May 21, 2012

Thrifty installment # 11. Burn your lawn.

Thrifty installment number 11. Burn your lawn. Do you have an award winning lawn? I didn't think you did. Well if you're not going to be the best at something then why even try? Stop wasting water, gasoline, and other precious resources such as time on your lawn. Burn that bitch! Siphone some Diesel out of one of the tractors and pour it  into a sprayer. Walk over to those sickly azaleas and start spraying. Move you mangy mutt! Do you want me to spray you too? Spray the whole lawn spray it good. One less problem thank God. Now walk back to the toolshed and look over your lawn mower and weed eater. How much do you think you can get for them? More "old friends" you can unburden yourself.

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