September 22, 2012

Senorito Castro "Mr. Chiisme" se postula para codiciada posicion numero 5 en proximas elecciones de BISD.

Magnate universal, reconocido blogger, odiado por muchos, adorado por todos los raros de Brownsville, Texas, Senor Castro, tambien conocido como "Mr. Chiisme" perro guardian de los necesitados de esta ciudad segun su pagina de Facebook, ha decidido despues de mucho divagar abandonar sus estudios de Teologia de la prestigiada Universidad de Texas en el moquetito, para postularse como futuro candidato para la posicion numero cinco de nuestro adorado BISD de Cameron County.  Senorito Castro Aldrete abandono sus estudios, sus gatos, sus videos y blogs, para dedicarse de lleno en ayudar a la juventud de Brownsville y Willacy County con sus estudios, prometiendo formar una alianza de salud y bienestar mental para los miembros de BISD o Distrito Escolar de nuestra comunidad.  Senorito Chisme ha logrado la aceptacion de candidatos como Cuppler, Erin Garcia y Catas Rosas en este codiciado puesto, y a prometido dar todo de sus 230 kilogramos para este proyecto.

"Me comprometo a ayudar a la juventud de Brownsville y a la Junta Directiva de Educacion de este Condado en lograr y establecer nuevos reglamentos y decisiones para no malgastar los miles de dolares que el Distrito Escolar posee para ayudar a nuestras escuelaas", Senorito Castro escribio en su afamado blog en FB este jueves, "Prometo no malgastar los fondos en mis hermanos y hermanas y en honorarios de abogados que estan involucrados en mis asuntos legales, que reitero, no afectaran mis sentimientos y decisiones en mi proxima postulacion para la junta administrativa de esta ciudad".

Senorito Castro Gacho Aldrete estara ofreciendo platos de barbacoa y cabrito en la esquina de West Elizabeth este Sabado y Domingo a partir de las cinco de la tarde, para poder recaudar fondos que le permitiran pagar renta de su afamado condominio en Rancho Viejo y que lo ayudaran en conseguir votos para prestigiado puesto.  Si deseas ayudar a el Senorito Castro-Yo noFui- Fue Te Te, en su proxima campana, su familia tambien a abierto una cuenta en paypal, para mas informacion localizar y mandar una solicitud de amigos a su afamada pagina blog en Facebook "Brownsville Chismes y Perros!".

Thrifty installment #38 Move to a Third World Country

Okay so your retirement check isn't quite what you thought it would be. Or maybe you're just looking for a way to save a few extra dollars. Consider moving to a Third World country where cost-of-living can be considerably lower. Choosing your Third World country can be difficult as many lands are filled with violence. Check the news often for beheadings and casualties in your country of choice. Other considerations must be made such as does your country of choice have rampant disease? Is there clean water? Will you need transportation in your landing spot?Are there roads? Will you be growing the majority of your food or will you locate close to the market? Finding affordable housing in Third World countries usually is not a problem. As long as you're willing to live as the locals do. You do not want to stand out in your new homeland so blending into your new environment is a vital necessity. Check the Internet for proper attire. Many Third World countries have limited Internet access. Sometimes in the village there is a Internet café. Consider using social networks to help integrate yourself into local clicks. If you are bachelor or an old maid perhaps you can even find a mate which will greatly simplify things allowing you to move directly into a established home. The relationship can be purely platonic but be sure and discuss this beforehand. Moving to a Third World country can be an exciting chapter in any frugal living lovers life. Good luck on all your endeavors!

September 20, 2012

Politiqueras Determined not to Stop: Business as usual and charting new Buses

South-most Bus Rentals is a small family business owned by the Hernandez's and Gutierrez's of Cameron County.  Erick L. Hernandez sat down with the Brownsville Monitor earlier this week and discussed the possibilities  that South-most Bus Rentals will offer to the citizens of Cameron and Willacy County.  Erick stated that the charter routes were not available last County elections because they were still dealing with some issues in the purchasing of the vehicles and proper registering of the business in Cameron County.  Mr. Hernandez stated to the Brownsville Monitor that, "We are excited of our grand opening next month, we will be able to offer charter bus rentals to the residents of Cameron County that want to be involved in the next BISD Board Elections and meetings for the cost of $8.00 dollars round trip for each individual that signs up for the trip.  We are also considering a  50% rebate for senior citizens that attend Adult Day Cares  throughout the Valley whenever elections are being held in Cameron, and Willacy Counties.

When asked about the possibility of charting the buses to senior citizens a midst last months corruption scandals involving kidnapping of senior citizens that were forced to go and cast votes towards specific candidates, Mr. Hernandez stated that either way most of the families in the area do not possess the means necessary to transport their elders, and that they are not worried about the past elections or future election scandals, "What matters is that our elders are transported safely from and to the meetings and poll stations, the rest is not our concern".

South-most rentals are located in 346 German Street near Porter High School and they will be offering free rides for Senior Citizens the whole month of October, the buses are equipped with a restroom, DVR system and HD 42 inches Plasma Screens, after casting their votes the passengers will be required to submit their ballots to the drivers of each bus and afterwards they will be able to enjoy the amenities offered in the ride.

The ballots are going to be collected at the end of the day and Mr. Hernandez promises to deliver them first hand to the proper voting authorities.

September 11, 2012

Space X to start surveying land at Boca Chica Beach for Rocket Launch December 2012

It is official, Space X is visiting the Rio Grande Valley and it is going to be surveying land near Boca Chica Beach in the coming month of December.  Space X is in talks with the Texas Wildlife Refuge association and has just got clearance to survey and inspect the area that will be available next year for them to start building state of the art rocket launches that are going to blast off thousand of acres of natural habitat, dunes and wildlife.

Hail Space X!! for coming to our County and luring in our crooked judicial system with their money, Alas Space X!! for demonstrating to the whole USA and other Countries that if you have money you can get away with destroying a fairly small tract of land unique in its nature!  God Bless Space X!!! because Brownsville, Texas Co missioners, Mayors and Judges think that by them bringing their 500 plus engineers and physicists  Brownsville will be put on the map, and yes, we will all have jobs, mostly WORKING AT HEB, WALK-MART, AS THEIR WAITERS, AS THE BABYSITTERS FOR THE ENGINEERS AND SPACE X EMPLOYEES CHILDREN, OH I FORGOT GREG LONESOME IS GOING TO SELL AND LEASE THEM BAD ASS HOUSES AND FURNITURE!!!

but hey, its for our benefit right?????


September 9, 2012

Two More Victims Step Forward To Confront Brownsville Elderly Woman Trailer Scam

As it was reported on the Brownsville Monitor and Channel Four News, an elderly grandmother of four is being investigated by authorities when she failed to surrender her trailer to a buyer named  Miss Kay that had already purchased it earlier this month for the amount of $5,000 dollars.   The elderly grandmother threaten Miss Kay with a gun and stated to local police that she would not be surrendering the trailer or the money provided.  In a twisted turn of events, Rich Cherry, the elderly woman grandson contacted Channel Four news through Facebook stating that earlier this year his elderly grandmother that suffers from Parkinson, had promised him the trailer and the golf cart that Miss Kay says its legally hers. Richard Cherry has stated off camera that he does not have any problems sharing the premises and the trailer with Miss Kay, but that he already had made an agreement with his grandmother and has proof and documentation of the transaction that was finalized and notarized on July 22nd of this year.

Mr. Cherry has stated in his Facebook page that his grandmother willingly offered him to purchase the trailer for the amount of $800 dollars to be paid until his 35th birthday, he was also offered a golf cart that is being disputed in this settlement.  Angry viewers of channel four news were quick to insult Mr. Cherry and his grandmother, stating that the law and the police need to step in and evict them from the property, as well as get the elderly woman arrested because she threaten Miss Kay with a 45 magnum, such weapon has not been taken in as evidence and the elderly woman has not shown proof that she has a valid license to carry such weapon in the State of Texas.  Mr. Cherry states that Facebookers Jess Sanchez Trujillo and Eliseo Cardenas have come forward on the Internet with allegations  stating  that both him and his grandmother have  committed scams and that they deal drugs in the RV Park. Channel four news tried to contact them and they stated their Facebook accounts were hacked and that they really did not commented on the Channel Four News Site and denied ever meeting Mr. Cherry or the Grandmother.

Mr. Cherry is already in talks with Brownsville Police Investigators regarding these two individuals accusations stating that he and his grandmother plan to sue them for mental distress and punitive damages because Mr. Cherry had to quit his part time job because he was being subjected to hateful texts and bullying by fellow co- workers.

" Basically they are saying i am a low life, a parasite that does not work, or have a family", Mr. Cherry told Action Four News, and that  basically destroyed me because in fact my grandmother is the one being harassed and taken advantage  by Miss Kay and these two cyber-bullies that we have never met.  I never dealt drugs in the RV park and that is just cyber bulling at its worst". Mr. Cherry is an aspiring local musician that is in works in preparing his debut metal album, and he says that he has not been able to finish the project since this story aired because he is constantly harassed online. He is also going to take this matter to court to prove to the people of Brownsville that is not okay to bully online and that he and his grandmother did not committed any crime.


September 8, 2012

Brownsville Museum to Host Pint and Rucas Night at Famous Rancho Viejo Resort

Brownsville Museum is anxiously setting up last details for tonight's  "Pint and Rucas Night" an event that is going to showcase famous Ranch Viejo Chef Emilio Lazcarraga cuisines accompanied by fine spirits provided by sponsor Natural Light and hostess from famed downtown club "La Movida" are going to be assisting in entertainment and service for the more of 230 attendees of tonight's event.  Cost of admission is $45 dollars and will include an all you can drink and eat buffet specializing in chili dogs, chiles rellenos, and rajas con queso, provided by La Michocoana Meat Factory, and all you can drink wines and spirits ranging from a selection of Modelo Beers, Lone Star and famed Mexican Beer "Indios".  All proceeds are going to benefit the association of historical studies of Brownsville in setting up a scholarship for famous Brownsville historian and curator Javier Bernal in his new en devour of achieving his Librarian Degree at the University of Texas in Austin.