October 15, 2012

Parra furniture targets Anglos!

Parra furniture in trouble for selling damaged goods and offering mischievous contracts to their clients in Spanish knowing that some clients have a limited knowledge of the spelling and meaning of Spanish words in the contracts.

Parra furniture is under public scrutiny after numerous complaints from unsatisfied buyers surfaced through the social web last Saturday.  Multiple ex clients of the store have called the store and demanded for the delivery drivers to come to their houses and pick up the damaged or defective merchandise from their addresses. The main compliant is that parra charges interest rate over the good to good hard working people that do not have a stable credit history making them believe they are purchasing good valuables when in fact, the merchandise is second hand.

No word yet from the paras furniture store management as to why let anglos in this video signed paper work that is clearly not written in their native tongue.

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