August 10, 2012

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agents Set To Train Brownsville PD Into Effectively Pursue and Arrest Criminals.

U. S Customs and Border Patrol Agents were notified yesterday that they were going to be training forty Brownsville PD officers and twelve Senior Detectives sprawling from the South most Area to the San Benito County to be more efficient in the arrest, capture and surrender of criminals and that they were going to be working closely with the South Most PD into effectively locating missing persons and kidnap victims along the Rio Grande.

This comes to a shock to fellow County Commissioners and newly appointed Mayor Salazar Ortiz that stated to the South most Monitor that they were going to appeal the decision in the next thirty-days because they don't believe they need any sort of training from an Agency that specializes in the detention of illegal aliens and that is mostly concerned with Border Security.

U.S. Customs Spokesperson Daniel Craig stated that they were elated to be notified by the Federal Government of the new training session that will consist of  showing and training Brownsville and South most PD into how to handle hostage situations, location of elderly missing persons, how to activate Amber Alerts and how to efficiently make use of the local SWAT team while dealing with dangerous suspects that habitate the Rio Grande Valley Region.

The FBI stated in a news release that they were disappointed in how the South most PD dealt with a handful of criminals that were able to escape after a standoff with SWAT teams and be able to leave the country.  The FBI bureau also stated the Senior Detectives in the Brownsville County have failed to arrest major murder suspects and have granted personal bonds letting international criminals flee their Borders and escape into Mexico.

In the past few months, U.S. Customs has been efficiently arresting and capturing major murder suspects along the brushy areas of the Rio Grande without no help whatsoever of high tech technology or SWAT teams. They have also provided major relief in the several high profile cases of missing persons that were located near the Rio Grande boundaries with Mexico that were successfully and happily reunited with the loved ones in the first 72 hours of their disappearance.

The training session will last six months beginning September 1st and all officers and Senior Detectives are expected to comply to all the physical requirements that will include a rigorous weight loss program and boot camp that will have a duration of six weeks and psychological evaluations as well as criminal backgrounds checks  from all the participating individuals.

The duration of the training will last four months concluding December 1st and all the participants are expected to complete the training, at the end of the training session the Brownsville and South most PD will be obliged to keep in their payroll only the qualified officers and detectives that were able to successfully complete the program.

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