October 25, 2012

Pharr Events Center Confirms "Morrisey is a no show"

Pharr Events Center has confirmed that famed singer and indie rock legend Morrisey has not been confirmed to play in the sold out event scheduled for next month.  All of this comes to a surprise due to the recent cancellation of hard rock band "Hellyeah" that stated in their Facebook page that they were never approached by the management of the Events Center or the Radio Promoters that for a month sold the idea to the Rio Grande Valley public that The Cult and Hellyeah were scheduled to play October 23rd.  Hellyeah management sadly informed their Texans fans that no such concert was ever scheduled in their Texan tour while their were playing in Waco last night. "We regret to inform our fans in the Lower Rio Grande Valley that the radio dj's and promoters and management of Pharr Event Center never signed or confirmed a contract with us, and its a shame that they are misleading loyal fans into buying tickets when the concert was never confirmed by us".

Pharr Events Center has been under scrutiny for the past few months since showcasing famous singer Morrisey in their November line of concerts.  Thousands of loyal Morrisey fans have already purchased their VIP packages and regular attendees tickets for the past few months. Morrisey management was contacted this week when news about the sham scheduling with hellyeah and the cult were known to the public and they yield sad news: MORRISEY is going to be performing in El Paso, not pharr and him and his management are baffled that the concert is scheduled when they have not signed any agreement to play that venue or given the go ahead for local radio hosts and promoters to inform lies to the faithful public that are still in the dark as to why the concert was scheduled in the first place.

Pharr's own Chamber of Commerce representative, Eddie Longoria, has stated to Channel Four News that he will investigate the management that has been dealing with these "so called" promotions and fake concerts and that he is willing to secure full reimbursement for all the ticket holders if they are interested in getting their money back.

For more information on how to get your refund and to submit a complaint about these fraudalent concerts you can contact your local FTC center and you can submit an online complaint at www.pharreventscenter.org.

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