October 30, 2012

Crystal Meth Lab Discovered in UTBR Student Union .

An anonymous tip received yesterday at UTBR security campus alerted school officials and local Brownsville Police Department to the location of a state of the art crystal meth lab that supposedly has yielded over 23 pounds of the blue narcotic to local and international dealers in the lower rio grande.
TSTC union college has stated to the Brownsville-monitor that although they have recently acquired the building in a well known  publicized public battle with the University of Texas they are not be held liable or responsible for any legal or illegal proceedings that go on in the building because technically UT still is under contract with them and is leasing the building for the rest of the year.

The Meth lab was discovered in plain view next to the coffee shop and book store and the FBI and DEA are going to be questioning thousands of students and faculty that did not reported it earlier this year.  The anonymous tip received earlier this week also offered names and details of the two ut professors and students that are in charge of the lab.

BPD informed to the Brownsville Monitor that the suspects are under surveillance and that as soon as they can gather evidence they will let the public know about the utbr meth operation.  UT representatives were scheduled to arrive to this town in the next few days to reach an agreement with the DEA and clarify that the actual chemistry lab was part of a school project and not a "meth" lab that was supplying with the residents of this area with narcotics. They will testify and try and offer evidence that the lab indeed is conducting research and trying to duplicate a successful meth derived antidote that will help crack and meth addicts in the area to successfully kick the habit and be able to rehab successfully.

The student union and adjacent coffee shop and book store were immediately closed to the public and students and DEA and FBI officials and cleanup crews went to work trying to decontaminate the whole area and adjacent neighborhoods for fear of contamination from the polymath acetone that might have been leaking into the atmosphere in the past few months.  Students and Faculty are welcomed to pass by the UTBR student union  express medical labs tents to test for any exposure to meth and inquire more information about the risks and health benefits of exposure to meth.  The Student government club is hosting a fundraiser on the risks of this meth lab exposure Halloween night from 5:30 till 6:30 in the old Gorgas Hall.

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