May 29, 2012

5 reasons to get an IPAD if you are male in Texas.

1.- The IPad technology is surely to repel any unwanted female attention from facebook, twitter or even myspace. With the option of delete history and reset, all the naughty encounters you might have in there they just cease to exist!.

 2.- Texas women are known for their angry outbursts, well the ipad can handle that and more: if the fem-me in question wants to hurt you deeply and takes it out on the device, the device has awesome power of putting itself back together with minor scratches.

 3.- The ipad chips and strong sturdy case make it impossible for drunk or narcotized people to mess with it. It safely "auto locks" and at the bare touch of its rightful master it will turn on instantly.

 4.- The ipad is never, ever going to criticize the hours spend on it browsing the internet, enjoying free adult sites or the famous apps for endless hours of video games. The ipad is never going to force you to get a job or get out, it will gladly envelop your soul and never let go.

 5.- And last with sensational apps like garage band and soundcloud, you can spend hours and hours arranging new beats, posting your music to facebook and making remixes that wannabe DJs can play loudly in crappy speakers at winery's like the bar or upside down hill.

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