May 14, 2012

Space X: WELCOME to Brownsville!!

Space X project has blast off and all of Brownsville crooks and politicians are licking their lips in anticipation of the million dollar venture.  Cameron County is highly recommending the project to all of its citizens stating that the useless brush and proximity to the Equator are optimal for these types of rockets that really no one cares to find out what exactly they do and oh yes, also some of them will glide rapidly close to the ocean. Important realtors and commissioners in town are expecting for the Wildlife association to give their thumbs up on the project and are using media outlets as Facebook and Google to promote " the money, the jobs and the blasting into the future" that this city will attract with the venture and urgently needs.  Lets remember that our town has been plagued by crooked politicians, sex scandals, murders and drugs in the past few months, so why not embrace multimillion dollars rockets that will make the Engineers and students in town wealthy? oh wait, what engineers? Brownsville is not known for having state of the art mathematicians or engineers, the highly educated individuals of this town are sometimes working menial jobs teaching high strung kids in the bipolar college known as "UT of Brownsville, we kicked the Sh%^t out of TSC", or are seen leaving town for better jobs in the areas of San Anton or Austin. The question is, who are the ones that are going to benefit with this investment? Not the common folk, that is a given.  So lets embrace these venture capitalists that want to blast off tons of rocket power on the useless "brush" of Boca Chica and dunes and vegetation and lets see who the realtors, county judges, politicians, and blues singers get their pockets filled with gold while the townsfolk sit and wait for Boca Chica to be open for them.

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