July 18, 2012

Michale Graves Former Singer of "The Misfits" to cancel appearance in the RGV due to increased Border Violence.

Former front man of "The Misfits" Michale Graves, has sadly announced to this South Texas Fans via Facebook and Twitter that he felt the need to cancel his appearance at famous downtown bar "Chapas" this coming weekend in the border town of Brownsville due to the impending rise of violence and hate crimes that has been affecting the area in the past 3 weeks.  When asked by fans and media in general why did he drastically and out of the blue decided to cancel his appearance, he stated that he carefully reviewed and considered the feelings of his fans and management of Chapas, but that he and his wife and entourage did not felt safe to travel to the area due to recent blogs and reports of hate crimes in the Valley and kidnapping and murder for hire that he recently watched on  T.V prompting his decision on the matter. He also stated that the management of Chapas Bar failed   to provide him and the rest of the musicians, extra security from and to the bar and comfortable accommodations for his crew.

Michale Graves also informed to the several bands that were attending the event and were going to be part of his tour that he will gladly invite them to join him in his next tour dates in SA and Houston, but that he will not travel to the area because he fears for his well being and also the well being of his fans because the show was scheduled to be all ages in an area of downtown with null security.

Chapas Bar management recently contacted the Southmost Monitor and also confirmed the news via their FB page. They also stated that they were surprised the singer and his entourage felt that way about the city, and that they could not understand why the singer did not give them enough time to set up accomodations and get the extra security he needed.  They are open to any discussion with the singer management and are willing to hire extra security guards for the event.

No word yet if Michale Graves will reconsider visiting this lovely little town by the border or if he will consider postponing the event in another venue of his convenience in Brownsville.

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  1. I beg the differ. First of all YOU are a fucking jack ass. Talking all this violence shit along the border, trying to scare people by spreading your lies and fears. Fuckhead, don't you watch the news it doesn't matter where you're at. Just ask the people of Aurora Colorado, I'm pretty sure that is not a border town last time I checked. And this Null security bullshit you speak of. Just so you know we protect each other, you fuck with one of us you fuck with all of us. You want to spread rumors over the internet in attempt to sabotage the show. Well sir, we are a part of the S.Tx underground subculture & we are not scared nor do we buy the shit you are trying to sell here. You my friend have failed! and everyone should know you are a filthy lying scumbag, who is trying to ensue fear into minds of the people who come across your shit. On the other hand Michale Graves is on his way to the Valley this moment. So on behalf of Michale Graves & the rest of us FUCK YOU & FUCK OFF! EVERYONE ELSE READING THIS - IF YOU KNOW THE COCKFACE THAT WROTE THIS ARTICLE, I'LL GIVE YOU $20 TO PUNCH IT IN THE FACE. THE SHOW WILL GO ON! AND WE ARE GOING TO END THIS WEEKEND OFF PARTYING OUR FUCKING ASSES OFF!!!