March 2, 2013

Eduardo Yanez, MR. AMIGO 2013 Kidnapped in the City of Matamoros

Eduardo Yanez famous for his Mexican Soap Operas and his dilemas in and out of Court Rooms with his ex-wife actress Francesca Cruz, was kidnapped at gunpoint in the neighboring City of Matamoros, Tamaulipas just as the Charros Days festivities where coming to an end.  Charros Day Parade has been an ongoing tradition and well known festival that unites the Cities of Brownsville and  Matamoros once a year from the Week of February 28th tru March 12th and it includes the voting and selection of a famed actor or musician to participate in the Parades and Concerts and ultimately, cross the International Bridge to Mexico to exchange a warm handshake with Matamoros Municipal President followed by another parade and showcase in that town, but in the past few years, mobs overtook the city and Matamoros as Reynosa and the rest of their county has been under heavily armed surveillance by the Mexican Marines and Federales that every day close streets and try and fight off the gangs and mobs known as the Zetas that have control over the city.

At approximately 3:20 p.m.  Eduardo Yanez was kidnapped at gunpoint a midst a fiery display of gun shots and eyewitness exclaimed he was taken away by a commando of 3 heavily armed SUV and seven to twelve men heavily armed and wearing masks.

His family stated in the Televisa Website that they hope this news is a hoax because they have not yet spoken to the actor and his cell phone goes directly to voice mail   Matamoros Chief of  Police, Miguel Aleman has been in contact with Brownsville City Commissioner Tony Martinez and are expecting the help of the American Embassy in Mexico and the SWAT team to try and contact the kidnappers and deliver the actor safely to his family.  Eduardo Yanez stated earlier this week that he was not afraid of the Violence that has taken over the city of Matamoros and that he was looking forward in meeting his Texans and Mexicans fans with "mucho carino".

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