May 7, 2012

Brownsville own Bishop denies sex for hire and exorcisms accusations

Brownsville archbishop E. Hores is appalled at recent accusations of Juan Villareal and Delia Villarreal stating that the bishop was aware of the exorcisms performed at their business.  " I am mad and appalled these people state that our congregation knew about the exorcisms performed even stating that I was their spiritual leader and counselor".  The archdiocese is planning to sue both families and judge Nietszche for the mental anguish brought upon Bishop Hores and his family when the sordid details of sex and exorcisms became known earlier this morning. Bishop Hores stated he doesn't know the individuals and hopes he can win the lawsuit to show the corrupt they cannot go around implying the church in their illegal activities. When asked how was it possible for pictures showing him and Villarreal having  some drinks at " el pollo" have recently been leaked in the media, as well as statements of Raul longoria implying the Bishop sexual advances towards him, Bishop Hores abruptly ended the interview and sped off in his 2012 Cadillac truck.  The pictures show bishop Hores enjoying drinks with judge Nietszche and Comissioner Montemayor.  Calls to the bishop home were not immediately returned, but his team of PA have testified that it could have been easily been photoshopped.  While we were attempting to interview again this evening, we noticed famous witness to the case "queen hive" exiting the building and speeding off in the Bishop brand new car.

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