May 20, 2012

Only in Brownsville can you make up a "Mock Market Day".

Oh yes, just another way to spend tax payers money, lets create a holiday called "Market Day" in Downtown Brownsville.  For the past couple of weeks drivers and pedestrians have noticed an increase in traffic, noise and just plain drama in downtown, and all of this thanks to the city commission dream of recreating the market square and going back in time when it was filled with music, fruits and vegetables and people walking the street purchasing goods and "curios".  Brownsville officials sent out all their little Cameron County workers with buckets of paint and brushes and if you have the delight to work downtown or just eat at the local Chicken Hut you will be witness to yet another joke to rip the county out of money in just giving a little "limpiadita" or cleaning of the streets, adding potted plants here and there and just fantasizing in the good old days where market square was boosting with life and people.  This past weekend a "mock" market day was setup with array of chairs, vendors, potted plants and wannabe musicians, mostly stuck ups, "fresas" and people that most likely attended famous private schools in Brownsville, don't know jack about this town history and boasted on and on on Facebook "how we were able to sit in the middle of the street with a potted plant right next to us and enjoyed huevos rancheros", while wannabe struggling guitarists pluck the strings out of a $2,000 dollars guitar in an attempt of classical Spaniard sentiment.  Really? who are this people trying to fool? Its a shame that the close proximity with Mexico has inundated this town with crooks, and con artists. How come the organizers of the event did not dedicate one day to the history of the founders of town and a tour of their old houses and establishments? Mainly Spaniards that came to this region and negotiated with the likes of our founding father Mr. Stillman,but instead we are subjected to  all of this charade of potted plants that will never know the beauty of growing their roots in the downtown area ( because till this the day i have not seen an inch of fresh soil left for that), and the murmur of our neighbors from Mexico that plague our streets and boost our economy.  The fun part of all of this were the  renegades motorcyclists that showed up and left out a little of their anger towards the city and showed off their powerful machines letting out all this strenuous noise while young folk tried to sing or play instruments. You can actually Google video from the event just listen to their engines hum in discontent while local wannabe artists tried to impress the rich folk  and UTB students that days earlier gave all their support to launch massive chemically induced and deadly rockets in our boca chica paradise. All is done. The streets were cleaned of debris and trash, traffic returned to normality and this fiasco was over by sunset... Enjoy the Eclipse my friends..

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