May 3, 2012

Medical Marijuana Shop All Set to Open in Brownsville

Follow up investigation on the two police officers arrested with 100pounds of cocaine, has lead investigators to receipts and permits of the first medical marijuana shops, astounding findings since the two buildings are already in the process of remodeling near the corner of 511. The two police officers were seen smiling after posting personal bonds in the amount of 15,000 dollars. Brownsville Sheriff Edward Niesce stated in an interview with Brownsville Monitors that the two police officers are still suspended with pay and that they are cooperating in describing the enterprise of the medical marijuana shops and there future impact on the community, generating revenues of excess of a million dollars a month and more jobs for the struggling town. "Although the enterprise is funded primarily with drug money, we have to understand the impact It will have in the community, no more drugs deal gone wrong, more jobs and we would have access to the permits and licenses and patients that are acquiring the drug legally in the valley." Construction has not been halted at the site as of Wednesday evening. Francisco M. A carpenter on the site says " we have been working non-stop on the site for several months now and I am excited to be part of this project. I don't know why all the fuss was about the gay cops and the shops, several city commisioners have come to the site and expressed their ideas of improvement you would be amazed of all the officials that knew about this place". Public records show the construction permit for the site being issued by commissioner Futa January 2012, the same commissioner that condoned and subjected the police officers to a grueling cross examination when the arrest was made. Also named on the permit are Sheriff Niesce and Major Nonarti, so it's obvious everyone knew about the drug deals, shops, sex and lingerie but as soon as it went public they started pointing fingers at each other.

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