in the past and that they were aware of the drug deal.  Huerta and Lucio also stated that they paid the agents over 75,000 dollars each to help them cross the drugs and that they were surprised that they turned on them and arrested them after getting paid.  Also the FBI questioned the agents regarding as to how they stumbled upon the victims in a remote area that is regularly not patrolled by the Border Patrol.  The FBI and the PD also became weary of the agents after they rescued another couple that had been robbed and left for dead in a remote area of Zapata County again, outside US Customs Jurisdiction.

The Border Patrol Agents were generously rewarded by the Government and the media for the heroic efforts in helping the victims.  It is estimated that each of them received over 2.5 million dollars in anonymous rewards, donations and Government funded rewards.  When asked by the PD how they were able to locate the victims so quickly and how they knew where and how to locate and halt the drug deals they could not give an accurate response and stated that they were just lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

The victims were subjected to polygraph tests and medical evaluations to rule out the possibility that they were suffering from  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after they came forward with new details in the kidnappings. Investigators wanted to be sure that the victims were confident in their testimonies and not under a great deal of stress. Two  Agents were placed under Federal Custody after detectives gathered enough audio and video tape evidence showing they were  planning a third possible kidnapping to be perpetrated later on this month.

  US Customs stated to the media that the five agents were placed on paid suspension and that they are working closely with Vallejo County Officials and the FBI to prove that the charges are fraudulent and that the victims testimony is not accurate because of the time frame of the crimes and because they believed the victims are trying to give a bad name to the US Customs and Border Patrol Agency.  The families involved have since  hired legal representation and are planning to sue the Government and the US Border Patrol for their involvement in the kidnappings and because they firmly believe that the US Customs Agency has enough evidence linking the agents to the crimes but are willingly withholding it to protect their reputation in  this high profile case that has surprised the county.

July 28, 2012

Oregon investigators: Jesse Cutlip Murderer or Hoax?

The Oregon Police Department are having serious doubts regarding Jesse Cutlip confession of murdering four females in the late seventies in their home state.

This comes to a surprise to South-most PD that for the past two weeks has been giving out interviews in the local media and patting themselves in their backs on being able to capture a serial killer in their hometown.

Oregon Detectives are baffled that Mr. Cutlip was arrested early April because he failed to register as a sex offender and the Southmost PD failed to give them the heads up that a criminal with a lengthy criminal record was living out of their State and violating his parole.  The Southmost PD has not been able to answer to the public and the State of Oregon why they let Jesse Cutlip out on bail if he was never charged with any offense in the first place and why they did not checked up on him when he was clearly living close to an Elementary school and children. 

Oregon detectives now believe that Mr. Cutlip testimony might have been fabricated by investigators at Southmost PD and that Jesse Cutlip just got fed up living in poverty and without his medications and drugs. Jesse Cutlip has not been charged with any crime, but Oregon PD is taking this sudden confession seriously despite serious contradictions from South-most PD.  They were able to match one crime with two pieces of evidence that Mr. Cutlip explained in his candid confession and are hopeful to extradite Mr. Cutlip back to Oregon next month to formally interview him and prosecute him if he is in fact guilty of two  cold cases of murders in the home State.

moving over mountains of time

 monkeys in a pen using words for wine
 pigs running free dont they know theyre swine
 me i'm sitting here just taking my share
 thirty tons of metal on a cushion of air
 hobo in the restroom making love to a can
 mamas in the street looking for a man
 me i'm sitting here just jamming to tunes
 easing down the highways through our cities of ruins
 all highways lead to the same ol place
 broken hearts and headache take a look in her face
 round another curve ten two on the wheel
 driving round in circles looking for a hot meal
 i'm moving over mountains of time
 i'm hearing echos of voices in rhyme
 moving past fields and streams
 rivers of life flow to oceans of dreams

You got to let your crack pipe cool down

You got to let your crack pipe cool down before you can hit it again
Or you're going to get a burnt lip and you know thats a sin
You got to tell your lies over and over until you believe them yourself
that way you can live your life in good health
You've got to wake up every day so you can see the sun
that way when your time comes at least you can say you had some fun
You got to keep your head up even when things look down
I got to keep my boots on for when the fighting goes down

July 26, 2012

Michale Graves former "Misfits" singer blames Brownsville Organized Crime for his recent aprehension with Narcotics.

Michale Graves at his famed show in Chapas Bar the Pit!

Michale Graves was arrested Monday evening at a checkpoint in Kennedy County after Customs Agents noticed the singer was carrying six grams of Marijuana and Cocaine.  After much questioning, the singer told Customs officials and the Police Department in El Paso, Texas that after appearing in Chapas Bar in the neighboring town of Brownsville he was offered the illegal drugs by people that appeared to be part of the organized crime.  When asked by El Paso Police Department why he accepted them and why did he not called 911, Michale Graves stated that earlier that week he unsuccessfully tried cancelling the show due to drug activity and hate crimes in the area.  Mr. Graves stated  that after receiving threats through his Facebook and Twitter pages he decided to go ahead with the show  after Chapas Bar Management promised him extra security in the venue.

 Michale Graves also stated that he had a great time entertaining new and old fans but at the end of the show when has signing photographs for the young fans he was intercepted outside of his hotel room by four suspicious looking males that offered him the drugs and cases of beer and food.  When he tried to decline the drugs the suspects grew upset so he just placed them in his duffel bag and that morning his entourage decided to drive to El Paso for their next performance, totally forgetting to dispose of the drugs that were hidden with his belongings.

Mr. Graves was released on bail and is planning on another date for his disappointed El  Paso fans.  He is scheduled to return to Texas in two months to answer to the charges of possession of narcotics with the intent to distribute, a charge he plans to fight in court due to his testimony that he was intimidated into accepting the drugs and due to the fact that he is an active republican and spokesperson for the Bush family and he does not want this fraudulent charge to be on his record.


The residents of the Rio Grande Valley have been noticing since yesterday in the Facebook news-feed the adorable face of Miss. Cayetana Hernandez. In several pictures you can notice that she is surrounded by loving friends and family and enjoying a meal with her close friends

. If you would like to help take a minute in reading the story and please pay attention to the picture and details. Contact the local Police Department or the family, lets help Miss Hernandez find her way with her family and friends. ..

 Original Caption on the photo:

 This is my grandmother Cayetana Hernandez. She goes by Anita. She has been missing since yesterday. Last seen on Robindale road in Brownsville, Texas around 2:45pm. She was supposed to pick up my aunt at Dillard's at 6pm but never arrived. She was driving and older model Buick Century silver in color. Please contact me, Brownsville PD or Ethel Logan at 9565422442 or 9565908850. A police report has been filed, a silver alert had been placed and we have checked with local hospitals. She was wearing a blue, flowery dress with black shoes and a beige fedora. License plate on car is W96FXV.

July 23, 2012

Jesse Cutlip: From underground musician, to JP candidate and now a MURDERER?

Nothing seems to surprise the citizens of Brownsville, Texas nowadays, except when they click on local RGV news link to read how famed skid-row character from the Downtown district had approached police during the weekend to confess in details several murders in his hometown of Oregon.

And to think he caroused around town with famous Judges and Commissioners, he even got chosen as one of the tops of tops for the first cover of Celebrity Nights Magazine!! ..

 Just shows that  you can be a crook, a killer, a pedophile, a registered sex offender and this town will love you, jam with you, adore your raw talents without any question or concern about your previous whereabouts and background.

July 22, 2012

Katie Holmes to donate funds to the Church of Scientology as part of Divorce Plea

Friends and Family of actress Katie Holmes have informed the media, that she is in talks with representatives of the Church of Scientology in order to make a considerable donation as part of her divorce proceedings with actor Tom Cruise.

This does not come to a surprise to Miss Holmes lawyers that have stated that she will do anything in her power to be able to secure sole and physical custody of the couples daughter Suri Cruise.  Tom Cruise has recently wrapped up a movie in Iceland and was spotted in New York City spending some quality time with Suri, while surprisingly agreeing to Holmes request of relocating to New York with their daughter and letting Suri enroll in a private Catholic School in the coming month of Septmber.  Friends and family have stated to the media, that all of this comes with a great price: Katie Holmes has reportedly returned all the gifts and jewelry she received from Tom Cruise during their marriage ascending to over 6 million dollars and has given up several houses and real estate that were under her name and Suri Cruise.

Miss Holmes is expected to make a sizable donation to the Church of Scientology in the amount of 12 million dollars in the span of ten years and publicly apologize to the Church for the bad publicity that it has been receiving in the past couple of weeks when the media found out about the impending divorce between her and famous Actor/Scientologist advocate Tom Cruise.

July 21, 2012

Titusville Florida: New Home for Space X!

Over the past several months, the cities of Brownsville, Puerto Rico and recently, the Florida Keys have been using media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to impress mega multi millionaire Elon Musk, founder of Space X to invest in their city and choose one of them for a coveted contract in building a state of the art Rocket Launch Site.

City Officials, Local Commissioners and Real Estate Brokers, have, over the course of several months, raised public awareness in the citizens of each town, trying to generate  mass acceptance of the project so the public could be aware that landing the contract with Space X would generate good paying jobs, and an major boom in Local Real Estate.

The cities were up for grabs for the contract for the past seven months, and each of them displayed a great deal of support to welcome Space X representatives that were invited new  to major public forums where they openly explained to the public the benefits of allowing a major aerospace corporation to choose their town for their new Rocket Launch Pad site with the promise of over 1,000 news jobs with an estimated yearly income of $45,000.

Space X announced Friday morning that Titusville, Florida had won the coveted contract and alerted the media that its in plans of constructing and  hiring personnel in the months of April and June of 2013.  As we all remember this famed Space City had showed an alarming decline in jobs  and  real estate due to NASA cancelling all aerospace and shuttle programs last year.   Over 2,000 qualified Engineers, Physicists and Contractors, relocated from the area in search of potential jobs while over a 1,000 individuals  struggled to keep secure work in the area. 

Space City is ecstatic with the good news and it is going to start reconstruction work on its area in the coming months of August and November to be ready for the arrival of the Space X crew due in April 2012.  Applicants can contact their local Workforce office January 24th of 2013 for more information in over the 1,200 jobs openings and qualifications necessary for the applying process for Space X.

July 20, 2012

BPD to cancel Market Festivities over the weekend due to Drug Cartel presence in Southmost

BDP released a statement today that it will cancel the third annual  Market Square Festival until further notice due to increase drug cartel crime in the area of South-most.  This news comes to no surprise to the citizens of this town, that in recent days have been witnesses to increase kidnapping and murders for hire in the area as well as lack of protection from law enforcement entities in the County.

Law enforcement officials stated that they have not been able to offer security and well being to the residents of So-utmost, and that what is making their job more difficult is that we are located so close to Mexico.  They stated in their press release that they are willing to work close together with the Border Patrol Department in studying the recent surge of Mexican Residents that daily cross the Borders and hoping that the Federal Government will let them conduct a more thorough background check on every single one of the recipients of either residency card or Visa to be able to pinpoint people that are set legally to work and reside in this Country, from people that have a criminal past or dubious social background that might just want to infiltrate the Country to commit crimes.

In the mean time, all the vendors and people participating in the event where informed via Facebook and email of the change of plans and BPD is going to be conducting random car searches in the area of downtown to rule out any surprise attack or kidnapping in the area.

July 18, 2012

Michale Graves Former Singer of "The Misfits" to cancel appearance in the RGV due to increased Border Violence.

Former front man of "The Misfits" Michale Graves, has sadly announced to this South Texas Fans via Facebook and Twitter that he felt the need to cancel his appearance at famous downtown bar "Chapas" this coming weekend in the border town of Brownsville due to the impending rise of violence and hate crimes that has been affecting the area in the past 3 weeks.  When asked by fans and media in general why did he drastically and out of the blue decided to cancel his appearance, he stated that he carefully reviewed and considered the feelings of his fans and management of Chapas, but that he and his wife and entourage did not felt safe to travel to the area due to recent blogs and reports of hate crimes in the Valley and kidnapping and murder for hire that he recently watched on  T.V prompting his decision on the matter. He also stated that the management of Chapas Bar failed   to provide him and the rest of the musicians, extra security from and to the bar and comfortable accommodations for his crew.

Michale Graves also informed to the several bands that were attending the event and were going to be part of his tour that he will gladly invite them to join him in his next tour dates in SA and Houston, but that he will not travel to the area because he fears for his well being and also the well being of his fans because the show was scheduled to be all ages in an area of downtown with null security.

Chapas Bar management recently contacted the Southmost Monitor and also confirmed the news via their FB page. They also stated that they were surprised the singer and his entourage felt that way about the city, and that they could not understand why the singer did not give them enough time to set up accomodations and get the extra security he needed.  They are open to any discussion with the singer management and are willing to hire extra security guards for the event.

No word yet if Michale Graves will reconsider visiting this lovely little town by the border or if he will consider postponing the event in another venue of his convenience in Brownsville.

Lucio Family Indicted in Recent Human Smuggling In Boca Chica Beach

Erlinda y Montiel Lucio were indicted today in Cameron Court for 34 counts of illegal alien smuggling across the Rio Bravo into American soil.  This news is a non pleasant surprise to former Commissioners and JP of the County that for decades have been helping this family in their illegal activities and contraband without no ill consequences.

JP Lorenia Mendoza informed today to the South-most Monitor that over the course of five years they have gathering information, videotape and audio evidence from the family and friends of the Lucio's, installing surveillance cameras in their several car lots and rental offices hoping to gather enough information about their illegal activities to be able to guarantee a warrant for their arrest and bring them to the DA office to be punished for their crimes.

Several members of the Lucio family in the Palm Area are known in the county for being Lawyers and participating in events as Fiestas del Carpintero and Sponsoring Rotary Trips all over Europe.  Some twelve years ago they were involved in a serious fatal human trafficking case where twelve undocumented Hondurenos lost their life working in their well known Sugar Cane fields, but the JP and DA of the time let them go with a swift slap on the wrist when the evidence gathered against them disappeared in Court. Known lawyer Arleth Arias was not able to produce the evidence against them including verbal and photographic evidence of the remaining living family members that reported to the Border Patrol and local police the killings and heinous abuse their suffered in the plantation. Attorney at Law Arleth Arias swiftly lost all the evidence and proceeded to cash in on a good deal of money and lease out her spacious offices located in Four Corners soon after the dismissal of charges against Patriarch Montiel Lucio.

The DA office was proud to announce that after careful surveillance and gathering of information they were able to stop the ongoing smuggling this past Friday of 34 citizens of Vistamar by well known Erlinda and Montiel Lucio.  Agents where able to videotape how the illegal aliens, after being groomed and washed were loaded in several vehicles that were hidden in Boca Chica. The caravan of cars were stopped in the adjacent check point and Border Patrol were able to arrest them and lead them to the County Jail where Erlinda and Montiel Lucio await trial and indictment after years and years of spreading lies and crime in the Palm Area.

July 16, 2012

Judge Nietzsche denies existence of estranged brother and blames illegal aliens on raising crime spree in Soutmost area.

Judge Nietzsche latest rant to the So-utmost Monitor did not sit well with the Cameron area public when he explicitly denied the existence of runaway "Jesse" as his estranged brother also stating that he will not support him to run for JP in next years elections.  The Judge was asked by reporters Friday night at International Palm Airport about his refusal in reuniting with his estranged brother and why was he leaving the Country abruptly after the media got wind of this, the Judge flat out denied ever meeting or "jamming" with skid-row best Jesse and seemed upset that people are willing to help a criminal get in contact with him and run for Justice of Peace.

"It seems ridiculous that Cameron residents are stalking me with this nonsense, i have never met this individual in my life, i do not know who he is and of course that i am not going to give him my support and help to run for JP, that is ridiculous!.

Several officials have questioned Judge Nietzsche about the ever escalating rise of  crime and are   growing weary and  suspicious of his abilities in office. Judge Nietzsche has been criticized by Cameron residents and officials for his blunt response:  "People from across are the ones to blame, Border Patrols agents are not doing their job in handling with care the giving out of Visas and not performing grueling backgrounds checks on all individuals that are here legally in the Valley.  As for the escalating crime rate, there is so much i can do in office, i am a competent judge and i respect my job, but i notice that the crimes committed are not of people that reside here legally, in any case is their fault because they do not posses a sense of right and wrong and their cultural background is one of poverty and violence".

In the meantime, you can help with donations to Jesse and support his campaign in getting recognized as a honorable member of this community, contacting Brownsville Chisme page at FB, Mr. Cornelio Castro has set up an account to help with Jesse ever growing  medical and living expenses.

July 15, 2012

Sightings of UFO in downtown Brownsville Terrorizes St Charles Residents.

Frantic phone calls  to 911 overwhelmed dispatchers in the Cameron County area for over forty-five minutes and they all the same complaint: during the recent lighting storm that lasted 25 minutes, a UFO was seen by multiple residents in the Downtown and ST. Charles area of Brownsville. Police dispatchers ignored the concerns but eventually set down to drive around historic Palm Boulevard and adjacent Elizabeth and St. Charles street were they were able to witness, that amidst the lighting storm  a metallic object flew low between the clouds and disappear as soon as the rays of lighting touched the ground.

Heriberto Carrizales, Preacher at Iglesia Bautista was closing up the building when he too noticed the objects hoovering on top of his famous church: "I started praying, and i looked down because it terrified me that i have witnessed an event that for a split second made me doubt about my faith, my culture and the teachings that i offer to fellow baptists in town".

No word yet if the UFO sighting is related to Tom Cruise impending visit to the Valley to inaugurate a new Scientology church in the area of Penitas.

July 14, 2012

Motorcycle Gang Terrorizes Downtown Brownsville by Defacing Heaven Bar and Grill

Richard  Martinez, owner of Downtown's famous "Heaven" Bar and Grill got a call from his security agent Lopez Velarde early this Friday the 13th, and the news were not welcomed:  his new and improved bar and grill had suffered major damage in its front door and windows and also extensive graffiti damage on the inside and outside walls sometime between 12:30 a.m and 4:00 in the morning.  Security cameras were able to record footage of about nine individuals riding Harley S porters and Shadow Motorcycles as the ones responsible for the damage. Mr Martinez is asking for the audience help on identifying the crooks that targeted his business and made him close his bar and grill until further notice.

Eyewitnesses recall seeing the gang of motorcycle riders driving loudly and rapidly through downtown early Thursday and late Friday morning, and several neighbors near the  bar indeed called 911 to report the vandals but no police squad cars ever passed by or acknowledge the riders.  Gonzalo Hernandez was working the midnight shift at the downtown fire station and he called his fellow deputies because he was concerned that the riders were passing by fast  and failing to yield at stop signs and drinking alcohol in front of beloved Putegniant Elementary.  Brownsville Monitor decided to contact Sheriff Erick Lusio about the matter and received the same response: no call or complaint was received but they do have possession of the videotape and they are going to study it frame by frame and arrest the vandals that scandalize this sleepy town for one hell of a Friday the 13th night.

The motorcycle gang bandits are responsible for over 35,000 dollars in damages to Heaven Bar and Grill and also we learned today, that Iglesia Bautista del Este also presented a complaint of multiple graffiti in their doors, as well as video depicting the gang relieving themselves in their multiple parking lots and fountain.

The gang is noted to wear super tight leather vests with "Brownsville Corridor" visibly and perfectly stitched in the back, and eyewitnesses reported them as speeding rapidly toward palm boulevard and breaking abruptly at every red light, grabbing the attention of multiple drivers while their wheels veered uncontrollably due to the high speeds and naive driving.

July 12, 2012

July 11, 2012

Jesse estranged brother of Judge Nietzsche to run for City Commision endorsed by Pena Nieto

Jesse, estranged brother to Judge Nietzsche is seeking the position of  City Commissioner in next years elections, and its baffled that his long lost brother has not set a date to meet and talk about his running for office in the County.  Judge Nietzsche has not admitted or denied to the media that the wayward flashy character is in fact related to him, but silence speaks volumes and instead he has posted in his FB page that he is gladly planning a week long trip to Spain with his two daughters and members of his famed rock n roll band before the end of summer.

Friends and family of  Judge Nietzsche are appalled about his lack of concern for his famous musician brother, even so after seeing them both perform live in the  now extinct crooked moon cantina. They are baffled that the Judge will not be supporting him when he runs for office and do not understand why he is being silent about the whole matter.

Jesse is asking for the citizens of south-most to support him in his endeavor of reconnecting with his estranged sibling and better yet to help him reach his goal of holding and securing the City Commission position in a County and a town where mere simpletons and crooks can run for office, get hold of grants and BMW's and more importantly, secure a nice paying job without having to sweat for it, politiqueras can do that for mere five dollars an hour.

July 9, 2012

Former Commisioner Agustin Villareal to open first "Drug Free" Car Wash in the Southmost Area.

Former South most Commissioner Agustin Villarreal announced today to the South Monitor that he will be opening the first "Drug Free" car wash in the Valley in the Southmost area on August 18th. When asked about the slogan of it being the first car wash in the valley that offers families and car owners this peculiar request, he simply stated that car owners came up to him in his last year of working for the city and over and over again he heard the same concern and listened to the same complaint: citizens were fed up and wanted a car wash that will offer them cheap detailing, will keep the street drug dealers away from their cars but at the same time offer safe ways to acquire the goods without having to pay off the police or the car wash owners and managers.

 The car wash is set to be open to the public on August 18th and for the affordable price of twenty- five dollars you can get your car detailed and waxed and also either a female or male escort can accompany you and your guests to respectable stash houses where you can get the best deals in town without having to deal with the authorities. The car wash is also equipped to offer "drug free" clients the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing car wash without the harassment of street junkies that usually roam state of the art car washes in wall street. At all times either the Supervisor or car wash attendants will escort the clients to their cars and offer them security and a "no hassle" experience in this state of the art car wash and  also city employees will be offered a 20% discount in their first visit and recipients of SNAP bbenefits will be given a 50% off their 2nd and 3rd goods purchase by the official stash house.

It screws on just like before

Abundant Life Home Health Care Stole My Friend!

Are local home health care providers employing questionable business practices? From the sounds I heard from the window I testify yes. Does home health care includes exposing your breasts? What about lifting your dress? The rest of the story? We all know this rest.

July 8, 2012

Long lost Brother of Judge Nietszche Found Alive and Well in Southmost

"Jesse" famous reputable character of Southmost city lights, arrived in town during the weekend back from rehab from the middle west, and excited to be reunited with his long lost brother Judge Nietzsche.  This comes to a surprise because the downtown area saw them play live hits like "born on the bayou" and "woman" in the now extinct Crooked Moon, without realizing they were related.  Jesse is currently staying in a fancy apartment building that was recently confiscated by the Federal Government, as we all remember famous Governor Yarrinton, saw potential in Southmost town and he decided to build a lovely, state of the art luxury apartment complex generously funded by the citizens of Tamaulipas set to be available to the public in January 2013.

Southmost Monitor own reporter Azlo Rodriguez was contacted earlier this week by the musician and after a tear jerker session over the phone that lasted twenty minutes, decided to contact watch dog leader Mr. Biggie Castro, who decided to write a check to the famed musician to cover all of his expenses including lodging at the recognized complex.

We ask the people of Southmost to  help with donations, and food and klonapan supplies and to directly mailed them to Mr. Biggie Castro at Elysium park Street  so we can help Jesse stay in town longer than expected so he can reunite again with his brother and hopefully they can play some good old jazz or rock n roll at Shakers Bar grand re-opening this August 8th.  Reporter Rodriguez has tried unsuccessfully to locate Judge Nietzsche and inform him of this impending reunion and  hopeful musical collaboration of two great guitar players from the valley that never knew they were brothers from the same mother.

July 5, 2012

Space X confirms plans to start building new launchpad April 2013 at Boca Chica Beach.

Space X has been cleared by the Texas Environmental Commission and is planning in building a new launch pad in remote Boca Chica Beach in the city of Brownsville, Texas. As we all know, Space X had been ogling the small tract of land South of Border with the City of Matamoros, Tamaulipas for over five months, also stating that Puerto Rico and the State of Florida were in the fight of winning the sought after project that will bring excellent revenue and jobs for the people involved with the project.

Cameron County Commissioners and few realtors have been in favor of the  project since the beggining, trying to get the citizens of Brownsville to vote for the petition of Space X coming to the Valley and either leasing or buying the 14 miles of habitat called Boca Chica Beach. They stated in their  Facebook fan pages  and in board meetings that the City of Brownsville will be booming with people that work for the company, hence renting more properties, and buying more groceries, and all this is beneficial for the citizens of this town, because HEB and Walmart and Walgreen's were going to be opening jobs for common folk like you and me. Oh, they also stated that people getting hired by the company get paid $35,000 a year and if they get paid well, the housing industry in town will be happy to  help all those  Engineers and Physicists to settle into comfortable homes and apartments in lovely neighborhoods.

Space X is scheduled to start building their pad in the  next coming months, the access to Boca Chica Beach is scheduled to be closed for one year starting this November, for the famed residents that live near the lovely habitat, famous Brownsville Realtor Greg Lonesome has issued them with a warning to leave their properties by August 1st and showing them that Cameron County in conjunction with the Supreme Court has all the right to take away their properties and relocating them to local motels in town, paying for their stay for the next five months and gladly helping them get cheap housing and food stamps to help them ease the inconvenience of losing their homes due to the launch pad. The beach will remained closed for the public until further notice and all illegal aliens crossing trough Boca Chica Beach and the Rio Grande River will be shot by Special Agents that already have permission to do so without no retaliation from the Mexican Government or by future elected president Enrique Pena Nieto that signed the paperwork last week.

Welcome to the Valley Space X!

July 3, 2012

Famous Wiz-alifa Car Wash Under Survellaince After Major Drug Deal Discovered on Tape

Southmost, Texas own Wiz-alifas famous car wash has been under surveillance by the Federal Goverment and Southmost own Police Department after a video tape of Cameron employees dealing cocaine and marijuana was uploaded via youtube seven months ago, showing the prominent car wash being the major scene where county workers were substances under the guise of washing and detailing their vehicles.

As we all remember some months ago, two major Brownsville police officers  were busted in the act of selling and holding 100 pounds of cocaine, and when sent to trial, their charges were "miracously" dropped by prominent Judge Nietszche that even allowed them to open the first medical marijuana shop in the Vallley.  The DA is denying that any investigation of any sort is being performed by the Federal Goverment , stating that the accusatios are ridiculous, and that the video in cuestion has since been deleted from Youtube.  The Southmost Se Monitor has proof of the video and is intending to post it on their Facebook page this 4th of July Holiday, in fact, it posted a poll in the famous social media site, encouraging residents to vote for the video to be  made public, where you can clearly witness promiment County officials buying packets of marijuana and enjoying some cocaine under the guise of detailing their new model cars.