April 30, 2013

Brownsville Pepping Tom falls Through Roof at UTB campus

A pepping tom from the neighboring town of Brownsville, Texas was arrested today when he fell through the roof of the woman's restroom in Tandy Hall located in the UTB campus.

Eliseo Ramirez sustained injuries to his face, nose and wrists when he decided to climb through an AC vent shoot  that connects the women's and men's restroom during a break from his classes located at famous Tandy Hall.  The thin roof gave in and Mr. Ramirez fell to the floor hitting himself on a toilet breaking his nose and wrist in the process, five female students ran out of the restroom in panic but they were able to compose themselves when they heard Mr. Ramirez groaning and screaming in pain deciding to call 911 and campus security.

Brownsville PD arrested student Eliseo Ramirez when he was released from Valley Baptist Hospital later that evening and they were able to confiscate from his belongings over 200 hours of video that depicts female students using several restrooms through out  campus as well as several hundreds photographs that he took when unsuspected female students were using skirts and were seated next to the him while he was attending lectures at the university.

The University is going to make public some image and video to the students in their website and is urging students to come forward if they recognize themselves in the pictures or video so they can press charges against this pepping tom.

April 25, 2013

Chuy Quintanilla Hermano de Beto Quintanilla asesinado y decapitado en Mission, Texas.

Chuy Quintanilla hermano de Beto Quintanilla fue hallado muerto la manana de este viernes por  rancheros en el condado de Willacy en la ciudad de Mission, Texas.  Familiares del famoso cantante de los narcos como era conocido mundialmente recivieron llamadas el miercoles en la noche pidiendo un rescate de 2 millones de dolares reiterando que habian secuestrado al cantante y que le darian muerte si no se depositaba el dinero inmediatamente.

Sheriff Lupe Trevino confirmo hoy en la manana que el cuerpo de el senor quintanilla presentaba dos balazas en la frente asi como golpes contusos en el cuerpo y tambien reitero que los secustradores habian amputado su mano derecha.  Nego saber de el supuesto secuestro, y reitero que apenas la familia habian decidido llamar a las autoridades por que segun ellos, no tenian interes en pagar el rescate pensando que asi los secuestradores dejarian a su tio en paz.

Sheriff Lupe Trevino aseguro que pudieron identificar al senor quintanilla en un video de seguridad de un reconocido banco, tres hombres en negro aparacen con el cantante mientras el retira dinero de su cuenta de cheques.

April 24, 2013

San Benito Woman Arrested after leaving infant alone to go Clubbing.

A San Benito woman was arrested outside Medusa's Lounge this weekend after neighbors called the San Benito Police Department because of a child wailing and crying for hours in a locked up apartment.  Alma Castillo was finally located by her sister that told Brownsville Police Department and CPS investigators that her sister was out working and had left the four month old baby boy in the apartment because she could not afford a babysitter.

Miss Castillo sister later changed her story stating that the boy was only left alone for less than an hour when CPS her about  Miss Castillo job and if they could contact her.  Alma Castillo was arrested when she was leaving Medusa Lounge and Bar in the company of her boyfriend and several friends that told police that when asked about the baby boy if he was with relatives or a sitter that Miss Castillo replied " i took care of that problem".

Miss Castillo was charged with abandonment of a child and also arrested for Public Intoxication and Disorderly conduct for resisting the arrest.  The baby boy was rushed to Valley Baptist were staff notice that he presented an acute case of dehydration and several bruises to his legs and back side.

April 20, 2013

Hanna Eagles State Champions 2013!

Hanna Eagles are champions!!  Hanna Eagles was victorious against rivals from Coppell High School earlier this evening.  The Brownsville natives gave one of their greatest performances this year when they beat coppell texas high school in the last quarter of the game  4-2!

April 18, 2013

UTB Staff Members caught performing sexual acts at Arts Center

Juana Martinez and Nicolas Espinoza staff members from UT were arrested earlier this morning near the Arts Center Building when students complained that a couple was performing oral sex in a parked car.  BPD  was immediately called to the area where they were able to identify the car and make the arrest.

The two staff members were taken into custody stating that they were just talking, but the man had his pants down to his knees and Miss Martinez was not wearing a bra and her blouse was open.  The University  had released a statement warning students and faculty to not engage in sexual or lewd acts in public in or around campus.  Security for the University stated that in the past two months twelve couples have been detained and arraigned with lewd charges when they discovered performing sexual acts near the Arts Center and Set B building.

Surveillance video showed that the faculty members had in fact been videotaped for at least two weeks engaging in sexual behavior near the same spot within the same vehicle.  Investigators are planning to use the footage at court day to prove at court that the couple has in fact received warnings in the past.

The University posted on their website that the faculty members were placed on paid suspension following an internal investigation that will decide if they will be able to return to work at the college.

April 13, 2013

Mayor Tony Martinez to lease plots of land in Cameron Park to the University of Texas at Brownsville

Mayor Tony Martinez confirmed this week that he intended to lease and sell plots of land located in the Cameron Park subdivision to the University of Texas at Brownsville to start building as soon as possible several dorms and the new art center starting summer 2014.

The University has been surveying several buildings and plots of land all over Brownsville since the decision was made earlier this year that the University was parting ways with TSTC.  Juliet Garcia had shown interest in leasing several decrepit buildings in the historical section of Downtown Brownsville but now is official that the University will lease and purchase several plots located at Cameron Park to immediately begin construction of several dorms and apartments for future students and a new engineering center for the University.

Mayor Martinez explained to the Brownsville Herald that the plots of land are indeed private homes that are in the process of being foreclosed by the banks.  Cameron Park residents are encouraged to log on to the Cameron County Website where they will be notified if their plot or home will be leased or purchased by the University. Residents will have six months to make arrangements with their banks or mortgage company before the University starts building and acquiring the lots.

Confirma Televisa Muerte de Roberto Gomez Bolanos "Chespirito".

Televisa Media confirmo este Sabado que Roberto Gomez Bolanos creador de el "Chavo del Ocho" fallecio   en la Ciudad de Mexico a la edad de 84 anos victima de una embolia pulmonar rodeado de su adorada esposa la actriz Florinda Meza y un selecto grupo de amigos que acudieron a dar el ultimo adios a tan afamado director de escena, artista, musico y creador de chespirito, el nombre con el que se le dio a conocer en toda America Latina, Estados Unidos, Asia y la Gran Bretana.

Su viuda la tambien actriz Florinda Meza acudio a las redes sociales Twitter y Facebook y le dio las gracias a los miles de seguidores y fans de su esposo expresando que por el momento se va a llevar a cabo un funeral sencillo y que a lo mejor en unas semanas prepararia un funeral masivo televisado para que todos los miles de fanaticos de chespirito y el chavo del ocho puedan formar parte en la despedida final de su amado esposo y amigo que este viernes 12 de abril en la Ciudad de Mexico.

April 11, 2013

Brownsville to host "Civil War Day" through April 16th

Brownsville citizens are you ready to learn history? so get your civil war costumes, dress up, and head out to the Darcy Building this weekend and celebrate the first annual "Civil War Day", a wonderful event that will take place the weekend of April 13th and its brought to you via the Cameron County Historical Association.

The public will be able to attend  a mock slave auction also they will learn about the dangers of typhoid fever, witness a lobotomy or take part in a state of the art civil war embalming process brought to you by UTB/TSC dropouts that will be able to talk to the public and inform them about the history of Fort Brown and the way the residents of Cameron County dealt with the Civil War.

The four over the hill men that run this small organization that tries to promote all things Brownsville is asking the participation of only the best in town, and is seeking new funding for its never ending program of printing out huge photographs of this old town with a small pixel resolution and pasting them all around town.

The event is free to the public but attendees are encouraged to wear their best civil war costumes and clothes so they can go back in time for a weekend and explore the emotions and    life experiences that the civilians and armed forces endured during this grim period in American History.

April 9, 2013

Flea Market 77 closed due to Veterinarians selling Ferrets as Poodles.

Dozens of people have been scammed in South America into buying toy poodles that are actually ferrets injected with steroids and are being overfeed, but now several residents in Cameron  have come forward and have admitted that they too were duped into buying the furry rats after vendors at the flea market  777 told them that they were actually toy poodles puppies while also showing off paperwork claiming that the dogs were registered and legit.

Authorities have decided to close down the flea market this week a midst investigations that blame the actual owners of the flea market as the ones responsible for not double checking with the veterinarians from abilene that set shop in their grounds and sold over 55 ferrets to unknowing customers that payed over 450 dollars for the fake poodles over a period of five weeks.

 BPD is questioning the owners of the flea market to release the names and id's of the veterinarians as wells as their addresses and is hoping to obtain information about the vendors from the dozens of buyers that upon seeing in the news a similar story that happened over the weekend in Argentina decided to call the authorities and alert them that they were also victims of the scam and that they want their money back or at least  obtain the dogs  they were promised.

April 3, 2013

UTB Arts Center Gone! Staff to wrap up series of Concerts before Center being Demolished August 2013

The University of Texas at Brownsville confirmed on Tuesday that the Arts Center staff of 3 individuals composed by Dr Barnyard and two colleagues will cease to exist and that orders to demolish the state of the art building are under way and scheduled this summer during the month of August. The Art Center committee is still going to be able to sponsor and cater to two major concerts scheduled this week and an will not cancel the Mozart series of events it had scheduled for the month of September.  UTB president Juliet Garcia stated that the building was not pulling in weight and that space could be use for either more parking or more offices for the Administration of Business Affairs.  TSTC college had told the University it will lease the building for ten years so it would not be destroyed but the University of Texas at Brownsville could not come to an agreement and has decided to demolish the state of the art building this summer.

April 2, 2013

First Grader Transgender student Sues BISD.

BISD is under attack by concerned parents of a seven year old that was told that he could not use the girls restroom at a local elementary school near parades road.  Parents of the boy that goes by the name of Sofia have gone public because they want BISD to change its policies regarding diverse gender students in the county and because they feel there is no need for their seven year old son that identifies with being a female, using girls clothing and acting like one, also using the girls restroom   The Assistant Principal at such location declined to comment but did confirm that concerned parents came to his office and demanded for the boy to use the restroom located in the teachers lounge or the boys restroom because their children did not understand how come a boy was wearing girls clothing and using their an all girls restroom.

BISD officials have denied any problem but they did listened to the concerned parents and have asked the parents of "Sofia" to show proper medical documentation that will prove he is a transgender and are willing to offer therapy to the boy and assign him his own restroom facility.

The parents of "Sofia" have decided to take this matter to court and sue the school district because they feel their child does not need therapy or to go under gross medical examinations to prove to the school district that he is in fact transgender and because they feel the parents of his child classmates are bullying him and harassing him since his own teacher was the one that ratted him in front of the whole classroom instead of taking him to the principal office and tried to explain in private why he could not use the girls restroom.

Toddler found wandering outside famous Winks Restaurant

Cameron County Police were called from Winks Restaurant early this Tuesday morning to investigate a case of a wandering toddler that was spotted in the famous bar and grill parking lot.  When investigators arrived they could not locate the child although eyewitness took video of the toddler and gave an accurate description, the toddler was no where to be found.  Detectives were baffled to find out that earlier two police officers had made contact with the child and were talking to him.

The toddler is said to be described wearing an elmo pajamas, having curly dark brown hair, 30- 35 pounds and appeared malnourished and gaunt.  Any information about the whereabouts of the boy or people involved in the abandonment of the toddler please call 1-800 tips.

April 1, 2013

Mcallen Couple arrested after 4 year old daughter is caught eating from garbage at Walmart Store

Mcallen Couple Jenny Ortega and Joe Ortega were placed under arrest when their four year old daughter Melanie was caught eating from a garbage bin in Walmart Store parking lot this Easter Sunday at 1:30 a.m.  Eyewitness came forward and called 911 when they notice the couple telling the little girl they were going to go to a party and for her to sit in the bench and not get out of the store.  Surveillance video shows the couple arguing in the store at 12:55 p.m. and then exiting with the little girl, Jennifer Ortega can be seen going in and out and finally laying the child in a bench and bending over her giving her a hug.  Mcallen PD and Cameron County Child Protective Services were in the process of placing the little girl in a patrol car when Joe Ortega came running up to them telling them they had lost the child while placing groceries in the car, but that story was completely dropped when eyewitness and the little girl pointed out that his dad had left her to go to a a party.  Mcallen PD officers drove by Simon Sez bar and they immediately  proceeded to handcuff and detain  Miss Ortega near the bar.

Both Jennifer Ortega and Joe Ortega remain locked up with a total of 109,000 dollars in bond for one count of child endargememnt, reckless driving and DUI.  Mcallen CPS placed Melanie with the care of her maternal grandmother that was called that morning to pick up the child.

Heroine and Human Remains stashed at Old Brownsville Cemetary

$500,000 dollars worth of Heroine and a decomposing body were found stashed in an abandoned crypt in Brownsville's own old Cemetery   The grim remainders of what it seems to be a young female clutching bundles of heroine were discovered by two residents of this town that were cleaning up the crypt after receiving complaints that an awful stench was emanating from the broken glass window.

The family that is in charge of taking care of the crypt had informed Brownsville PD that they have noticed young people breaking in the crypt and engaging in sexual activities and getting high in the interior of the small crypt, they had grown tired of always buying new windows and locks to keep off the premises the unwanted vandals but it had not been successful.

Brownsville PD and local ICE agents have confiscated the Heroine and are investigating and interviewing neighbors that live near the alleys and streets of the cemetery   There is a $25,000 dollars reward for anyone that can come foward and help out in the investigation as to the identity of the young girl that was wearing skinny black jeans with an ed hardy white shirt and black converse tennis shows, she had ample tattoos on her hands and torso.

Visibly clutched in her hands were two bundles of black tar and when investigators removed the body they noticed several more bundles buried and some fresh dirt removed leading them to believe that the persons involved in the murder went back several days ago to retrieve the murder weapon or drugs.