August 1, 2012

Michale Graves Reached Plea Deal with Texas DA

Former "Misfits" Front man Michale Graves has reached a deal with the Texas DA and US Customs stationed in Vallejo County in order to have his drug possession charges dropped.  The former Republican and Spokesperson for the Bush Family came forward with information regarding his recent arrest in a Texan checkpoint where he has discovered to be carrying several pounds of marijuana.  Michale Graves first stated that he was forced to accept the illegals drugs from suspicious characters that approached him after a show in the town of South most.  The singer and his entourage forgot they were carrying the illegal drugs and when they were send to a secondary inspection in Vallejo County, the US Customs Agents seized the drug and proceeded to arrest him.  At the time of his arrest, Graves stated to his fans and the media that he was hopeful to come back to Texas and show evidence that he did not purchase the drugs because he is a major spokesperson for the Bush family and he is an active Republican that leads a drug free life. 

In a twisted turn of events, earlier this week,  Michale Graves reached a plea bargain with the Texas DA office and US Customs and admitted he purchased the drugs while he was set to play a show in So utmost.  Graves sat down with investigators early Monday and changed his testimony and reached a plea bargain in order to have all the charges dropped he was able to give information about several drug dealers in the Vallejo County that approached him at the end of his sold out tour and helped him purchased the illegal narcotics. 

South most PD is working closely with the Vallejo County DA in order to set up surveillance in the area and hopefully be able to contact and interview several rockabilly bands that attended the event  and played sideshow with the famed musician.  They are hoping that the organizers of the events as well as fans that attended the show can helped them gather evidence and submit their own  video footage of the concert so they can make accurate id's of the possible suspects.

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