April 11, 2013

Brownsville to host "Civil War Day" through April 16th

Brownsville citizens are you ready to learn history? so get your civil war costumes, dress up, and head out to the Darcy Building this weekend and celebrate the first annual "Civil War Day", a wonderful event that will take place the weekend of April 13th and its brought to you via the Cameron County Historical Association.

The public will be able to attend  a mock slave auction also they will learn about the dangers of typhoid fever, witness a lobotomy or take part in a state of the art civil war embalming process brought to you by UTB/TSC dropouts that will be able to talk to the public and inform them about the history of Fort Brown and the way the residents of Cameron County dealt with the Civil War.

The four over the hill men that run this small organization that tries to promote all things Brownsville is asking the participation of only the best in town, and is seeking new funding for its never ending program of printing out huge photographs of this old town with a small pixel resolution and pasting them all around town.

The event is free to the public but attendees are encouraged to wear their best civil war costumes and clothes so they can go back in time for a weekend and explore the emotions and    life experiences that the civilians and armed forces endured during this grim period in American History.

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