February 27, 2013

Charros Day Parade 2013 CANCELLED due to Matamoros Violent Mob

From the Brownsville Monitor

Charro Day Parade and Festivities 2013 in the city of Brownsville Texas has been cancelled due to a terrorist threat received by the Border Patrol and ICE Agency that states Mexican Violence spilling over to the neighboring town of Brownsville, Texas.  Tonnye Martines the City Commissioner has stated in the the Cameron County website that he is suspending the activities scheduled on February 28th due to the fact that BISD usually sends their young and teenager students to dance and march in the parade and he is looking out for their well being.  Matamoros Mayor has denied any threats and is urging the residents of Brownsville and Matamoros to attend the festivities without any fear of Mob violence.

February 25, 2013

im tired of being all day in church (a young mans sad song)

im tired of sitting all day in church. im tired of all these rules. there's nothing to do in here except stare at sisters. i need out. church is killing me. please help me get out.

February 24, 2013

FACEBOOK to implement an app to find out if your significant other cheats on you online!

Is about time
facebook is going to be implementing an app that will sound a bell and send an email notification when it notices that a person is committing adultery or cheating online.

Facebook will let the users friends list know that the messages are being sent and if the user does not unfriend the men or woman he or she is cheating or flirting with online, it will forward all the dirty, sexy, perverted messages and contact local authorities.

Facebook will also send an email notification to the victim and will let she or he know thru twitter, instagram, webstragram, myspace, google chrome, gmail and other websites of the cheating as it occurring online so that the person can know what his better half is doing behind his or her back and decide in either dumping them, screaming at them or taking their house, wallet and dog.

Facebook CEO is not going to let the cheaters go so easy, the fowarding of the messages and nasty details of the cheating will be shown to all the users friends, posted on albums and on the web, in a way is better that way, why live in denial?

First guero from Arkansas to participate in the 2013 charro days parade festivities..

In an unprecedented chain of events, blogger James Barton and his wife Nena Barton have helped a native of Arkansas to finally feel welcome in this city and made it possible for him to participate in the upcoming festivities in Brownsville annual charro days parade where Mr. Wilson will be demonstrated old and young attendees of the parade old school dances and will be attending the inauguration opening ceremony in utb/tsc Gorgas Hall where he will be playing the banjo me delighting the crowds with old Americana traditional dances.

Mr Wilson is delighted to be living in this county and grateful to mean mister Brownsville blogger Mr. Barton for showing him great hospitality that lead to Mr. Wilson meeting and marrying a Mexican national that lives in Los Fresnos, Texas.

February 17, 2013

Meteorite headed to Cameron county 2weeks to prepare

In an unprecedented event, NASA ex-officials startled residents in South Texas when they informed through social media like twitter and Facebook that a 50 ton meteorite is headed a to the area of Cameron county with a strong probability that some fragments as wide as five miles will make landfall near boca chica beach and the rio grande river.

Residents are advised to board up their windows, leave their trailer parks behinds with potted plants on tow, and for judge Ben Nietszche to play his shitty wannabe rock n roll near UTB to calm down all the coke heads and wannabe Aliens into surrendering heir souls and window pane to the great meteor..