October 30, 2012

K-9 Units to Arrive to Brownsville PD this weekend.

Four K-9 guard and sniff dogs are scheduled to arrive at Brownsville International Airport from Fort Hood Texas as a new addition to the ever growing Brownsville Narcotic Police Unit.  Fort Hood officials are lending the valuable canine to the city of Brownsville in an effort to help reduce the illegal entry and transportation of Heroine and Crack that has been afflicting the Valley in the past year. The canine units are expected to arrive next week and are going to be stationed in Los Tomates and Anzalduas Bridge.  Fort Hood officials stated that the animals in question have been in training with the USA Army First Infantry Unit 456 since the beginning of 2007 and all of the canine agents have been stationed in Iran and Ira k.  They are also trained in the detection of weapons of mass destruction and explosive artifacts.

The canines in question are 2 pugs that are twelve years old and are considered veterans in the world of sniffing and detecting illegal substances, their names are sammo and nene cross. They enjoy long walks on the, park and the occasional ice cream slurping.  The other two canine agents that are going to be joining them are a chihuahua Winchester mix, ten year old "benito" that although has one glass eye and has to use a set of wheels because his hinds legs were blown up during a secret combat mission in Honolulu last year, he has sired a little of twelve narcotics canine agents that give out their services in El Paso, Texas and Nuevo Laredo. The last member of this elite team is "Baxter" a docile 5 year chihuahua and rookie of the group that is known for his sweet temper but uncanny sniffing abilities being able to sniff a cargo of 200 pounds of meth near University drive in his home town of Eileen.

This elite canine unit may be the laughing stock of the neighborhood because of their size and breed but Fort Hood soldiers and DEA and Border Patrol Agents swear that the size and breed of these dogs is what gives the leverage and ability to fool the drug and weapons dealers that each day cross the border without the  of being stopped or sniffed by these unlikely K-9 agents that are going to be the new sensation in our local borders now that they will adopt the rio grande valley as their new home.

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