June 1, 2012

My Review of my Victory v92c..

                                                              The victory v92c

. Having ridden motorcycles 30 years. This is my first cruiser. I bought it used a couple years ago. A quick scan of the Internet made me aware that this model bike apparently had some problems with the transmission but I have had no such issue. I find the bike very comfortable especially at highway speeds. This is a good thing because that is primarily why I was interested in getting a cruiser. Another concern for me was being able to comfortably ride a passenger. My girlfriend Rosa says she is comfortable and that's a good thing because someday we hope to go on a little trip. I don't push the bike and on the highway I rarely go faster than 70mph. But on the rare occasion that I do put on a display of acceleration the biker proves ample in the power category. The bike is Polaris first stab at producing a motorcycle although for many years they have made four wheelers and jet skis. My conclusion is that they wanted to built a motorcycle that is reliable but powerful on the road, sturdy for long travels but with an appealing body frame. The motorcycle uses six quarts of oil and a oil cooler to minimize engine failure and overheating. These bikes are out there and they can be found at a fair price. I have enjoyed this cruiser and I recommend it.

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