May 5, 2012

i am erasmo: chisme, new gossip, hater of femmes, donut lover ah yeah i a m watchin you and you can all suck my...

chisme, gossip, you name it. brownsville is now a battlefield between several groups that shield their cruel intentions with flags of power to the people or the most famous " we are here to defend you!!!" they call themselves the new gossip, they started in facebook and in a year have received the whooping 1,000 subscriptions when artists like rihanna or the connectors are surpassing the million "like" marking. the new gossip group started with the idea of helping the needy, the special, the underachievers of town, but in reality the founder erasmo castro, has done the unthinkable: alienating the same citizens he fought to protect, they should call him the new destroyer. this man has an extensive shady background, and people in town either hate him or just dont give a damn. brownsville needs this sort of entertrainment and im glad that i am giving an opportunity for hate speech, hate mail and cyberstalking. thank you trolls you make my day! the new gossip has been laying low today, fb pages have been suspiciously deactivated. lets hope its founder didnt choke with the donuts he so gladly displays in his page and that he will continue with his legacy of hate and chisme later on tonight.

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