December 30, 2012

KEEPVID.COM can be used to download NETFLIX starting January 2013!

we all know this link and thousands of thousands of users all over the world have been taking advantage and downloading non stop youtube videos and music that they gladly burn, storage and play in their iPod  iPad  androids and cd's players.  Now, KEEPVID.COM has cracked the code and done the unimaginable: allow anyone that can afford Netflix to download FREE all the movies, shows, documentaries and concerts the amazing site provides to its users for the somewhat cheap fee of $7.99 but lets face it, nowadays when most of the American consumers live from paycheck to paycheck or "hand to mouth", gives the average middle class consumer the ability to download free of charge Netflix in the privacy of their own home.

Netflix has issued a statement that although they will not be able to prosecute against their own customers that might decide to rip off the shows and movies and then cancel their membership when finished, they do encourage their millions of subscribers all over the world to boycott and are willing to lower their monthly fee from 7.99 to  4.99 starting  January 2013. They also have sated in their website the dangers of illegal downloading and that their members run the risk of acquiring viruses and malware that could jeopardize their devices,  but lets face it,  iPod and iPad are virtually immune to any virus of the computer world, a fact that KEEPVID.COM knows to well and its using to its advantage because now any internet user is going to be able to download for free all that NETFLIX offers for a price.


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