May 7, 2012

Amidst sex and exorcism scandal " I am judge Nietszche gay lover"

A new witness has come foward  alleging  Nietzsche was manipulated by the Villarreal family  and the archiodiceses of Brownsville to deny his bisexuality.  " We met in court one day, stated convicted felon Raul longoria, he changed my life and after I was released he sought me out, being my friend, assisting me in getting a job and car". We knew we were different and I felt inferior to him, he is a well educated man  while I've lived on skid row most of my twenty years. We became lovers 3 years ago and I was there with him by his side when he started the renovation of Brownsville, the opening of his new bar and I even worked the lights and audio every thursday night at his famous downtown bar the crooked.. family and close friends, the Villarreals, knew about our relationship and were always harassing us, last year on our trip to Vegas, bishop Hores joined us and told Ned to undergo an exorcism to cure his devilish and sinful appetites".  Raul longoria states that Delia Villarreal told the judge he was being possessed by a gay succubus "Theodore" and that he needed urgent intervention.  When the judge denied the allegations Juan Villarreal threatened him to go public with the affair.  Delia drugged judge Nietszche and with the consent of his ex-wife and children proceeded with the "intervention". Raul longoria hid in the famous barbacoa and tortilla factory and was witness of the seance. "first they rubbed a dead chicken in his groin for two hours, when he started moaning and pulling away the bishop accompanied by miss Delia or "Zeena" started to slap him furiously to revive  him while they chanted " do you like it??" they then proceed to let in two go- go naked dancers that danced wildly around him. when judge Nietszche wasn't able to get hard on they finalized the exorcism and took judge Nietszche to a room to freshen up.  Mr Longoria explains that in the next few days Ned seem "out of it" not wanting to engage in any sexual activity due to crucial pain in his genitals and feeling of abuse.  He finally came around a month later and decided to invite me to a fishing trip at south padre island.  The passion was back and we couldn't get enough of each other. He was his old self being lavish with gifts and kissing me all over just like when we got together. The problems started when the family got wind that the relationship was still going on.  When judge Nietszche told his associates that he was planning to buy a condo for my family,  Nietsche ex-wife decided to come public with the affair but only gave details to the sex ring and exorcisms for hire implying the Villarreal family only. Little did she knew that Nietszche lover Mr. longoria had audio and videotape of the blackmail by Villareal and that evidence also implies Bishop Hores  and Nietzsche family as well.    Longoria also has evidence of bishop Hores sexual advances towards him and his family, stating the bishop offered money and properties and the ownership of a sex shop only if Mr Longoria became his submissive pet lover for a year. All this information became public today as judge Nietszche prepares to open up his second downtown bar that will offer drink specials through out the night for same sex couples.

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