May 26, 2013

Brownsville Family accepting donations to rebuild house lost in storm.

A Brownsville family is setting up an account with IBC bank and is asking the Cameron county community to help with donations to rebuild their home that was damaged in San antonio during the recent flooding this past weekend.

the Gonzalez family was able to flee the area and secured their four vehicles before driving down to the valley where they contacted channel four news to ask for help.  the family is also asking for clothes, furniture, and drawers and will gladly be selling barbecue plates outside heb central and Heb boca chica this memorial day at 6 dollars a plate.  the Gonzalez family have set up an account with ibc for more information contact the gonzalez attorney, Luis Begumen at

956 890 7222.

May 18, 2013

San Benito Couple arrested after caught selling cocaine with children on truck.

Marisol Villegas and her boyfriend Eliseo Camara of San Benito were arrested earlier today outside the Sunrise Mall when they were caught selling narcotics in the parking lot and in front of a ten month old baby and a four year old toddler.

An anonymous tipster informed Brownsville PD that they were some unusual  activity going on with a couple that were seen selling some packets from their Ford truck with two screaming children in the back seat.  When police officers approached the vehicle the couple started to act nervously around them and eventually confessed that they were getting high in the parking lot in front of their two children.

Police was able to confiscate 900 dollars that were stashed in the babies car seat, they did not found any illegal drugs but Miss Villegas seemed incoherent and out of it and they could not give a logic explanation as to why they had that amount of money with them.

Miss Villegas mother in law proceeded to pick up the children and noted to police officers that the whole family for months now, have been concerned about their behavior and were sure they were abusing illegal drugs.

May 16, 2013

Port Isabel Grandparents arrested after leaving their grandson in hot truck to go out drinking.

Port Isabel PD arrested 69 year old Douglas Carter and 73 year old Tameka Carter  earlier today when management of  "Padre Bar" noticed the couple had left their 2 year old grandson, Brandon Parker, alone in the back seat of their F150.  When management noticed the child crying hysterically in the truck they quickly told the couple to leave the premises and to go and assist the toddler.  Police was called when after 3 hours of pleading with the couple the small child appeared to have passed out in the back seat of the truck.

The couple was cited for public intoxication and for not rendering aid to the child and were released on a 250 dollars bond awaiting a trial date for next month.  Both Mister Carter and his wife Tameka explained to the officers that they always go out to have some drinks and that they leave the toddler in the car because he doesn't like social places.  The child has no know relatives in the area and was placed under the protective care of Cameron County Child Protective Services for a period of several hours before being released to the pair of negligent abusive grandparents.

Brownsville Couple arrested after 6 year old son was caught bottle feeding infant.

There are some parents that lock their children in their room while they go to the bar, or leave them in their car while they enjoy going out but a Texan couple is being prosecuted today on child endangerment and negligent charges after video of their six year old son bottle-feeding his 3 month old sister aired in Ryan Wolfs "Dirty Kitchens" web special.

Julian Cuellar, 32 and his common-law wife, Rosario Castellanos, 21 of Brownsville, Texas were arrested yesterday after police saw a video of their son feeding the infant in a well known daycare in the Morning side area.  CPS workers were called by concerned viewers that noticed the little boy feeding the baby while watching famous Ryan Wolf viral and sensational videos were he brings out from the gutter, dirty dinners, restaurants and now day care facilities so that the public and citizens of the Cameron County area should know what places are not following healthy protocols and for the viewers to be aware if any changes were made to their kitchens and buildings in general.

The couple have insisted that his little son is actually mature for his age and that they were not aware of this new Texas law that punishes severely the parents or caretakers of any child under the age of 18 that is caught either attending to a minor child, feeding him or playing with him in the yard.

The day care manager Elisa Perez has stated to Channel Four News that they were not aware that the child was feeding his sibling and that they don't know how the child got access to the bottles or formula used in the feedings.

May 14, 2013

Lead singer of LA MAFIA on life support following altercation over the weekend.

The lead singer of Texano band La Mafia was placed on life support when doctors discovered a small hemorrhage in his brain and swelling around the spinal chord.  The singer was immediately administered powerful sedatives to keep him in a coma state to minimize the risk of a cerebral stroke or any other major handicap that he might suffer while they stabilize him.

Houston PD was able to give more details to the news press and is investigating why the singer was assaulted so vigorously when he was leaving a popular Houston nightclub with several of his male friends, including his stylist, Roberto Gutierrez that also suffered lacerations to his lips and navel and his biographer Nikola Aldrete that also suffered a broken nose.  Both Aldrete and Gutierrez have staunchly denied any involvement in the aggression and are not cooperating with the police stating they "are overwhelmed with the media attention to their persona"  this negative has raised suspicions that Gutierrez is in fact life partner of the famous singer.

For years the rumor that the singer of la mafia is gay has been just that a rumor  but with this aggressive assault and the lack of cooperation of his male entourage with detectives, the public is making up their own conclusions. No description yet of the main suspect in this fight, although patrons of the bar noted that the singer was trying to kiss him or cuddle him and that when things started to get heated between the singer and the attacker, the  management of the nightclub threw the suspect out on the street and minutes later the singer Oscar de la Rocha and his group of close friends exited too, provoking the violent encounter that injured two persons and left the singer in critical condition.

May 13, 2013

Pendejos and Politiqueras wanted in Lyvet, Texas

The city if Lyvet, Texas is getting ready already for next years elections by hiring Politiqueras from the city of Browsnville, Texas located in cameron county, they are hoping that the Politiqueras will help them recruit pendejos, disabled people and voters to their polls next year.  Lyvet, Texas saw an election won by only one vote this past weekend and is in talks with famous Politiquera Miss Ozuna that resides in the city of Matamoros,Mexico for her visit their city next year and be part of their county payroll.

Politiqueras are well known in cameron county, they gather people that are too stupid or feeble to think for themselves and they drive them to the campaigns and make them vote for the candidate that can pay them the maximum fee of ten dollars for each signature as well as free vouchers to eat at local taquerias and shines restaurants across Texas.

Local bloggers from Brownsville that despised Politiqueras are also give free vouchers for food and drink but they really did not want the DA office to find out now that famous Politiquera Ozuna is under house arrest.

The city if Lyvet, Texas is planing on paying each Politiquera a fee of 500 dollars with a onus of two dollars for every simpleton or pendejos they can get to go and vote in their next elections also free food and board.

May 11, 2013

Local Blogger Arrested while smoking Cannabis at Central Library

Local Blogger and staunch supporter of local political candidate Sarquis was arrested while smoking a joint outside the local library located on Central Ave.

Staff librarians as well as over five voters that were casting their ballots notice the strong smell of cannabis coming out of a parked car where a well known blogger sat with his laptop and was noted as "furiously screaming and typing while smoking from a dark cigarette .  When staff from the library and the voting polls repeatedly made attempts to make him stop the cigarette and calm him down, the local blogger stepped out of his FSF and told them off while he casually got out and used the men's restroom for over twenty five minutes.

Police officers finally gave chase to the suspect when he started running in his lightly colored Nike air Jordan's and they placed him under arrest while he was buying some Jerry Garcia chocolate ice cream madness in the nearby STRIPES.

Police officers called to the scene confiscated his laptop, video camera, two journals and also erased the latest blog that he already finished and that mentioned that the local police department is under tony torment a payroll.

Police officers also confiscated 5 tablets of klonapan and two tablets of roofies as well as 3 oz of weed from the suspects vehicle.

May 10, 2013

Facebook to implement "Cheaters" App

Facebook is going to implement an app that let the significant others of the users to find out if their partner is sex ting  sending explicit chats or messages to someone in their friend list.  This app will only work if the user is in "a relationship" or "married" it will not work if the users are "engaged", "Its complicated", or "divorced".  As soon as the user starts sending inappropriate messages to a member of the opposite sex and if that person is a mutual friend of his or her partner, Facebook will send a notification message to the user responsible of the messages as well as the receiver giving them 24 hours to delete the messages or the user from their friend list.  If the user is caught still sending the inappropriate messages it will charged 1.00 dollar to their cell phone or internet plan as Timer Warner Cable and AT & T agencies have agreed with this new and are under contract with Facebook to help them contact and charge the users for their indiscretion online.

This app is in response to a new surveys that blames 65% percent of the divorce rate in America stating the the availability to cheat on Facebook is easy and not complicated.  Facebook wants to bring back more users and offer new safe ways of browsing the web while keeping the users that are in relationships satisfied and at bay without cheating or sending sexual filled messages using their chats and messaging.

May 8, 2013

Two nephews implied in the murder of singer Chuy Quintanilla

Two nephews of deceased singer Chuy Quintanilla have come forward and confessed to authorities about their involvement in the kidnapping and killing of their famous uncle Chuy Quintanilla whose body was found outside an orchard in the neighboring town of Mission, Texas.

Chuy Quintanilla widely known singer and brother of Beto Quintanilla was found murdered inside his SUV two weeks ago around the same time family members contacted authorities claiming his famous uncle had dissapeared two males had been contacting their family stating that they had kidnapped the singer and were going to return him to his loved ones after the ransom was paid off.  That never happened, because in early hours of the morning, field workers found his mutilated body slumped in a pool of blood near Mission, Texas.

The two nephews whose identity is not being released at the time confessed to the authorities that they needed money for drugs and for partying that weekend, that they intercepted their loved uncle outside an IBC bank and explained that they owed money to some drug dealers of the City of Reynosa and that they needed 2,000 dollars to paid them off because they were sure they were going to get killed.  They also stated to the police that the singer gave them the money and drove them to the orchard to pay off the drug dealers.  The singer right away noticed he was being fooled by his own nephews and proceed to drive off with the money when one of the nephews told him he needed more money and that if he did not give it to him he was going to get shot.  Surveillance video shows the singer with the same two men returning to use the ATM at the same IBC location before speeding off the parking lot.

The nephews only wanted to scare their uncle but they panicked and shot him dead.  They mutilated the body in a way so that the police and family members would think that their famous uncle was in fact killed by  drug dealers.  The two brothers panicked when detectives told the family that they were certain that they could ID the suspects of the video and decided to confess to the accidental killing of famous singer Chuy Quintanilla.

May 6, 2013

San Benito dog saves owner from dying.

A San Benito Pooch is being hailed a hero by its owners Sergio Rodriguez and Maribel Escalante because he saved them from a certain death when he started barking in the kitchen area of their rundown trailer at Lillies RV park. A gas leak seemed to be the culprit that made the pooch nervous and alert so he started to tug and pull at the covers of Miss Escalante first and when he was not able to get her up from her self medicated sleep concoction of vodka and pain killers, he proceeded to walk to the little area between the kitchen and the sliding door to alert Mister Rodriguez that was outside necking with his neighbor in an intoxicated state. Owners of the RV park were alerted by the small chihuahua mix when both owners failed to comply to the guttural cries of the pooch and San Benito Fire Department and local sheriff were called to the premises where they concluded that the trailer had in fact a massive gas leak and that it was not in compliance with the RV park safety rules. The couple was arrested when the pooch took out a bank bag containing Xanax, Valium and klm neatly folded in packets for intent to distribute. The pooch is being hailed a hero by all the winter Texans that once a year visit the park as well as the drug enforcement department of the City of San Benito. San Benito Humane society is trying to place the pooch with a stable loving family, for more information into the adoption of Mr. Chico, please contact them at 956 789 9000.

May 4, 2013

free space in brownsville random thoughts about this place i love

It's a free place and I no longer feel oppressed. There is work to do but you can aways take a rest. There is always tomorrow if you're feeling a little stressed. That is I'm assuming it's my off day.

When I first got here I remember learning again to run. I mean somehow I felt bigger. They say if you put a fish into a bigger fish tank the fish will grow bigger so maybe it's something like that.

You may have some say that my music playing sucks. But to me it sounds okay.

It took me a while to get used to this culture. For instance here it's perfectly acceptable to cut in line in fact I do it now all the time. Also you need to learn to look the other way. Did you see something that looked wrong? Well it's better not to say.

The weather? A soothing ocean breeze rolls and randomly and kisses the tall trees. Also there is a very hot sun we all love it but it really can torch soft skin.

Every other house sells drugs so that's here if you like that type of fun.

A lesson was learned one day when found something at the flea market in a box I really wanted and when I got it in my hand at the same time as someone else the lady quickly snatched it away oh damn that lady but from that day you could say that I learned something. So you got grab and growl. That's always a laugh. Most people smile and laugh when the guy is growling and acting funny. Then you count the money. Then you fuck your hunny.

Anyway this is just been a few random thoughts on the place i love and hope always to stay. P.S. I love you Rosa and i hope you know it's true. This life the kids and you its the best that i could ever hoped to do. My piano playing on the video reflex the the peaceful feeling you helped me reach.

May 3, 2013

Deadly explosion near Los Tomates Bridge Five People Reported Dead.

At 7:35 a.m. a massive and deadly explosion was reported near Los Tomates Bridge.  Five people lost their lives when the vehicles they were driving through the sentri line were caught in the middle of the explosion and debris.

Border Patrol agents and people that were driving thru the lanes started to run toward the Mexican  side of the bridge screaming and in panic asking for help from the Mexican Officials.

Valley Monitor reporters are on the scene and will inform the public of more details later on today.