December 20, 2012

Twin brothers steal Harley Davidson from harlingen shop after watching "Sons of Anarchy" marathon on Netflix

Twin brothers Paul Cortinas and Rafael Sifuentes were caught red handed when they broke in the Harley Davidson shop in nearby Harlingen early Tuesday morning to steal a pair of two XR1200 known as powerful new Harley-Davidson hot rod motorcycles that were initially designed and launched only in European markets in April 2008.
The brothers used their Abuelos F-150 to move the two powerful motorcycles from the dealership in San Benito because like the actors of the famed Sons of Anarchy Show they have never ridden or owned a motorbike. Footage from the surveillance camera of the shop showed the two brothers appearing quite inebriated smashing the back doors of the shop and choosing the powerful motorbikes and wheeling them outside to a makeshift ramp of old wood and rope. The store owner and manager Rolando Begum noticed the bikes missing when he proceeded to keen inventory at 10:00 in the morning and quickly contacted the authorities and turned over the surveillance tapes to sheriff Lucio.

The brothers were apprehended when they tried to contact the same store manager earlier today because they were interested in riding lessons. Sheriff Lucio and San Benito Pd arrested the wanna be riders and book them to the county jail where they tried to blame the famous show sons of anarchy for the rendevous with the law by stating that under the influence of tar and beer they had been watching non stop the show on Netflix and decided to join the group of rough riders from the small town of charming, only later to be reminded that the show, the town and the events are fiction and made up. Their bond was set at 156,000 dollars.

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