May 11, 2012

Brownville Bishop Hores Arrested While Traveling Incognito

Brownsville Bishop Daniel Hores was arrested minutes after lading in Mcallen International Airport earlier today.  Federal Agents were on the lookout when they received an anonymous tip that the Bishop was traveling incognito back in the States to sponsor a high ranking judge exorcism.  The Federal agents spotted the bishop wearing civilians clothes and with recently dyied hair. As we all remembered, the Bishop is indicted on charges of sex for hire and a well documented exorcism on famous judege Ned Nietszche.

Bishop Hores and Juan Montemayor as well as Montemayor's Father, Juan Villarreal and Delia "Zeena" Villarreal were all indicted last week in sex fo hire and using their family business as a cover up for perfomirming exorcisms that were overseen by the famous Bishop.  Before charges were ade for the Bishop he rapidly left the country, stating "the pope needed my help in the islands of la Martinica".

Bishop Hores is under house arrest tonight after reaching a deal with the DA office this evening.  When reporters asked the police department how come he was under house arrest and not in prison, it became clear the Bishop as the Montemayors and Villarrreals still have friends in high places.  The anonymous tip was received yesterday and it stated that the family of Judge Nietszche payed the bishop the amount of $25,000 dollars to perform an express exorcism for their loved one, with the pretense that he would not be arrested, the bishop dyed his hair blonde and done on some fancy clothes.  " He was flirting with me in first class" John Doe states to the Brownsville monitor.  " He stated he was from a wealthy family and that he was headed for a party in downtown Brownsville and that after that he could take me to SPI and we could spend some time together, of course i was hesitant, but he seemed a cool man and he looked like he had alot of money, so we exchanged phone numbers, and now i read he is a Bishop and the whole scandal". John Doe is a student of UT in Austin that was vacationing in the Caribbean when he met the bishop and started to hang out.

Bishop Hores has promised to answer the Brownsville parish any question, and he stated that he came to the States because he is innocent. When asked why he changed his appearance he said "it was all a big joke and IVE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE".  Why would the bishop state that? while all this time he is seen flirting with young boys and socializing with the best and corrupt in town? He should just admit that he is guilty and get it over with.

Still no word on Queen Hive, with all the recent drug raids in town, everyone is keeping their head low and their bad habits at bay.

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