November 17, 2012

K-9 Units to Receive State of the Art Video Detection Cameras to stop Drug Deals At Texas Borders

Four state of the art video recording motion detector cameras were donated by the now extinct UTB Gorges Hall project to the four new recruits to the K-9 unit that operates near the rio grande river in the near counties of Cameron and Kerr.
The four canine agents that recently relocated to the rio grande valley are famous worldwide for their heroics and service in the Afghanistan war and for being able to secure 234 pounds of crystal meth in the nearby city of palm view. Concerned citizens criticized the DEA and the Border Patrol Agency when they reinstated the four canines to the Cameron County Bridges Division stating that they were either too old, feeble and that their breed, two pugs and two chihuahuas were too much of a joke for the Border patrol and Brownsville PD. The two pugs and the two chihuahuas are in fact handicapped, also old and squinted eyed. The canine agents are also rookies in the drug dealing bust operation that they are being trained for, but the DEA is hopeful they can learn new tricks.
UTB Gorges Hall Society has now offered the canine with the portable cameras that they can attach to their noses or ears while a live feed of the video is sent to a monitor where border patrol agents and undercover agents can monitor closely possible drug deals and be able to bust and secure drugs off the street and into their pockets. The cameras were donated to the agency last Friday and the training is expected to start next year.

The canine agents will be allotted one day of intense training that will let their trainers be able to show them the ropes of securing the devices in their heads and control the urge to scratch or lick the devices. BPD and DEA are confident that the unusual canine agents will be able to blend with the rest of the canine population of the area and that when the drug deals are taking place, unspectacular drug dealers and agents will not notice the canine units doing their jobs.

This special foursome are in the process of activating their own twitters and facebook accounts were they will be able to post photographs and keep their ever growing fans updated about their illegal drug busts and work with the Border Patrol and DEA.

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