May 5, 2012

Space X, Y orZ? Brownsville is headed up high to the sky! NOT.

yet another scandal involving top city officials in brownsville over the cinco de mayo weekend. it seems that top officials got cocky in their positions and did not tried to cover up their steps with fraudalent bussiness ventures in the valley and in town. the latest news made public today in the brownsville monitor by chief commisioner Estrada is the opening of the first medical marijuana shops in town. With last night arrest of commissioner montemayor, another piece of important information has been made public: with the proceeds of several drugs busts around town in the past six months, city officials and law enforcement were able to buy building permits under the false pretense of a launch rocket platform that was going to "give the opportunity of more jobs and better living for brownsville residents" well it was all a hoax. plans for the medical marijuana shops are still on the way, downtown entertrainment district is still open to the public that can dress up to the challenge and no charges were made to the two police officers that started this whole mess. city official R. Nietzsche explains: "brownsville is in need of jobs, the public jails are overpopulated ad we need to stop and thank all the officers and officials that with their hard work and drug busts are building up legit business for brownsville best" no word on Mr. Spock Lozada, he is still scheduled to appear later on this month to present his SPACE Y? project to the county, what are his views that public officials used his venture and permits to secretly open marijuana shops that will certainly send registered patients sex offendors and brownsville best way up high to the sky? tune in the next few hours when a televised news conference will be available to brownsville finest cheezmeh members and their pets. we are watching you now!

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