May 25, 2012

Raw Footage: Skid Rowing in Brownsville

On skid row and this joker is drifting through each day like a paper boat in a swimming pool life is easy to figure at its lowest denominator dark shadows blow softly in and out of broken windows answers? You need answers? You stupid bitch i drove passed the exit of answers about 2hours ago now the new answer is sold at the graveyard in little baggys now the story of your life rests peacefully in old pictures in a box somewhere love weights for you in small doses peace attracts flies kindness is what he looks for in eyes and she finds it one last thrust now she goes where she must look the time is near we are not just here bathing in our fear sleep here on skid row here I'll be your host talking to a ghost man my mind is toast sliding down on skid row fresh out of wine everyone is fine killing all my time falling down on skid row watching my heart bleed i got all i need spreading all my seed sleeping here on skid row my shoes are worn my head is scorn baby we are born we come from skid row preacher on a box man his wives a fox we just throw rock rock s from skid row man this life is great i live on the hate mama don't be late come on down to skid row.

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