September 11, 2012

Space X to start surveying land at Boca Chica Beach for Rocket Launch December 2012

It is official, Space X is visiting the Rio Grande Valley and it is going to be surveying land near Boca Chica Beach in the coming month of December.  Space X is in talks with the Texas Wildlife Refuge association and has just got clearance to survey and inspect the area that will be available next year for them to start building state of the art rocket launches that are going to blast off thousand of acres of natural habitat, dunes and wildlife.

Hail Space X!! for coming to our County and luring in our crooked judicial system with their money, Alas Space X!! for demonstrating to the whole USA and other Countries that if you have money you can get away with destroying a fairly small tract of land unique in its nature!  God Bless Space X!!! because Brownsville, Texas Co missioners, Mayors and Judges think that by them bringing their 500 plus engineers and physicists  Brownsville will be put on the map, and yes, we will all have jobs, mostly WORKING AT HEB, WALK-MART, AS THEIR WAITERS, AS THE BABYSITTERS FOR THE ENGINEERS AND SPACE X EMPLOYEES CHILDREN, OH I FORGOT GREG LONESOME IS GOING TO SELL AND LEASE THEM BAD ASS HOUSES AND FURNITURE!!!

but hey, its for our benefit right?????


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