September 9, 2012

Two More Victims Step Forward To Confront Brownsville Elderly Woman Trailer Scam

As it was reported on the Brownsville Monitor and Channel Four News, an elderly grandmother of four is being investigated by authorities when she failed to surrender her trailer to a buyer named  Miss Kay that had already purchased it earlier this month for the amount of $5,000 dollars.   The elderly grandmother threaten Miss Kay with a gun and stated to local police that she would not be surrendering the trailer or the money provided.  In a twisted turn of events, Rich Cherry, the elderly woman grandson contacted Channel Four news through Facebook stating that earlier this year his elderly grandmother that suffers from Parkinson, had promised him the trailer and the golf cart that Miss Kay says its legally hers. Richard Cherry has stated off camera that he does not have any problems sharing the premises and the trailer with Miss Kay, but that he already had made an agreement with his grandmother and has proof and documentation of the transaction that was finalized and notarized on July 22nd of this year.

Mr. Cherry has stated in his Facebook page that his grandmother willingly offered him to purchase the trailer for the amount of $800 dollars to be paid until his 35th birthday, he was also offered a golf cart that is being disputed in this settlement.  Angry viewers of channel four news were quick to insult Mr. Cherry and his grandmother, stating that the law and the police need to step in and evict them from the property, as well as get the elderly woman arrested because she threaten Miss Kay with a 45 magnum, such weapon has not been taken in as evidence and the elderly woman has not shown proof that she has a valid license to carry such weapon in the State of Texas.  Mr. Cherry states that Facebookers Jess Sanchez Trujillo and Eliseo Cardenas have come forward on the Internet with allegations  stating  that both him and his grandmother have  committed scams and that they deal drugs in the RV Park. Channel four news tried to contact them and they stated their Facebook accounts were hacked and that they really did not commented on the Channel Four News Site and denied ever meeting Mr. Cherry or the Grandmother.

Mr. Cherry is already in talks with Brownsville Police Investigators regarding these two individuals accusations stating that he and his grandmother plan to sue them for mental distress and punitive damages because Mr. Cherry had to quit his part time job because he was being subjected to hateful texts and bullying by fellow co- workers.

" Basically they are saying i am a low life, a parasite that does not work, or have a family", Mr. Cherry told Action Four News, and that  basically destroyed me because in fact my grandmother is the one being harassed and taken advantage  by Miss Kay and these two cyber-bullies that we have never met.  I never dealt drugs in the RV park and that is just cyber bulling at its worst". Mr. Cherry is an aspiring local musician that is in works in preparing his debut metal album, and he says that he has not been able to finish the project since this story aired because he is constantly harassed online. He is also going to take this matter to court to prove to the people of Brownsville that is not okay to bully online and that he and his grandmother did not committed any crime.


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