February 26, 2012

Welcome to Chapas Bar! The Pit!

so you grab your leather jacket
down on some heavy eyeliner
wear your favorite t-shirt
and head out to 14th street
run and cross the street
where cars at bone breaking speed
will make your high rush just a little
welcome to chapas bar the pit
where once a month courtesy of brownsville native
talented bassist, singer and hardcore punk jaime jasso
you can let yourself go and walk in to some of the greatest
punk, psycho and metal shows that brownsville seedy district offers.

for a cheap price you can mosh
hold your fist up high
shake your hips and head bang
all with good heart and wide eyes
pupils get acustomed to the dim electro lights
while wizard wolf takes you back
to a lost era of keyboard pounding and electric guitar lightning
in between sets you can kiss and hug good ol friends while you gulp
down cold iced cheap breskies
now get ready for some femme lust
in the name of heart revolts!
where the bass tilts to the left and right
and the drums take you for a stroll
you can close your eyes and enjoy the sweat dripping from your brow
while nerve damaget takes a moment to salute
a fallen comrade mr champion
taking you back to the good old days
of feeling in lyrics
some punk and screams
last but not least
some mini machos
let the singer take you down the road and scream out loud
ears oozing with blood and some recognition.

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