October 16, 2012

Cameron County to Promote "Vote Sober 2012" campaign against drunk voting.

Cameron County officials are going to be sponsoring a weekend long affair to promote "Vote Sober 2012!" for the next coming elections in the month of November.  Cameron County Mayor and Sheriff Lopez-Doriga are going to be offering a series of workshops for new and old voters that are interested in the coming elections and want to be able to fulfill their voting duties without the impairment of alcohol or illegal narcotics in their system.  Julieta Garza has offered the new student union at prestigious University of Texas in Brownsville as a meeting site for any voter interested in attending the festivities and eventual counseling that will offer food and drinks for the attendants, live music, special performances by Brownsville Cheezmehh mastermind Senorito Castro, that with his expertise in religion, counseling against addictions and theology teachings, is going to try and help out local voters into attending the voting stations this coming November stone cold sober so that they can under oath be able to give out and cast a sincere and honest vote.

The cost of the event will be of five dollars and with every ticket, Mr. Cheezmeh is going to be offering free lunch plates, pamphlets and for the fisrt 200 attendees a free t-shirt.  The event is going to offer a major concert in the new student union that will feature Bieber's Impersonators Jason Bebe and local bands Los Cadetes de Linares y Little Joe y la familia.  Wines and spirits are going to be offered via a generous donation from Feldman's liquors stores for the first 200 attendees to the event so voters are encouraged to arrive early and purchase your tickets from George villa-real aka Latin Jazz King at his office located in East Madison Street Suite C.

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