October 1, 2012

Justin Bieber Rushed to SoberWay Home Rehab on Prescott Arizona after vomiting in Stage.

Sources close to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have confirmed that Bieber was rushed to famous rehab center "SoberWay" in Prescott, Arizona after yesterdays melt down during the Believe Tour.  Justin stated to fans via twitter and his Rep that he had in fact felt sick to his stomach and vomited twice on stage because he had drank milk earlier that day and that nerves and exhaustion were responsible for the meltdown.  Bieber apologized to his fans and entourage that acted as if nothing had happened.  Sources close to Bieber state that after the concert, singer Selena Gomez and Bieber's mother and friends and family urged him to get help to kick off his raging heroine habit after witnessing the singer drop weight in the last few months and being ill and unresponsive before and after the show.

SoberWay Manager Patty Smith neither confirmed or denied Biebers admittance to the facility but stated to the New York Post that Bieber does show dependency to black tar or heroine.  SoberWay has helped celebrities in the past, including Lindsay Lohan and Chris Brown.  Bieber is scheduled to perform at Staples this week, and is hoping that a quick and fast detox will help him fulfill his Believe tour so that he will be able to fulfill the whole six months of detox and theraphy offered at Sober Way.  No word yet if Usher is going to be his sponsor and shoulder to lean on during this difficult time for the singer, as we all remembered Bieber has been battling depression due to his mothers New York Best Seller book where she states she was a child abuse survivor and stripper when Bieber was a new born.

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