May 9, 2012

Blast OFF! Lets Build a Launch Site at Brownsville's Barren Brush!!

the new trend going on on fb and t.v nowadays in Brownsville?
build a launch site for rockets that promise "to bring Brownsville out of the dark and into the future"
oh really? what about the habitat, vegetation, dunes and boca chica beach?
important? men in town are using social media outlets like facebook, and cameron county court
to promote the new launch, stating that nothing bad will happen to the environment, the area is useless and
barren and Brownsville will be put on the map.

The only people that are going to benefit are the top officials and realtors that are going to squeeze
all the money out of this project if it goes through. Not the students of the University or the aspiring musicians
in town, no, just the same corrupt people that live in the fancy neighborhoods around town and gather at
famous watering holes why they proclaim the beautification of our city.
But hey, useless acres, clay fields, dunes, boca chica, our sabal palm and our little piece of heaven
can be shut down for once a month so these voltures can lick their lips and pocket gold in the shape of our
lovely sand.
No words on what the Texas Wildlife Comission have decided or if they actually care about this matter.

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